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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 32 Recap

Liang Yuanchao was sitting on the sofa without abandoning his home. He didn’t even listen to what Lin Jiahao said. Lin Jiahao called him a few times before Liang Yuanchao recovered. It turned out that the last time he called the neighbours to invest in the pharmaceutical factory project failed and all the money was lost. Being deceived, he doesn’t know how he should pay everyone. Lin Jiahao thought that he was also a victim, and planned to hide it from Aunt Niu and others, or move away to escape. But Liang Yuanchao believes that this kind of thing should be proactively confessed to the neighbors, otherwise there will be no face to mess around here in the future.

Lin Jiahao walked to the door of Hao Pushi’s house, but she was embarrassed to speak, and when she got home, she lied to Liang Yuanchao. Liang Yuanchao thought everyone knew about this, but didn’t blame him. Three days later, Chen Lili passed by Hongtu Company from get off work and saw a lot of people making trouble at the door. Only then did she know that the pharmaceutical factory invested by Aunt Niu and others was a liar.

Chen Lili hurried back to tell Aunt Niu and Hao Pushi that the three of them rushed to Liang’s house. Liang Yuanchao was panicked and opened the door after hesitating for a long time. The three of Chen Lili accused Liang Yuanchao of insulting his character, and asked him to pay back the money immediately. They also said that he used everyone’s money to get a kickback. Only then did Liang Yuanchao realize that Lin Jiahao did not tell everyone the truth.

Lin Jiahao stepped out and vented towards Chen Lili and others, saying that he was also a victim, and Liang Yuanchao could not be blamed for being cheated of money. Liang Yuanchao slapped Lin Jiahao in public, but he knew that Lin Jiahao had a good heart, and the two cried with each other. Aunt Niu and others had to leave first when they saw them like this.

When Lin Jiahao woke up, he found that Liang Yuanchao had run away from home, but unlike before, Liang Yuanchao did not take any luggage with him this time. She cried to Hao Pushi and others crying, everyone was worried about Liang Yuanchao doing stupid things, Yi Shengli said that he first went to Hongtu company to collect debts, Sun Benyan was responsible for reporting the situation to the police station, Chen Lili went to Ma Xiaoxiao for help.

Ma Xiaoxiao rushed to the scene of Hongtu Company to tell Yi Shengli and others not to use violence, otherwise it would be disadvantageous to them from a legal perspective. Yi Dongdong and Yi Nannan also rushed over. Lin Jiahao heard that Liang Yuanchao hadn’t returned home yet and almost fainted. Yi Shengli asked Yi Nannan to take Lin Jiahao home to rest first. Lin Jiahao hoped that everyone would not tell Liang Xiaobao in Shanghai about this, because he was worried about affecting Liang Xiaobao’s work.

Antu saw that Ma Xiaoxiao and others were coming to collect the debt, deliberately let them in, and tricked them to say that Ou Xiaojian was in a meeting. Yi Shengli was very angry and broke into Ou Xiaojian’s office and saw him walking very close with Cheng Fang. The people arranged by Antu tied Yi Shengli and Yi Dongdong with force. Ou Xiaojian had no choice but to sit back and watch in front of Cheng Fang.

Ma Xiaoxiao returned to Ou Xiaojian’s office again and asked him why he did it. Cheng Fang was very unhappy when he saw Ma Xiaoxiao. Ou Xiaojian was worried that Cheng Fang would be unfavorable to Ma Xiaoxiao, so he took the initiative to splash Ma Xiaoxiao with water and let her go away. After Yi Shengli returned home, he told everyone that Ou Xiaojian was a white-eyed wolf, knew that Ou Xiaojian was the boss of Hongtu Company, and mistakenly thought that he planned the medical factory.

Liang Yuanchao was taken home by the police. It turned out that he wanted to commit suicide and was rescued. When Ou Xiaojian met with Li Zhaohang, he said that he had collected the evidence of Cheng Fang and others, and he could only deliberately treat Ma Xiaoxiao and others hard. Ou Xiaojian returned to Little Hong Kong, thinking about the appearance of Grandma Ou when she was alive. Ma Xiaoxiao sat alone in the bathroom, thinking of what happened during the day, her heart was very uncomfortable. When I went downstairs, I met Ou Xiaojian again. Facing Ma Xiaoxiao’s accusation, Ou Xiaojian was helpless and did not explain.

Li Zhaohang found a safe place for Ou Xiaojian, so he must calm down. Now is the critical moment. Ou Xiaojian took out his badge and looked at it. He knew his behavior very well. During the meeting, Ou Xiaojian asked Antu to explain the illegal fund-raising. Cheng Fang said that he had to make preparations for evacuation, so that the mountains would not be afraid of not having firewood.

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