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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 22 Recap

Handejang has a high status in the tribe. Lu Duan’s parents and Lu Duan came to thank Handejang for saving his life. All the servants are grateful, and everyone came to see him off. Handejang asked everyone to protect themselves. They were all born equal to the people, and there was no such thing as inferiority. The servants were moved by what Handejang said. Everyone knelt down and thanked Handejang, thinking that Handejang was the one sent by Tengli to save them.

Xiao Yanyan accompanies Yelvxian to pay homage to Queen Huaijie. Queen Huaijie is Yelvxian’s biological mother. Yeluxian introduced Yanyan to Queen Huaijie and confessed to Yanyan again that he only wants to marry and have children with someone he identifies. This person is not willing yet, but he is willing to wait. After that, Ye Luxian talked to Yan Yan about the principle that her son wanted to support her and didn’t wait for her, thinking that Yanyan must understand the truth. Yanyan remembered that on the day of her marriage, she didn’t have a good expression on Xiao Siwen, and she couldn’t help but stop.

The old patriarch died of illness, and Lu Duan came to tell Handeran that Elder Tuoli was about to bury his servants as a man. Handerjean could not see the tribe’s careless life, so he went to save the innocent slaves without saying anything. The arrival of Handejan caused a wave of waves. Elder Tori saw that Handejean had been upset for a long time.

He spoke out to provoke the feelings between Handejean and Abuhe, thinking that the arrival of Handejean angered Tengli and caused the old patriarch to die. Abohe was convinced of Elder Tuoli, even though Handerang said that Elder Tuoli was wrong, Elder Tuoli still picked up Abohe and asked Abohe to kill Handelan himself. Abehe’s sword was about to hit Handejang’s neck, and a group of servants were organized by Lu Duan. They came to rescue Handejang and opposed the Rilianluo tribe.

The tribe was caught in a fight, and a servant asked Han Deran to leave. He did not want Han Deran to be in vain because of them, but Han Deran was unable to leave these servants alone. He stepped forward to examine the body of the old patriarch and find out the old patriarch’s body. cause of death. Elder Tuoli was afraid that his affairs would be revealed, so he shot Handerang with an arrow, but Fifteenth fifteen blocked Handerang. Handejang has found out the cause of the death of the old patriarch. He did not die of illness, but was poisoned to death.

Only Tuoli was the only one who treated the old patriarch. Tuoli was eager to cremate the old patriarch. This proves that the death of the old patriarch is related to Tuoli. . Han Deirang was plausible, and Tuoli couldn’t quibble at all. Abohe questioned Tuoli. Tuoli first blinded Abohe with his true feelings, and then gave him a knife when Abohe was unprepared. Shang once again fell into a fighting chaos. Tuoli slapped Abuhe with a knife, and Han De let him save Abuhe. Abuhe killed Tuoli on the spot, controlled the chaotic scene and won his prestige.

Xiao Yanyan came to visit Xiao Siwen. Xiao Siwen felt distressed that his daughter was losing weight. He knew Xiao Yanyan was resentful, but he couldn’t help himself. The three branches of the Taizu family have been fighting endlessly, but Daliao can’t stand the toss. He believes that Xiao Yanyan will be able to accompany Yelvxian to complete the reform of Daliao and end the current dispute.

Brother Xi has been in the palace for more than a month, but Yelvxian has never been lucky to Brother Xi, and Brother Xi has no choice but to beg the concubine. The concubine assisted Brother Xi. She asked Brother Xi to pretend to be her own palace maid to deliver snacks. Yelvxian saw through Brother Xi. Brother Xi cried and screamed to get Yelvxian’s favor, but Yelvxian prevaricated with busy official duties and ordered them to Brother Xi sent back to the palace.

Brother Xi cried loudly in the palace. She didn’t understand why Yelvxian didn’t spoil her. Kulie got the benefit of Brother Xi. He quietly told the story of Emperor Mu Zong’s inhumane and uncontrollable killing of the first empress. He believed that it was far more important to protect himself from grace than himself. Yelvxian did not have sex with the concubine, and If you don’t touch Brother Xi, maybe you have the same problem.

Brother Xi came to Nvli, and she told about the inhumanity of Yelvxian. Nvli didn’t believe it at first, but when she heard that Yelvxian hadn’t touched Xiao Yanyan, she couldn’t help but think deeply. At this moment, Wu Bone was giving birth, and the woman ordered someone to find out if Xi Yin’s child was a male or female. If it was a son, he prepared a generous gift to Xi Yin. Wu Guli gave birth to a boy. Xiao Siwen hugged the child and was very happy. He named the child “Liu Li Shou”, hoping that the child could live a long and healthy life.

Abehe inherited the position of the old patriarch. He and Han Derang were buried for fifteen, and Abehe eliminated all prejudice against slaves, allowing the servants to get along well with the people in the future and live well. Handerang was very pleased with Abuhe’s approach. Li Si also came to the tribe to find Handerang. She rushed through the vast grassland. There was no half-wave in Handerang’s heart. Faced with Li Si’s confession, Handerang refused to say anything. Li Si don’t continue to waste time on him. Li Si decided to follow Handerang, who shook his head and sighed, thinking why Li Si was doing this. Now that the tribe has been hit hard, Han Dejang decides to let the tribe move to Youzhou, and let the equal life of Youzhou imperceptibly influence the tribe.

Nu Li Bei came to thank Xi Yin with a generous gift. He was afraid that Yelvxian would have no children, so he deliberately pleased Xi Yin and asked Wu Gu Li Duo to hold the child and walk with Xiao Yan Yan. If he wants to adopt the child in the future, the child in Wu Gu Li. Must be the first choice. Xiyin’s expression is only green with regard to Nvli’s thoughts. His son will never adopt Yelvxian’s sick child.

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