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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 29 Recap

The tears of the beauty really made me feel pity. Wu Baiqi’s handkerchief brought hope to Fu Xuan. She asked if she had seen Fu Rong, but unfortunately not, but Xu Jin knew that Fu Rong had an accident, and she was already in the palace at the moment. The emperor and King An came to feed the fish in the pond, but they were lacking in interest. First, the emperor knew that Fu Rong was a clever man and would never use such a clumsy method to hit the palace. The target is Xu Jin. This brings back to the matter of choosing a concubine.

The daughter of Hengjingling in Fu Rong district is weak. It is obviously different if it is a general such as Xihe Princess Zhonglie. She is at least three points afraid of being the next to Xu Jin Zhengfei. Wang An agreed with this, but Xu Jin was stubborn. If he wanted to persuade the two to leave, he suggested that the emperor start with Fu Rong.

Xu Jin’s Miansheng naturally asked for an opportunity to find out the truth. For a period of seven days, if the person behind him could not be found, he voluntarily asked for the queen to guard the mausoleum and never return to Beijing. Fu Guan in the Fu Mansion couldn’t find Fu Rong to put the paper kite, and the family was anxious. Thanks to the news that Wu Bai got up, he told Xu Jin to order the investigation.

Although Xu Jin could not visit the prison, he sent Fu Rong’s favorite juyi dates every day, and attached a note to talk about lovesickness. Please rest assured. When he returned to Ruyilou, he asked Gu Yuan carefully, and learned that the problem was in the handover document, and this Chen Si ornament became the key to proving Fu Rong’s innocence. Chen Si was found, but her mouth was tight and she didn’t say anything. Suffering from no evidence, Xu Jin could do nothing for the time being. This matter was known to Concubine Duan and Cheng Wang.

Since this Chen Sishi could be found and questioned by King Su, she naturally couldn’t stay, so Concubine Duan asked her to leave the palace for a while. Intercepted and fortunately rescued by Xu Jin. She temporarily settled in a place to ensure her safety, but Chen Si couldn’t believe in Xu Jin, so he escaped overnight and eventually brought death.

Xu Jin once heard that Chen Sishi personally said that his hands and feet were moved on the documents. The materials were detained by the concubine Duan when they were out of the library. They were hidden by King Cheng in Weiyang City. The ink on the documents was replaced with juice. The preheated juice disappears, and then write a new number.

The document was in duplicate, and Chen Sishi changed the one he had in his hand. When Cheng Wang’s staff went to the Ruyi Lou to pick up the document, he quietly changed the other copy, so that he unknowingly put the charges on Fu Rong. . It’s a pity that Chen Si is dead and no one has come out to prove his innocence. The only hope now is to find the smuggled materials.

When the emperor received the memorial, he concluded that it was difficult for Fu Rong to clear his grievances, and just used this incident to separate her from Xu Jin. By the way, he reminded Wang Gonggong that he could appropriately disclose Xu Jin’s stay in Weiyang City when he saw the Lord Xihe next time. Take the opportunity to match.

Then he came to the prison and told Fu Rong that Xu Jin was going to ask for an order to investigate the truth for seven days, and Chen Sishi was dead. She asked her to think carefully, as long as Fu Rong had an accident, she would just grab Xu Jin’s weakness. After calculating Fu Rongshi, he ultimately wanted to calculate Xu Jin.

Fu Rong stared at the notes sent by Xu Jin every day, thought about it all night, and signed the Li Shu and walked out of prison. When I met Xiaoqi Xiaoba who had returned to Beijing, she hadtily cleaned up the Ruyi Tower. She planned to go to Weiyang City to prove her innocence. She looked at Ruyi Tower. The past glory here is full of the shadow of Xu Jin, and Xu Jin himself is on the ground. At that time, Xu Jin said that it was a gift to his wife. Now these have become precious memories in the empty pavilion.

The lord of Xihe County heard about Fu Rong’s Heli, and asked Wang Gonggong and knew that Xu Jin had gone to Weiyang City. She rushed to Xu Jin with the news of the reunion. Su Gonggong from the palace wanted to prove the reunion. It was true that he also brought the letter of reunion that Fu Rong had already signed.

Xu Jin would not sign it if he didn’t believe it, and he would bring the letter of reunion to the face of the saint when it was discovered. On the other side, An Wang followed Fu Rong and went to Weiyang City, while Xu Jin inquired about the news in this mixed casino, and then followed a man named Mandala to the ghost market. There were some unknown transactions. .

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