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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 23 Recap

In the evening, Yelvxian Jiang Nvli told Wu Guli what she was coming from today. He repeatedly pondered what Nvli had said, and thought that it would be a good idea to pass Liu Lishou to Ye Luxian. Liu Lishou was a child born in the tenth month of pregnancy in Wuguli. She would never adopt her own child to others, so Xiyin died early.

Han Derang missed Yanyan in his heart. Since Yanyan wanted to protect the people of Daliao, he measured the mountains and rivers of Daliao for Yanyan and protected the peace of the people. For so many days, Handejang has been writing to Yanyan, mentioning his views on political affairs, but he has never sent it out, and has never signed the payment. When counting the envelopes, Handejang found that there were a few missing, only Misunderstood it was lost during the turmoil.

As everyone knows, these letters have been brought to Yelvxian by the people who followed Handejang. Yelvxian always believed that the letters were written to him by Handejang, and he called Yanyan to read the contents of the letter. Yanyan had read the letter. She thought it was absolutely impossible for Handejang to write to Yelvxian. Yelvxian told about the fact that he sent someone to follow Handejang.

Xiao Yanyan was angry because of this. She had a big fight with Yeluxian, thinking that Yelvxian did not do anything It’s all wrong, he shouldn’t interfere in other people’s lives, and she is unwilling to be the queen mother of Shuli. Both of them were angry. Ye Luxian said that if Xiao Yanyan was going to leave tomorrow, he would make a decree to let Yanyan be free. Yanyan did not refuse, only glanced at Ye Luxian and then turned and left, leaving Ye Luxian angry. Back view.

Yelvxian convened a meeting of ministers of the North and South, and Xiyin wooed the ministers of the DPRK and China. With the cooperation of the ministers, Xiyin wanted to send troops to defeat King Taiping personally to avoid future troubles. Xiao Siwen opposed Xiyin’s idea at once. The ministers of the DPRK and China were divided into two factions. One faction supported Xiyin to send troops to crusade and the other held opposition. Yelvxian faced the different opinions of the two factions. He asked the ministers about their ideas and finally adopted In response to Xiao Siwen’s opinion, this matter will be discussed later.

Xiao Yanyan packed her luggage in the palace account and was about to leave. Xiao Huyan came to the palace account. She knew that Yanyan was not happy, and she regretted not letting Yanyan and Han Derang leave. Xiao Yanyan no longer blames Hu Nian. Hu Nian also supports Xiao Yanyan’s departure. As the eldest sister, she only hopes that her two sisters can live a peaceful and happy life. If Xiao Yanyan chooses to leave, she will definitely not be able to think about responsibility anymore, everyone. She has to pay the price for her choice, just as she has been sacrificing for the Xiao family and her two younger sisters. There is no two things in the world. It takes care of herself and the overall situation.

Hande-jang and Li Sier were walking in the market. Hande-jang mentioned the situation he saw. Although Daliao has currency, some places still exchange goods. There is too much currency circulating in the market, which makes people need to change currency every time they go. The exchange of currencies is extremely difficult for ordinary people.

When the two were talking, Li Sier accidentally ran into a man. The man refused to give up. Li Sier quickly apologized. Hande asked Li Sier to go back to the inn to rest first. The king’s sentiment was deep. He paid too much, but Li Si’er was also a stubborn person. She didn’t want to leave. She had decided to follow Handejean when she left Shangjing, even if Handejean didn’t like her.

Xiyin came to ask Yelvxian for military power. He uttered wild words, believing that Yelvxian’s sitting in this position was only relying on the support of the clan. Now he has a son, and Yelvxian is weak and has no heirs. The throne is unstable, it is better to hand over the power of troops. Xiyin’s rudeness and arrogance made Yelvxian very angry.

Xiao Yanyan also came to the palace at this time. She rebuked Xiyin for being rude and asked Xiyin to kneel, but Xiyin refused to kneel. The identity ordered Kuan Xiyin to kneel down forcibly, and he was tortured to blame. Xiyin did not expect that Yelvxian would dare to beat him. He was unwilling, but he could only be dragged on. After Xi Yin was dragged down, Xiao Yanyan turned around and left. Ye Luxian learned that Xiao Yanyan had come to leave this time after asking people around him, and his eyes dimmed instantly.

After Yanyan returned to her palace, she had been thinking of Handejeong. She had thought of accompany Handejeong to protect one of the people, but now only Handejeong was alone. She also wanted to leave as soon as she wanted to leave, but she was afraid that someone would take the opportunity to make things difficult for Yelvxian. In case Yelvxian couldn’t cope with it, Daliao’s reform would fail halfway, and all their hard work before was wasted.

Ye Luxian had been drinking, and he was unwilling to go to Di Ligu until he vomited blood. The attendants around him had to hurriedly report to Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan came to Yelvxian, only to see Yelvxian drunk and still chanting her name, Yelvxian confided the truth when he was drunk, everyone in the world despised him, and everyone thought that he was weak and could not do great things.

He only believed in Han Deran and Xiao Yanyan in the world, but now they both had to leave him. He did everything for Daliao. He begged Yanyan not to leave him. If Yanyan left, he would not be able to do anything. Xiao Yanyan looked at Luxian’s fragile appearance, and decided to stay softly. She knew that if she left, Daliao’s road of reform would come to an end. Everyone’s efforts would be in vain. The fate between her and Han Derang Destined to make way for Daliao.

Yelvxian wakes up, Xiao Yanyan and Yelvxian talk peacefully, she is willing to stay, and strive to become a good queen of Daliao. Ye Luxian was overjoyed after hearing this. He told Xiao Yanyan that he would love her for a lifetime, and the two would guard the mountains and the mountains of Daliao and the thousands of people in Daliao. The love here is lingering, but Han Derang still can’t get out of this relationship. Han Derang once again boarded Yanyuntai. He overlooked the Sixteen States of Youzhou and thought of Xiao Yanyan in his heart.

At the family banquet in the palace, the two toffees at the palace banquet made a point in their words to let Yelvxian enrich the harem, Xiao Yanyan should not monopolize Yelvxian, Xiao Yanyan faced these two thoughtful toffees with only a word She stalled the past, the present master is virtuous and wise, she believes that no one is needed to teach the master to act, including the concubine.

Ye Luxian held a world election to recruit talents for the states. Nu Li received money from others. He handed him a list to Xiao Siwen who wanted to go back. Xiao Siwen sternly refused. Nu Li was a little angry at Xiao Siwen’s unrelenting face. All state talents were selected by Xiao Siwen, and Yelvxian trusted Xiao Siwen, and Xiao Siwen had the full authority to handle the matter. Xiao Siwen presents to Gaoxun’s domestic slave to grab property in the street, ignoring the legal system.

He is trying to rebuild the legal system, while Han Kuangsi advocates that he should be rewarded first, and then he should be replaced unknowingly. Listening to this, Ye Luxian canonized Gao Xun as King of Qin, and the military power was handed over to Ge Xiu and Da Lin. His approach seemed to praise, but in fact it weakened the military power. For this reason, Nv Li and Gao Xun hated Xiao Simwen.

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