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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 22 Recap

Under Wei Yutai’s narration, Qiao Nuo gradually sorted out the direction of the matter. She wanted to know where Qiao Ya was, so she agreed to Wei Yutai’s request and joined forces with Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai promised to help Ge Lifan and other victims’ families. Let Xu Aofeng withdraw the accusation against them.

Qiao Nuo began to investigate the past of Qiao Ya and her boyfriend Liang Junhao. He asked Lulu for a picture of Qiao Ya’s boyfriend for a reason, and according to the address Lulu provided, he came to the rental house Qiao Ya and Liang Junhao once shared. The owner of the rental house gave Qiaoya all the remaining things to Qiao Nuo, and told him that Qiaoya said that someone would come to pick it up. Qiao Nuo knew that the person his sister was referring to was himself, and that these things were left to him by Qiao Ya. He moved the things home and checked them carefully, and saw a string of numbers that made him puzzled. He gave this number to Lulu, Zhao Peng, Yang Boqing, and Li Xuyao. Did not see any way.

On the other hand, Wei Yutai kept his promise and suggested to Xu Aofeng to withdraw the prosecution against Ge Lifan and other families. Wei Yutai’s eloquence naturally didn’t have to say, he took Xu Aofeng to the sky with a few words, making him willing to give up the lawsuit.

After a wave of unrest, the maid of Xu Aofeng’s family died in the back garden. The police are already investigating the scene. The police questioned Shi Yuqiu and Xu Tianhe respectively. When Xu Aofeng arrived, he wanted to protect his son Xu Tianhe, but the police didn’t take him seriously. He pulled out Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai smiled and stretched out his hand to greet the policeman, but the policeman was still invisible.

According to the police investigation, the location where the nanny was killed was in the back garden. A bracelet was also found in the back garden. Shi Yuqiu said that this bracelet belonged to Xu Tianhe. Based on the location of the body, the police concluded that the maid was killed by someone in the house. All current evidence points to Xu Tianhe. Wei Yutai looked at the scene carefully and guessed in his heart. Under the pressure of Xu Aofeng, Xu Tianhe admitted that he had quarreled with his girlfriend, but he did not admit that he had killed the maid. We need to beg Wei Yutai to help Xu Tianhe tide over the difficulties.

As expected by Wei Yutai, the police quickly came to Xu Tianhe’s home to arrest Xu Tianhe. As an agent who needs to be sealed, the lawyer goes to the detention center for Yitai. When meeting with Xu Tianhe, Xu Tianhe still looked like he was invincible, so he ordered Wei Yutai to rescue him quickly. Wei Yutai has long been uncomfortable with Xu Tianhe. He pretended to call Xu Tianhe to scare him and ask him to find another lawyer. If he leaves this door, Xu Tianhe is afraid that he will be in prison in the future. Xu Tianhe was terrified, and immediately cried and begged Wei Yutai to help him. Wei Yutai’s secret affairs, Xu Tianhe wants to maintain this crazy state.

Wei Yutai’s case will be prosecuted, and the prosecutor in charge of this case is the prosecutor Fan Jiayi. Fan Jiayi saw that the defense attorney was Wei Yutai, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly. Soon Qiao Nuo also got the case, and he handed the file to Yang Boqing.

Yang Boqing cared about his son and went quietly to watch the performance of his band. But he didn’t see his son. After all the performances, Yang Boqing saw his son Yang Yi come on stage and asked the head of the group to perform, but accidentally damaged the instrument. The head insists. Let Yang Yi use his violin as collateral. Yang Yi was a little reluctant, and the two competed, and Yang Boqing quickly took the stage to accompany Yang Yi with the money for the broken instrument. Yang also thought that his father had quarreled with Yang Boqing after following him. Yang Boqing didn’t know how to communicate with his son. Facing the deep generation gap, he was a little at a loss.

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