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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 25 Recap

Qiao Nuo accidentally learned that the relationship between Yang Boqing and his son Yang Yi was not very good. Qiao Nuo talked to Yang Yi. In Yang Yi’s opinion, although Yang Boqing went home every day, he could not feel the love of a father for his son from Yang Boqing. Qiao Nuo told Yang Yi that his father Yang Boqing was different from others, and he did a sacred job.

Qiao Nuo decided to take Yang Yi to experience Yang Boqing’s daily life, and he asked Yang Yi to observe Yang Boqing in court. Yang Yi looked at his father on the trial stage and felt a strange feeling in his heart. The father above seemed a little different from the father he knew. Yang Yi received the transfer from the owner of the piano store. After asking, he learned that someone had bought the piano for him as a birthday gift. After reading the transfer records, Yang Yi knew that this person was his father, Yang Boqing.

Yang Yi, who gradually understood his father, looked like a different person, and offered to sweep the floor when he returned home. My mother was a little uncomfortable watching Yang Yi’s change, and Yang Yi told her what she had seen and heard. After listening to his mother, he was very pleased. He told his son that he could not understand Yang Boqing, but after a long time he understood that Yang Boqing’s job is different from others. Putting on a robe and a balance is no longer a simple one.

People, it symbolizes the fairness and justice of the law. Yang Boqing, who came home from get off work, saw that his son was busy sweeping the floor and asked Yang Yi to give him the broom, and hurried to study, but Yang Yi enthusiastically let his father rest first. Yang Boqing was a little overwhelmed by his son’s change, and Yang Yi asked Yang Boqing to participate. Under the majesty of his wife, Yang Boqing agreed to the parent meeting of their class.

Qiao Nuo wanted to investigate the truth of the matter. He dressed as Qiao Ya and went to the prison to meet Liang Junhao. He called Liang Junhao affectionately, and from Liang Junhao’s answer, Qiao Nuo realized that Qiao Ya was indeed involved in the theft, and most likely knew the whereabouts of the notebook. Liang Junhao quickly discovered that Qiao Nuo was wrong, because Qiao Ya would not look at herself at all, and would not call him Junhao, Qiao Ya always called him a scum.

Li Xuyao ​​began to doubt Qiao Nuo’s true identity. He found Teacher Yu, but Teacher Yu had never heard of Qiao Ya’s name. Li Xuyao ​​went to the normal school where Qiao Nuo attended to investigate. When he saw the photo of Qiaoya and Qiao Nuo, he realized that the Qiao Ya he knew was actually Qiao Nuo. Li Xuyao ​​didn’t know how to face this truth. He was close to cleanliness of falsehood, but his feelings for Qiao Nuo made him selfish. He was pulled into a dilemma and was a little at a loss. He shut himself in the office and didn’t care about anything.

Jonuo’s mother also noticed that Jonuo and Qiaoya were uniting to lie to him. Now Qiaoya is gone. He is worried that Jonuo will know the truth and disappear like Qiaoya.

Qiao Nuo accidentally got injured, Zhao Peng volunteered to take Qiao Nuo to and from get off work, but Qiao Nuo did not agree, but Lulu knocked on Zhao Peng, Zhao Peng reluctantly agreed to take Lulu to and from get off work. Qiao Nuo began to like the work of the court. He asked how Zhao Peng got into the court. Zhao Peng said that he took a postgraduate exam after graduating from a bachelor degree, and then a civil servant after graduating from a graduate school.

He finally came to the court to work. It is impossible for him to stay in the court for a bachelor degree like Jono. Jono was very lost, but Yang Boqing told him that because Jono had rescued Vice Mayor Han before, Vice Mayor Han was very optimistic about Jono and asked Jono to continue to work in the court. Jono was very happy.

Li Xuyao ​​was devastated, and Fan Jiayi handled the case of Su Dake’s murder of his mother for him. Su Dake was accused of killing his mother. When Fan Jiayi interrogated him, Su Dake confessed all the crimes, feeling that he was going to fend for himself. Fan Jiayi was a little confused. Su Dake’s mother had been paralyzed in bed for 10 years. Su Dake had been taking care of her. Suddenly the murder of her mother happened. There must be some reason for this. Fan Jiayi was held by the case and forgot that he had made an appointment with Wei Yutai for dinner.

At this time, Wei Yutai was sitting alone in the dining room, waiting for Fan Jiayi alone. He took a seat but did not order, which caused dissatisfaction with other customers. Wei Yutai was a little embarrassed and had to order the meal first. When Fan Jiayi remembered to come over, the restaurant was closed. Fan Jiayi is already very happy to come to Wei Yutai. He excitedly went to meet Fan Jiayi. But when I heard that Fan Jiayi had helped Li Xuyao ​​deal with the case, he forgot about him, and Wei Yutai became angry. He vowed to step Li Xuyao ​​under his feet.

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