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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 13 Recap

Tan Jingtian woke up in the hospital, Aunt Park apologized to him that she was not good, and almost took Tan Jingtian’s life. This time Kiki finally closed her eyes. Fortunately, she met them and apologized to Jin Ling. Misunderstood her, Jin Ling said that it was because of the kowtow that Tan Jingtian found, so that he could solve the case.

At this time, Wenbai was taken by the police and asked to record a confession. Tan Jingtian asked Aunt Pu what happened to Wenbai? Aunt Pu said that fortunately Wen Bai arrived that day and took back the medicine he prescribed wrong. Then Tan Jingtian asked Aunt Pu if anyone else had been to her house besides Wen Bai? Aunt Park said that there was no one else, which made Tan Jingtian a little confused.

The police asked how Song Zhiping used the ghost mantis to set Tan Jingtian. Song Zhiping said that he did bring Mantis back in Yunfang Mountain, but he left first in his colleague’s car, and his car was handed over to his colleague to drive. Then Song Zhiping got oil on the building steps after returning home, watching Aunt Park left after falling down. At this time, police officer Li brought Qiqi’s predecessor Che Xiangqun and a lawyer Chen to the scene. Song Zhiping saw Che Xiangqun and wanted to kill him.

Captain Chen asked Che Xiangqun about his passing, and Che Xiangqun told the police about him and Qiqi. Che Xiangqun had a relationship with Qiqi, and later went abroad with a woman, but he found that Qi was still in love. Qi, she went back to China to find Qiqi, but she had no feelings for him. Song Zhiping saw Qiqi when she sent Qiqi home. Cha Xiangqun wanted to take care of her after learning that Song Zhiping was not good to her. Qiqi, but Qiqi refused.

Lawyer Chen said that Qiqi was found through a friend. Once Song Zhiping beat Qiqi because Qiqi and a male colleague had a meal, so Qiqi was disappointed with Song Zhiping and went to the hospital for abortion, but Qi Qi lay down on the operating table and regretted it again. Just when Qiqi walked to the operating room, she fainted. Because of Song Zhiping’s previous beatings, the child died in her abdomen, so she was a trafficker, but Song Zhiping always believed that, Qiqi was willing to go to the hospital for an abortion operation, and murdered Qiqi with a grudge against Qiqi.

At this time, Officer Li went up angrily and scolded Song Zhiping, and was stopped by Captain Chen. Captain Chen believed that Officer Li’s behavior should not be appropriate, but he agreed with Officer Li’s heart and went out to the interrogation room. The police officer criticized him, as a criminal policeman must be rational.

Xie Tianqi saw Wen Bai and asked him that the transcript was finished? Wen Bai blamed Xie Tianqi for not listening to her at the beginning, and hiding the fact that Tan Jingtian prescribed medicine. This is fine. Tan Jingtian will definitely misunderstand him, but it is no secret that Dr. Xie said that he should be clear.

Tan Jingtian went to see Aunt Park’s bed. Aunt Park knew that he wanted to ask his mother, but Aunt Park said she cheated on Tan Jingtian. Aunt Park said that because she wanted to avenge Kiki, but Aunt Park It is said that someone should know how his mother died. This person is called He Jianshe who wipes the glass of the community. Wen Bai found the man and told him to leave the country and gave him monthly money, but this person said if he didn’t want to leave? Wen Bai said he had no choice but to do it for himself.

This person recalled that Wen Bai’s mother, Wenhui, was anxious to go to work. It was this man who drove the car, but he drove the car into an alley and wanted to take a shortcut. Some people stopped the car halfway and asked him to pay back the money, but This person has no money and is temporarily unable to make it. Wenhui said that she was from the TV station and had to go to work. She was anxious and had to leave. None of these people allowed to leave and beat this person. Later, the TV station found out about this. The man was fired, but the TV station said that as long as Wenhui promised to let him stay, Wenhui could stay, but Wenhui didn’t promise him, which made him hate Wenhui.

Tan Jingtian told Jin Ling what Aunt Park had said, so Jin Ling asked the police to check He Jianshe. Wen Bai remembered how he had let Tan Jingtian’s mother down on the balcony when he was a child. Wen Bai’s father told Wen Bai to run quickly. When Wen Bai ran, he knocked down Jin Ling who was a child, and Jin Ling gave Wen Bai a gift.

Officer Li found all the people in the city called He Jianshe for Tan Jingtian, and gave the information to Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling so that they could compare them one by one. At this time, Wen Bai sent a message to Tan Jingtian asking him to watch the game.

The man Wenbai looked for recalled that when he was cleaning the glass of other people’s homes, he saw Tan Jingtian’s mother drying clothes on the balcony opposite, Wenbai went to her and said that she was a bad woman, and put some bugs. On Tan Jingtian’s mother, Tan Jingtian’s mother was so afraid that she fell. The man found Wen Bai’s father to blackmail him for money, but Wen Bai’s father died in a car accident, which made his blackmail failure, so he went She went to Wenhui’s house to find Wenhui and continued to blackmail, but she was beaten out by Wenhui.

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