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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 15 Recap

Gu Chenyu came to pick up Xia Xiaoning and said that he would go to the recording studio today, and that today was the day when Mobuyu wanted to record. When he came to the recording studio, the staff member Liu saw that Xia Xiaoning was about to take her out quickly, but Gu Chenyu said that Xia Xiaoning was his girlfriend and would come often in the future. Brother Liu left angrily. Xia Xiaoning quickly asked Gu Chenyu if they were afraid that they would go out and talk nonsense. Gu Chenyu said Will explain to them. Gu Chenyu said that Mobuyu invited Hua Xiaoning to play, so the two put on headphones and started to play.

Luo Li gave Yanran the candidates for the lead audition, and said that Gu is always not too harsh. Yanran said that President Gu can only choose the most satisfactory candidates. Luo Li also told Yanran about Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu’s Yanran was very upset after listening to her whereabouts. Luo Li said at this time that she felt that Yanran was very suitable for the voice of the heroine, and that she could have more time with Gu Chenyu in the future. Team leader Wang sneaked up to the door of Xie Fei’s office, and was stopped by Jin Yao, saying that no matter who it was, he had to make an appointment. This is a new rule. After registering the information, he told him that Xie Fei is not available now and come back in 25 minutes. .

After Jin Yao finished the work, she was very satisfied with herself. Looking at the note left by the previous secretary, I remembered that she had an appointment with Xie Fei’s former secretary one day ago. It turned out that she wanted to do costume design before. Jin Yao recommended a position to her. It was for her to recommend Jin Yao to replace her. Xie Fei confidently said that she would let Jin Yao leave for ten days, and then asked her to deliver the afternoon tea.

Xie Fei’s afternoon tea was very different, but Jin Yao knew all about it. Xie Fei thought it was too Jin Yao. like him. In the recording studio, Gu Chenyu was still listening to the audition to determine the heroine, and she was not satisfied with it. Luo Li said that she let Sister Yanran be a demonstration. They all felt that Yanran was a good match. Gu Chenyu also said that Yanran should think about the heroine. character of.

Luo Li was chatting with others and deliberately let Xiao Ning hear the combination of Yanran and Mo Buyu, and asked Xiao Ning what she thought. Xiao Ning said that Wangchuan is a major project of the company and should be taken seriously. Jin Yao and Xie Fei went home together, and Xiao Ning and Gu Chenyu saw that Xiao Ning and Yao Yao went home while gossiping. Xie Fei complained to Jin Yao with Gu Chenyu and said that he was going to move.

Gu Chenyu watched Xiaoning carefully preparing for the female number two scene. Xiaoning said that she had heard sister Yanran’s dubbing so great that she didn’t want to be too far from her. Gu Chenyu dragged her to the fish tank and watched Xiaoyu. Encourage her. Gu Chenyu secretly kissed Xiao Ning while watching the fish. Gu Chenyu asked her to come back, so Xiao Ning also kissed him and wanted to run, but Gu Chenyu caught him back and wanted to kiss her.

Xiao Ning heard the sound of moving next door. Gu Chenyu said that Xie Fei would not let Xiao Ning be told. Xiao Ning ran out to tell Yaoyao when she said that, Gu Chenyu caught up with her, pushed her against the wall and turned off the light, Xie Fei finished moving The family wanted to go to Gu Chenyu’s house to say hello, but when the light went out, he thought he was asleep. Gu Chenyu said that he would not let Xiaoning go back to tell the secret.

At the meeting the next day, Yanran was determined to be the voice of the heroine, and said that 15 minutes later, she would start recording the drama of the heroine and the second female. The two were playing in the recording studio. Yan Ran taught Xiao Ning to integrate into his feelings instead of reading the lines. Gu Chenyu interrupted them and let Yan Ran go out for a rest. He took Xiao Ning to play to find feelings. Yanran asked Tang Xue to meet again.

Tang Xue was not angry to complain to her, and Yanran gave Tang Xue a wad of money as compensation. Yanran winked, and Luo Li began to provoke Tang Xue, and finally said that she would ask Tang Xue for a favor. Tang Xue said that she agreed with Mr. Hao so that she would help her.

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