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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 18 Recap

Duan Ran held a meeting of all the anchors and wanted to help Yuanyuan hit the top rankings, but was opposed by Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi did not object to Yuanyuan signing up for the top rankings, but he opposed using all the company’s manpower. Material resources helped Yuanyuan make the list.

Before Qian Xixi had time to speak deeply, Duan Ran’s rescuer came. Qian Xixi chased it out to see that it was Ouyang, and he was jealous. Qian Xixi went to see her without worry. He always felt that Qian Xixi was busy managing the company during the day, and it was too hard to broadcast live at night. Duan Shengyun took advantage of Qian Xixi and did not give Qian Xixi any shares.

Qian Xixi was dissatisfied with Lao Qian’s moji, but felt that it was Duan Shengyun’s trust, and she could not live up to Duan Shengyun’s trust, but in Lao Qian’s view, Duan’s family just looked down on Qian Xixi, otherwise Duan Ran would not have a meeting. Quarreled with Qian Xixi and left with a girl after the meeting.

Duan Ran wants to persuade Ouyang to help find a professional producer for the six-handed piano video that went viral on the Internet, re-produce it, and then let the three people reproduce the classic. Ouyang has no objection to this, the only thing is that he is not at ease. The scandal issue. Early the next morning, Duan Ran couldn’t wait for Yuanyuan to go to work, and proposed to be responsible to him to the end. Yuanyuan also re-planned to ensure that they could achieve their expected goals. Yuanyuan was also very grateful to Duan Ran.

Duan Ran invited Lao Qian to dinner again and offered to appear on the show, but Lao Qian was dissatisfied because he misunderstood the relationship between Qian Xixi and Duan Ran. He always thought that Duan Ran was using Qian Xixi to work, so Lao Qian agreed to help, but also Duan Ran was stunned by telling him all the difficulties he had no money in, and actually asking for a price of 300,000 yuan.

Duan Ran then went to Qian Xixi and satirized that the old money was losing money. He hoped Qian Xixi could help him. Qian Xixi thought his father would be less, and if it were her, it would cost three million. Duan Ran’s early propaganda had already been carried out, and he could only persuade Qian Xixi to take care of her father.

Although Qian Xixi’s mouth is stubborn, he still came to look for the old money. The old money was not worth it for Qian Xixi. He felt that Qian Xixi was busy working in the company and he should ask for this price. If the family treats Qian Xixi well, Qian Xixi should be regarded as his wife. Old Qian insisted that he had to 300,000 yuan, and Qian Xixi was angry and left.

Qian Xixi went to Zhang Jiayun to complain. The father who was born out of the sky was going to drive Qian Xixi crazy. Zhang Jiayun thought that although Qian Xixi had a problem, he still wanted to speak for Qian Xixi for Qian Xixi’s sake. On the contrary, she felt very envy.

The next day, Qian Xixi called Lao Qian to go shopping. He was a dislike for Lao Qian, his clothes and pants were too ugly, and his hair style was too bad, etc. Qian Xixi gave Lao Qian a whole lot, Lao Qian looked at Qian Xixi tying his shoes with happiness. He felt a lot younger in the clothes his daughter bought.

Lao Qian explained that he was either seeing Qian Qian’s eyes open, or he wanted to win something for Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi told Lao Qian about his own affairs in Duan Ran’s family and Zai Rui’s development, and felt that what he did was very good. She feels satisfied with a sense of accomplishment. The old Qian decided not to have a penny, and he should not embarrass Qian Xixi because of his emotions, nor does he want to compete with Duan Ran anymore.

Duan Ran finally contributed to Jiang Zheyang, Lao Qian and Yuanyuan playing the piano with six hands. Jiang Zheyang was also surprised to see Lao Qian. He had seen him when he was a child. I didn’t expect to be able to play piano with six hands together this time. Jiang Zheyang Laments and Qian Xixi’s fate is really extraordinary. Duan Ran watched Jiang Zheyang and Qian Xixi talk passionately, and felt uncomfortable, so he deliberately went to chat with Ouyang, but kept staring at Jiang Zheyang and Qian Xixi. The more he watched Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang chatting enthusiastically, the more angry he became. In fact, Qian Xixi also spied Duan Ran and Ouyang from time to time, and was jealous when he saw him talking with Ouyang.

In the evening, Duan Ran and Ouyang went for a drink. Jiang Zheyang also proposed to go with Qian Xixi. Duan Ran kept his eyes on Qian Xixi, chatting with Ouyang absent-mindedly, Ouyang straightened Duan Ran’s head and let him face him. she was. When Qian Xixi saw this scene, he deliberately invited Jiang Zheyang to dance, and even lent Jiang Zheyang to his hat when he was close to Jiang Zheyang. Duan Ran was even more absent-minded to drink with Ouyang.

Jiang Zheyang and Qian Xixi sent the drunk old money home together. The neighbors mistakenly thought that Jiang Zheyang was a son-in-law and were very envious. Ouyang knew that Duan Ran’s heart was filled with Qian Xixi, and he drank too much without knowing it. By drinking too much alcohol, he explored what kind of person he was in Duan Ran’s heart? Duan Ran praised Ouyang for being a free and easy and capable woman. Ouyang smiled bitterly and felt that she was not what Duan Ran said at all. Ouyang showed her own bracelet. It was given to her by Duan Ran on her birthday. She always wears it and loves it. At that time, Ouyang’s father also gave Ouyang exactly the same bracelet. He also opposed Ouyang and Duan Ranzai.

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