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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 14 Recap

Wen Bai prepared some delicious food and invited Tan Jingtian to have dinner with him. Tan Jingtian asked Wen Bai to watch the game and go to his house, because Wen Bai watched the game while eating western food and drinking foreign wine. This way of watching the game was too literary, and Tan Jingtian could not perform well. The anger of coming out to watch the ball.

The two went to Tan Jingtian’s home to have a barbecue and drink beer to watch the game together. This scene of watching football was never experienced by Wen Bai. Tan Jingtian taught him to shout and have passion when watching football. Very hilarious. At this time, a cleaning master Li walked behind them. Tan Jingtian gave Master Li a bottle of beer and asked him to drink and watch the game. Although the face of Master Li was ruined, he looked like Tan Jingtian and Wen Bai. Father.

Second Tianwenbai went to Wenhui with Tan Jingtian. Wenbai told Tan Jingtian that she had always been sister Wenhui, so Tan Jingtian also said that she was also sister Wenhui. After a while, Jin Ling sent a message to Tan Jingtian that he had screened out a group of people named He Jiantian, and asked Tan Jingtian to search together. This made Wenbai very worried, afraid that they could find out the whereabouts of He Jiantian, so Wenbai asked Tan Jingtian.

Not like Jin Ling, Wen Bai said that he also likes Jin Ling, but he has not formally confessed to Jin Ling. Now he wants to pursue Jin Ling formally and compete fairly with Tan Jingtian. In the end, whoever chooses depends on Jin Ling.

Jin Ling took Tan Jingtian to find He Jianshe, but when Xie Tianqi saw him, she went to Wenbai’s office to look for him. However, when she first entered the office, He Jianshe was facing him. This He Jianshe told Dr. Xie to go out and see a doctor. Wenbai also Persuaded Dr. Xie to go out and wait for him to see the patient’s illness. After Dr. Xie left, He Jianshe said that he was going to pay a gambling debt of 150,000, and Wen Bai asked him to walk a few days first and give him a reply.

Tan Jingtian and Jinling looked for a lot of people named He Jianshe, but they never asked the person they were looking for, which made the two find a headache.

Wen Bai recalled the scene of He Jianshe going to see him in the office. He Jianshe went in and said that he had a headache, so Wenbai prescribed some medicine for He Jianshe, but this person said that their hospital was just stealing money and was worthless. The medicine was still so expensive. Just when He Jianshe was about to leave, Wenbai received a call and was heard by He Jianshe, asking him if he was Wenbai. From then on, He Jianshe began to blackmail Wenbai.

Dr. Xie asked Wen Bai to eat with him during lunch. Dr. Xie said that the forensic doctor Wen Bai liked saw with Tan Jingtian. Wen Bai told her that he knew that Tan Jingtian also liked Jin Ling. He would compete with Tan Jingtian fairly, but Dr. Xie Said she could see what Jin Ling liked about Tan Jingtian, Wen Bai said he would ask Jin Ling to choose by herself.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling searched for a day without results, which made Tan Jingtian a little frustrated, but Jin Ling told him to face it calmly. Wen Bai and Tan Jingtian were chatting together and talked about He Jianshe. Tan Jingtian told Wenbai that it was tomorrow one day, and it didn’t matter if he couldn’t find it. Mom had been so many years.

Dr. Xie went to the nurse’s desk and asked Wenbai how many patients were admitted, and what was the name of one of the patients, No. 2065. The nurse checked He Jianshe.

Wen Bai’s father held a little bear and remembered that when he and Wen Bai met Wen Hui back then, after calling Wen Bai, he would not call Wen Hui sister, and changed his name to mother.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling received a call from Liu Zhi saying that they found some people named He Jianshe from outside the province on their household registration, and told them to look for them in the old city, so they went to the old city to continue searching.

Wenbai asked He Jianshe to go to a remote place and gave He Jianshe one hundred and fifty thousand, and told He Jianshe to leave here, but He Jianshe said that he owed another one hundred thousand yuan and asked him to give one hundred thousand yuan. Besides, the two people quarreled like this.

When Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling were looking for He Jianjian in the old town, Tan Jingtian received a call from the leader saying that he wanted him to go on a business trip, so the two of them did not continue to search for it back.

He Jianjian and Wen Bai continued to blackmail him for money, and asked Wen Bai to prepare him for two hundred and fifty thousand and then leave. So He Jianjian took one hundred thousand cash and left first. At this time, Wen Bai became angry and drove into Ho. Construction.

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