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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 23 Recap

Qiao Nuo took the file of Xu Tianhe’s case and handed it to Yang Boqing. He excitedly pointed to Xu Tianhe’s name on the dossier and vowed to accuse Xu Tianhe that he was the bastard he knew. Yang Boqing interrupted him, and the judge could not hear any unrelated comments about the case before the trial, which would affect his middle judgment. In Yang Boqing’s opinion, whether Xu Tianhe committed a crime or not. He only looked at the evidence and didn’t care about other things. Qiao Nuo knew what was wrong.

At the trial site, Qiao Nuo was preparing for the trial as a clerk. Prosecutor Fan Jiayi represented the procuratorate in the prosecution. Wei Yutai, Xu Tianhe’s attorney, played against Fan Jiayi again. But this time, Wei Yutai was not as excited as before, instead he felt a little nervous. Seeing that Wei Yutai was not as disgusted as before, Fan Jiayi smiled at Wei Yutai, a bit shy in his expression. Wei Yutai stepped forward, and he asked Fan Jiayi deeply whether he wanted to escape here with him, escape the court, change jobs, and start a new life. Fan Jiayi did not answer him, but wished Wei Yutai good luck.

As Jonuo announced the opening of the trial, the prelude to the trial was officially kicked off. Fan Jiayi listed the evidence of Xu Tianhe’s suspected murder one by one. The nanny’s fellow testified in court and confirmed that the nanny had borrowed money from himself to compensate Xu Tianhe. Wei Yutai questioned the witness carefully. The witness stated that the babysitter was in a stable mood at the time.

Because he was often bullied by Xu Tianhe, he was used to it for a long time, and even if he borrowed money, he could quickly repay it, because every time this happened, Xu Aofeng and Shi Yuqiu would return the money to the nanny and compensate her again. Wei Yutai grasped this. He defended that the status between the nanny and Xu Tianhe was already common. The witness’ testimony happened to prove that even if there was a dispute between Xu Tianhe and the nanny, he could not confirm that Xu Tianhe was the murderer.

Fan Jiayi submitted a bracelet. This bracelet was corrected by Xu Tianhe’s stepmother Shi Yuqiu. Xu Tianhe was taken aback when he saw the bracelet. He said that the bracelet was lost more than a month ago. That day, the school was in physical education class. Called to the office, the bracelet disappeared when he came back. He searched frantically. The whole class witnessed this scene. Shi Yuqiu was also at school that day. It was after he met the principal that Xu Tianhe was called away by the principal. . Xu Tianhe’s explanation did not make him better, because losing the bracelet at that time did not mean that he had not found it later, and it was not enough to clear his suspicion.

Xu Tianhe gradually became nervous. He excitedly said that he had just beaten the nanny and did not kill anyone. It turned out that Xu Tianhe did have a dispute with the nanny that day. The nanny broke his things. Xu Tianhe asked the nanny to pay 10,000 yuan. The nanny didn’t have that much money, so he went to the villager to borrow money in a panic.

But after borrowing for a long time, he only borrowed 1,000 yuan. He took 1,000 yuan and went back to Xu Tianhe. Xu Tianhe thought 1,000 yuan was too Shao, angrily hit the babysitter with a baseball bat. The babysitter fell to the ground after being beaten. Xu Tianhe left in fear, but Xu Tianhe clearly remembered that the babysitter still had a breath at that time.

Xu Tianhe’s statement made Wei Yutai and Fan Jiayi both stunned. Fan Jiayi calmly asked Xu Tianhe if there was evidence that the nanny was still alive at the time, and Xu Tianhe could not produce any evidence.

The trial was not very smooth. Wei Yutai and the agent Shi Yuqiu were surrounded by reporters as soon as they left the house. This scene fell in Fan Jiayi’s eyes, and Fan Jiayi quickly stepped forward to relieve them. Xu Tianhe’s murder also affected Xu Aofeng’s stock.

Qiao Nuo and Yang Boqing discussed the facts of the case. Xu Tianhe’s final statement not only failed to mitigate the crime, but might also aggravate his sentence. In this case, it is very likely that what he said is the fact, which means that Xu Tianhe is probably wronged, and the key evidence bracelet of the case appeared on the scene inexplicably after being lost. This is also a major doubt. It means that someone is deliberately framed Xu Tianhe. After Qiao Nuo realized this, he was very entangled in his heart. He wanted Xu Tianhe to be punished this time, but now he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Up. In particular, Ge Lifan’s mother invited him and Li Xuyao ​​to be a guest at home. He did not know how to face them or whether to tell them Xu Tianhe might be wronged. Li Xuyao ​​advised him not to say anything. Ge Lifan’s state is also very bad. He has nightmares and sometimes talks in sleep. Ge Lifan’s mother said that there was a shadow in Ge Lifan’s heart. Joe Nuo comforted Ge Lifan.

Wei Yutai had doubts about Shi Yuqiu, she called to ask Xu Aofeng and Shi Yuqiu about their acquaintance, marriage and getting along. Knowing that Xu Aofeng and Shi Yuqiu were not good to Shi Yuqiu after they got married, and that they had cheated on them, I felt a little certain. Fan Jiayi came to comfort Wei Yutai. After analysis, the two found that the real murderer was probably Shi Yuqiu. The two came to Xu Tianhe’s home to find Shi Yuqiu.

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