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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 31 Recap

Ma Xiaoxiao came to the cemetery to visit Grandma Ou and just saw Ou Xiaojian getting into Cheng Fang’s car to pick him up. Ma Xiaoxiao quietly followed behind and saw Ou Xiaojian entering the Jinhao Mansion. Cheng Fang asked Ou Xiaojian to join his Hongtu company. Ou Xiaojian readily agreed, but he asked Cheng Fang to give the gift of admission. In fact, he wanted Antu’s life. Chen Fang agreed to Ou Xiaojian, sharing the business in Antu’s hands with Ou Xiaojian.

Ma Xiaoxiao called Ou Xiaojian, but Ou Xiaojian didn’t tell her the room number, and then hung up the phone. In order to prevent Ma Xiaoxiao from getting involved in this turmoil, Ou Xiaojian deliberately hugged a woman who was dressed to show her, so she could play in front of Cheng Fang. Ma Xiaoxiao rushed to Ou Xiaojian’s private room, drinking and undressing again. She was completely desperate at Ou Xiaojian, slapped her face and left angrily. When Ou Xiaojian chased it out, Ma Xiaoxiao was soaked in the rain. She was sad, thinking that Ou Xiaojian had never given herself a chance to walk into his world.

Ou Xiaojian felt sorry for Ma Xiaoxiao, put her in his arms, and the two kissed in the rain. Ma Xiaoxiao was drunk because he was drinking just now, so Ou Xiaojian took her home and asked Madada to take care of her. Thinking of Ma Xiaoxiao’s innocent smile, Ou Xiaojian felt a pain in his heart.

After Ma Xiaoxiao was drunk and sober, he saw Ou Xiaojian on the opposite side of the balcony. They didn’t know when they got up, and the distance was getting farther and farther. Ma Xiaoxiao returned to him the “A Tale of Two Cities” that Ou Xiaojian had given him, telling Ou Xiaojian that he was tired and proposed to break up , Ou Xiaojian also took the book and said sorry to Ma Xiaoxiao.

The shop in Little Hong Kong remained closed. When Ma Xiaoxiao was taking care of Ma Yingjun, she heard that the loving old couple in the market had passed away, and the grandfather could only buy fish by himself every day. During the half month of breaking up, Ou Xiaojian was cooking alone, and he was very sad. Ma Xiaoxiao sat on the balcony and did not go home, so Aunt Niu told Madada to report to herself about Ma Xiaoxiao’s situation. Madada said that her video on TV was seen by a Hong Kong director and asked her to perform a musical. Aunt Niu praised Madada for being great.

Hao Pushi complained while cleaning, regretting to let Yi Nannan repeat, every time he studied, he was either lazy or dozing off. Yi Shengli mentioned that there is a good way to let Yi Nannan go to Hainan to serve as a soldier. If he suffers a little bit, he can grow faster, and the army is strictly controlled, which is very suitable for Yi Nannan. Hao Pushi was a little worried at first, but he still agreed to let Yi Nannan serve as a soldier.

Aunt Niu and Ma Yingjun were waiting for Ma Xiaoxiao to eat, and they quarreled as they talked, and it was very fierce. Ma Yingjun always thinks that Aunt Niu dislikes him, can’t work, can’t live by herself, and say a lot of excessive words, Madada and Ma Xiaoxiao are used to not being surprised. Ma Xiaoxiao accidentally saw the tape in the drawer, which reminded her of Ou Xiaojian again, remembering the sweet moments between the two, listening to the songs Ou Xiaojian recorded for him.

In the middle of the night, Hao Pushi couldn’t sleep, so he talked to Yi Dongdong, wanting to hear his thoughts on future plans and his partner. Yi Dongdong didn’t know where to start. He knew Hao Pushi wanted him to work in the Bureau of Letters and Calls, but Yi Dongdong said that he also wanted to go out.

Aunt Niu separated from Ma Yingjun and moved to the former home of Grandma Zeng. Madada was going to Hong Kong to film a movie, and Aunt Niu gave her a lot of money. Ma Yingjun looked at the empty room, and continued to complain that Aunt Niu was wrong, so he could walk and circle in anger.

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