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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 24 Recap

Wei Yutai and Fan Jiayi went to the house to ask Shi Yuqiu about the truth. Wei Yutai directly questioned Shi Yuqiu so that he should not forget that the real murderer was herself. According to Wei Yutai’s speculation, Shi Yuqiu must have implemented the plan to blame Xu Tianhe a long time ago. Shi Yuqiu has studied acting for many years. She wanted to gain something in her acting career, but she never wanted to face the danger of unemployment after graduation.

When she was at a loss, she met Xu Aofeng. Xu Aofeng’s pursuit made her catch her. Living in the floating grass, I thought I could successfully go ashore to live the life of a broad wife, but I did not expect that after the fresh energy passed, Xu Aofeng would treat him like a slave. Over time, his hatred for Xu Aofeng grew deeper and deeper. He hoped that Xu Aofeng would suffer as much as himself, so he aimed at the person who was most important to Xu Aofeng, that was Xu Tianhe. So he deliberately stole Xu Tianhe’s bracelet from the school, then sneaked into Xu Tianhe’s room and broke his things.

As he expected, Xu Tianhe was furious and punched and kicked the nanny. When Xu Tianhe ran back to his room in a panic, Shi Yuqiu thought that the plan was successful, and went to the garden to check it out. Unexpectedly, the nanny was not dead. He complained about Xu Tianhe’s uselessness while facing a loss, or the choice of doing it himself. Shi Yuqiu didn’t think much, he picked up the baseball bat, beat the nanny to death, and threw the bracelet at the scene of the crime.

At the same time, Qiao Nuo sensed something was wrong with Ge Lifan. He found a pair of shoes of size 42 in Ge Lifan’s home. The size of the shoes was exactly the same as the shoes involved in the case that the police did not find. Ge Lifan was left-handed, and the murderer was also left-handed. Qiao Nuo suddenly thought that the shielding devices that Ge Lifan had used were not to steal neighbors’ WiFi, but to shield Xu Tianhe’s alarm bell.

Qiao Nuo pointed out that the real murderer was Ge Lifan, who stole Xu Tianhe’s bracelet and sneaked into Xu Tianhe’s home. After Xu Tianhe beat up the nanny, he killed him in order to frame Xu Tianhe, then threw the bracelet into the garden and took the shoes. Go home.

In fact, Qiao Nuo was not sure that Ge Lifan was the murderer, he just noticed something was wrong with Ge Lifan, so he tried to force him to tell the truth. But Ge Lifan’s mother thought that Qiao Nuo’s words were all facts, and he rushed forward to commit the crime for her son and admitted that he had killed the nanny. Only then did Ge Lifan tell the truth.

It turns out that he did use an instrument to shield the alarm bell in Xu Tianhe’s home. He sneaked into Xu Tianhe’s house and happened to see Xu Tianhe beating the nanny. After Xu Tianhe panicked and fled the scene, he wanted to come out and send the nanny to the hospital, but Shi Yuqiu appeared before he could have time. Ge Lifan, who was hiding by the side, blocked Shi Yuqiu’s killing of the nanny with his own eyes.

Li Xuyao ​​called Fan Jiayi and told him the true situation of the case. Fan Jiayi relayed all this to Shi Yuqiu and Xu Aofeng. Xu Aofeng was so excited to choke Shi Yuqiu, Fan Jiayi hurriedly stopped. The evidence is solid, and Shi Yuqiu no longer denies that he admits that everything was done by him, and the purpose is to lay blame on Xu Tianhe, in order to avenge Xu Aofeng. It turns out that Shi Yuqiu also had a child, but when she was pregnant, Xu Aofeng punched and kicked him, causing Shi Yuqiu to miscarry.

At the trial site, Ge Lifan testified in court, proving that the real murderer was Shi Yuqiu. Ge Lifan repayed his grievances with virtue. Xu Tianhe felt remorse for what he had done. He bowed deeply to Ge Lifan. The procuratorate withdrew the prosecution against Xu Tianhe. However, Xu Tianhe was sentenced to 6 months in prison for the crime of intentional injury. Shi Yuqiu was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional murder. Xu Aofeng went to the prison to visit Shi Yuqiu.

The family had such a big change and Xu Aofeng had an inescapable responsibility. He hoped that Shi Yuqiu would give himself another chance and he would definitely spend the rest of his life to protect his wife and son. Shi Yuqiu also regretted what he had done. He hoped that Xu Aofeng could take care of the family of the nanny on his behalf.

At Ge Lifan’s house, Li Xuyao ​​accidentally learned that the Qiao Ya he knew was Qiao Nuo. Qiao Nuo was going to Shanghai, Li Xuyao ​​asked, but Qiao Nuo did not answer.

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