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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 30 End Recap

Xu Jin knew that Fu Rong must have troubles, but he couldn’t help feeling sad when he faced the Heli Shu. He wrote her name, and a letter was written and thrown away, not knowing what to say. Wu Bai got up in Fu Mansion and asked Fu Xuan and learned that Fu Rong did not return to Fu Mansion at all. He heard Gu Yuan say that he went directly to Weiyang City. In special times, Wu Baiqi sent someone to secretly protect Fu Mansion, in case someone moved his mind. .

In Weiyang City, Fu Rong was kicked out of the gambling house because she had no money. She and Xu Jin checked the number of routes very much. The first thing she thought was to start with the gambling house. There were many people and chaos here, and various trails were updated in real time. Fortunately, the little follower An Wang appeared in time, and she had the confidence to show her skills and start investigating.

Xu Jin went out to visit the ghost market overnight. Princess Xihe quietly followed and went to the ghost market. A few people followed the Mandrill in with a veil and a mask. There were few lights and candles, and all the lights were the torches of the jugglers on the street. Everyone said nothing, and shuttled between the various pavilions. It’s just that these superficial novelties were not the purpose of Xu Jin’s visit, and Mandah took him to places where few people set foot.

The hostess of Xihe County pretended to be Xu Jin’s cousin, and she really went shopping. She fell in love with a paving item, and she asked the owner for the price, and quarreled after asking. During the dispute, the boss took advantage of the situation. After leaving the jade bracelet in her hand, it was not until Xu Jin stepped forward to persuade the Lord Xihe to leave. Xu Jin settled down the lord of Xihe County, followed the mandarin into a black tent, and finally found a little pearl jade buckle smuggled out of the palace.

Taking the money to pick up the goods according to the rules, Xu Jin spotted it at this time and immediately took the action to uniform the group of Xiaoxiao. They didn’t know that this was something from the palace, but it was used as a treasure from the Qingfeng Mountain Bandit Village.

Fu Rong and Wang An entered the ghost market and saw a magical dew stone at a glance. They couldn’t help but think of Xu Jin, but Wang thought she liked it, and then took a few steps to buy the stone and give it to her to please her. Going further, Fu Rong saw a stall owner playing with Xihe County owner’s bracelet. When he asked why he got it, no one in the ghost market would naturally say, unless the rules of the ghost market were used and blindfolded guesses Things.

She took the white cloth handed by the stall owner and put it over her eyes. After that, the stall owner motioned to Wang An and Wen Xing to specify what they had specified, and then put it back in place. Fu Rong took off the cloth strip and looked around and pointed to the porcelain cup. . The stall owner asked why he guessed it. In fact, the reason was very simple.

When the stall owner handed the white cloth, Fu Rong also sprinkled the incense powder on the stall owner’s hand. There was white powder on the neck of the porcelain cup, which could be recognized at a glance. The stall owner was willing to accept the bet. Fu Rong took back the bracelet and asked the whereabouts of Xihe County Lord and Xu Jin. When he came to the black account according to the guidance, he was still a step late, and there were only two people who were tied up.

Fu Rong had nothing to gain, but the peaks turned, and when she turned back, she saw Xu Jin at a fork in the road. There are some things that I always have to say when I meet. Long pain is not as good as short pain. Fu Tolerated tears and said word by word what she had calculated in her heart for a long time. As far as Princess Su was concerned, she was originally not what her heart wanted. She was very dangerous around Xu Jin. She was very tired. She still has Ruyi Tower and her family. You can’t drag these things down together, so it’s better.

Leave it as soon as possible. And Xu Jin didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but his eyes were red when he heard it, tears filled his eyes but he refused to drip. He didn’t believe it, so he stepped forward and asked her to say it again. Fu Rong would indeed be jealous of her sincere eyes, but she had to force herself to look at him directly, reiterating her parting words like a deep impression. Then left the ghost market with Wang An, leaving behind a heartbroken Xu Jin.

Fangcai’s stall owner was actually the third uncle of Ruyilou. He left the ghost market and came to a hut in the outskirts to find Xiaoqixiaoba. He was ordered to follow him, but he accidentally made a noise before he heard a few words. In an instant, a few people in the house fled, and the punishment was too big for a while, but this time they were lost again. How could you explain to Wang An.

Returning to his residence, Xu Jin still retained a few traces of reason, and ordered Xu Jia to go to Qingfeng Village to find out the news tomorrow. And Fu Rong followed Wang An all the way no matter where he went, he saw that there was an open area in front of him. This was a hill with a panoramic view of Weiyang City, but the mist was filled with mist and it was difficult to see until the sun rose and the clouds were seen. , Wang An wanted to tell her this truth, and waited for the time to finally reveal the truth.

Wen Xing came to see King An and brought back news with little news. He only knew that Xiao Qi Xiao Ba and others were plotting to rebuild Ruyi Tower, but other than that. Then he took An Wang to the thatched cottage and saw the Ruyi Lou code engraved on the door frame, and An Wang ordered Gu Yuan to decipher the sentence.

When Fu Rong saw that Wang An and Wen Xing had something to say that she had left, she happened to see the Qingfengzhai mountain bandit robbing the goods. She hid in the car and sneaked into the cottage. She dropped the Magic Dew Stone in a hurry and did not notice.

When I arrived at the cottage, I heard from the bandits that a few boxes of jewels had been shipped from the capital the previous two days. While listening, a girl in red noticed a fine hairpin on the ground. She was fascinated and didn’t know there was someone behind her. Rong took out the long stick at will, gritted his teeth and knocked the person unconscious.

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