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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 24 Recap

Qi Shengping and Wang Keda practiced for Xia Jicheng in the office. Xia Jicheng asked Qi Shengping for one thing, hoping that the new director could take good care of the officers of the second penalty department. Although they did nothing, they did nothing, so Qi Shengping readily agreed, and at the same time told Xia Jicheng not to forget his old friends in Shanghai after arriving in Nanjing.

Leaving the deputy chief’s office, Wang Keda took the initiative to stop Xia Jicheng, and curiously asked about the relationship between him and Gu Yaodong. In particular, he found that Xia Jicheng took good care of this little policeman. However, Xia Jicheng grinned and played the dumb riddle, still unable to reveal half of the word, Wang Keda could not continue to interrogate, and still had doubts about Gu Yaodong.

The officers of the Second Criminal Division did not know the news that Xia Jicheng was about to leave, and continued to discuss the anonymous letter on their own. Because Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong lived in the same room, everyone called Zhao Zhiyong to ask about his deeds that night. As a result, Zhao Zhiyong froze for a long time, and Xia Jicheng noticed it and quickly changed the topic.

Since Gu Yaodong came back from Moganshan, he has been refreshed every day, and he has worked hard no matter what he does. Zhao Zhiyong listened to everyone’s praise of him, and he was very unhappy. Xia Jicheng went to the logistics department to return his certificates and keys, turned around and walked to the gate of the police station. He happened to see Gu Yaodong cleaning his car, and couldn’t help feeling that in a year, the stunned youth who could only disrupt the plan had grown. , And then feel relieved.

When Gu Yaodong returned home, he found that the husband of Gu Yuexi had brought gifts from Guangzhou. At this time, Gu Yuexi and Gu’s mother complained that her husband did not understand the sentiment and often went on business trips, but Gu Yaodong saw only rare and fresh live fish, so they wanted to borrow flowers to present the Buddha to Xia Jicheng, and immediately led Tietong out.

On the eve of his departure, Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe met on the bridge. They first informed Gu Yaodong of the incident that caused suspicion, and then told Shen Qinghe and Gu Yaodong to pretend to be a couple and be sure to train him into an outstanding Communist Party worker. Shen Qinghe was worried that the work of the Supervision Bureau would kill Xia Jicheng, but Xia Jicheng believed that if he could win victory, sacrifice would be inevitable. Parting is to meet again, even if Yin and Yang are separated, they are fighting side by side.

On the Huangpu River Bridge, we will pass by now, and will look at the Qinhuai River and the Huangpu River separately. Shen Qinghe is unwilling to regret his life, so he mustered up the courage to confess to Xia Jicheng. Under the revolution, there is no love for children. Everyone is making sacrifices and struggling for it. The two under the light embraced each other gently, but the warm scene became extremely desolate because of parting words.

Shen Qinghe sent Xia Jicheng back to the dormitory, wishing him all the best in Nanjing, but Gu Yaodong heard that the iron bucket containing the live fish fell to the ground instantly. The three of them looked at each other speechlessly. After a short silence, Xia Jicheng took the initiative to break the atmosphere and turned upstairs, leaving Gu Yaodong stunned, as if something was missing in his heart, making him a little dazed and even at a loss.

Shen Qinghe and Gu Yaodong returned to the room. Both of them were sad because of Xia Jicheng’s departure. Shen Qinghe was even more unable to control their emotions. She and Xia Jicheng partnered for three years, and the story ended completely. Even if comforting herself would pass quickly, she really forgot one. People are very painful.

The next morning, when the heavy rain poured down, Gu Yaodong still maintained the posture of last night, sitting on the ground blankly and refused to go out. In the office of the Second Criminal Division, everyone knew that Xia Jicheng was about to leave for Nanjing, and they expressed their dismay, and even attributed everything to the anonymous letter that reported Gu Yaodong.

Just as Xia Jicheng asked everyone to go to Xiao Shaoxing for dinner, Gu Yaodong suddenly rushed in from outside the door and directly pulled Xia Jicheng away, wanting him to invite himself to dinner. The two ran out of the police station under the rain, with smiles on their faces, as if they had been baptized by the violent storm together like close friends, and went forward without flinching.

Xia Jicheng took Gu Yaodong to Chunfu Restaurant by car. This restaurant was the first household registration he checked when he was a household registration police officer. Since the owner’s son and husband died in the Battle of Songhu, Xia Jicheng often came to take care of the business. The food is unpalatable and tastes poor. Gu Yaodong was worried that he was hurting Xia Jicheng, but Xia Jicheng didn’t care at all, and claimed that the Ministry of National Defense was a dream place for many people. This made Gu Yaodong more at ease. Xia Jicheng encouraged Gu Yaodong to cheer up, never forget his original intention, and work hard to “support justice and protect the people”.

When the night is getting dark, Gu Yaodong is finally full of wine and food. Xia Jicheng and the proprietress are going to smash the fish bones as usual, and then sprinkle it in a small bowl on the side of the road. After a while, they see the kitten coming from the side. Under the dim yellow light of the street, the cat is as beautiful as still.

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