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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 14 Recap

Xiao Ning was practicing her lines seriously, practicing and thinking that Luo Li said that Yanran and Gu Chenyu were family friends and childhood sweethearts, so she wanted to send a message to Gu Chenyu, but after thinking about it, she didn’t send it out. Yan Ran was eating with Gu Chenyu’s family and talking. Gu Chenyu’s father asked Gu Chenyu to return to his father’s company. But Gu Chenyu was unwilling and left halfway through the meal, leaving Yanran and Gu Chenyu’s brother to persuade him father.

Jin Yao came to the company to find Xie Fei and was stopped by his assistant. Jin Yao took an assistant’s business card and left. When the assistant saw that Jin Yao was gone, he called Xie Fei and said she was gone. Xie Fei came out of Gu Chenyu’s office. Xiaoning saw it and apologized to him, and Xie Fei also made Xiaoning look after her roommate. Xiao Ning saw Jin Yao drag her to the bathroom at the company to help her to restrain herself.

Don’t make trouble in their company, and left after speaking. Gu Chenyu waited for Xiao Ning at the corner, saying that today was Xiao Ning’s first time in the studio to record and he certainly wanted to come back. In the recording studio today, Xiao Ning’s mood was overwhelming, and Yanran came in. The recording teacher suggested that Gu Chenyu and Yanran could play against each other and let Xia Xiaoning learn. Gradually, Xiao Ning listened to the play and brought herself in. He also wanted to get Gu Chenyu’s care, but he said that she was just a grass on his body among the ten thousand flowers. Xiao Ning quickly interrupted his fantasy.

While drinking coffee outside, Luo Li was still knocking on the side, saying that Mr. Gu was interested in Yanran. Gu Chenyu and Xia Xiaoning came to the cinema. Xia Xiaoning saw the donuts and wanted to eat it, and begged Gu Chenyu to let her eat a little bit, but Gu Chenyu refused. When choosing the film, Gu Chenyu imagined how they would kiss after watching a romance, and Xia Xiaoning imagined that they would be together Watching horror movies and then she was afraid to hide in Gu Chenyu’s arms. Xia Xiaoning first said the name of the horror movie. When watching the movie, Gu Chenyu seemed to be more scared than Xia Xiaoning, and grabbed Xiao Ning’s hand to tell her not to bark. As a result, she was scared and barked and got into Xia Xiaoning’s arms.

From the movie theater, Gu Chenyu bought two cups of milk tea. Xiao Ning asked him how much coffee Yanran drank. Gu Chenyu said 45 degrees. Then Xiao Ning said that Gu Chenyu didn’t know how much milk tea she drank. She drank that kind of ice. The more the better the milk tea, I rushed away after I finished talking. Xie Fei swims with Gu Chenyu to answer him why Xiao Ning is angry and unhappy. Gu Chenyu asked Yanran for coffee after thinking about it. Yanran was talking about the past again, and also that she only drank 45 degrees water, but Gu Chenyu interrupted her and told her that he and Xiao Ning were already together, and Yanran also quickly interrupted Gu Chenyu’s words and her hands clenched tightly. cup.

Xie Fei was worried about Gu Chenyu’s apology to Xiao Ning, and asked the secretary to come in to check the schedule, but it was Jin Yao who came in. Jin Yao said that she would be his Secretary Jin in the future. Xie Fei was frightened and said that he wanted to keep with Jin Yao. A distance of two meters. Jin Yao said that he came to the company through a formal channel. Xie Fei also said that he did not understand the appointment. As a result, Jin Yao took out a video of Xie Fei dancing to threaten him. Xie Fei’s attitude became soft after watching the video, and she said nothing. It can be discussed, but I’m thinking about tossing Jin Yao.

Mr. Gu invited everyone to eat donuts and told Xia Xiaoning to go to the stairwell to eat together. He also explained Yanran’s housework and yesterday’s affairs to Xiaoning. The two of them were very happy to resolve their small conflicts. Xiaoning went to eat donuts and bite. While raising his head, Gu Chenyu also bit the other side.

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