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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 21 Recap

Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian ate together. Ye Luxian told Xiao Yanyan about the political affairs one by one. Xiao Yanyan is his noble concubine and the person he trusts most. If something happens to him one day, he hopes Xiao Yanyan can stand up and take the overall situation. , Carry out the reform of the Han system to the end. At the time of Xia Nabo, Yelvxian would convene a meeting of ministers of the North and the South. One was to re-divide Orudo, and the other was how to place the released kings. The new emperor’s accession to the throne is unstable.

In addition to the Taiping King, there are also ambitious Xiyin and the emperor’s uncles. It is not a trivial matter to re-divide Oruduo and concentrate the royal power. Now Yelvxian needs the support of the clan and also wants to guard against them. Yan Yan puts forward her own opinions. She is worried that the redivision of Orudo will affect the clan’s interests. What should Yelvxian do if you look on the wall. Reforming Sinicization is not a matter of overnight, but redefining Orudo is the first step of reform. Yelvxian is imperative.

He can’t worry about the consequences. Yanyan knows Yelvxian’s determination and will no longer persuade others, just lamenting the old ancestors. The rules that were left will evolve into such a complicated situation so far, and all countries are making progress. Only Daliao is caught by the rules. Listening to Xiao Yanyan’s words, Yelvxian’s mouth was smiling, and only Yanyan was the only one who knew he understood.

In the Rilian tribe, Han Derang let the fifteenth help to elicit the news that Abuhe’s father was getting sick to get rid of the elder Tuli. All the high-ranking people in the tribe hurried over to visit. Handreang took the opportunity to come to the room to find medicine for his servant Lu Duan. He boiled the medicine to feed Lu Duan and drank it. In the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t bear a living life and was ruined in a small illness.

Xiyin was lifted. He learned that Yelvxian had also released the uncles. He couldn’t help but sneered. He looked down on Yelvxian from the bottom of his heart, thinking that Yelvxian’s throne would soon be over. Although Ye Luxian divided the military power of Nv Li, Nv Li did not think deeply about it, but Gao Xun’s power was also divided.

He unwillingly instigated Nv Li, thinking that Xiao Simwen was trying to win over Ye Lvxian and exclude dissidents. . Xiao Siwen and both of them are both heroes in supporting the new master in Montenegro. Gao Xun believes that Xiao Siwen’s ability lies in sending a daughter to the palace as a concubine. Gao Xun’s daughter is not a good man. Follow Xiao Siwen and send women into the palace to fight for power and hide.

According to Gao Xun’s orders, Nu Li chose her sister-in-law’s daughter Xi Ge, and wanted to send Xi Ge into the palace as her concubine. Ye Luxian didn’t know the meaning of Nv Li, although he was not happy, but now his power is weak, and the clan is eyeing. In order not to lose the hearts of the people, Yelvxian could only calm down the meritorious officials, so he responded to the request of the girl and took Brother Xi into the palace.

Yelvxian didn’t intend to hide from Xiao Yanyan when he took Brother Xi into the palace as a concubine. Xiao Yanyan didn’t take it seriously after learning the news. She didn’t love Yelvxian, and whoever Yelvxian loved as a concubine had nothing to do with her. Quiet.

Xia Nabo arrived as scheduled, and Brother Xi was taken over by the royal army. Looking at the luxurious accounts in front of her, there was a touch of arrogance between Brother Xi’s brows and eyes. She knew that the imperial concubine now has deep affection, but she is also a concubine, and she is not lost to Xiao Yanyan. The new concubine enters the palace. Everyone thinks that Yelvxian will linger in Brother Xi’s gentle hometown.

Brother Xi is dressed shyly and prepares a table of Yelvxian’s favorite meals waiting for him, but they don’t want Yelvxian to come to Xiao Yanyan’s palace. , Ate with Xiao Yanyan and stayed in the palace to read. Xiao Yanyan was surprised by Yelvxian’s arrival, but she couldn’t help but smoothed her eyebrows. Even she herself hadn’t noticed that careful thought, and the two were destined to have an unclear relationship.

The next day, Brother Xi learned from the attendant Hulie that Yelvxian was staying in the palace of the imperial concubine. She came to Yanyan to settle the accounts in a fierce manner. She had no intention to fight for favor, thinking that Yelvxian would be covered in rain and dew, but Xiao Yanyan was the first in her palace.

The sky dominates Yelvxian, Xiao Yanyan deceives people too much. Brother Xi was extremely arrogant, Xiao Yanyan only glanced at Brother Xi, letting people take Brother Xi to teach the rules. Knowing what happened in the palace, Ye Luxian came to Xiao Yanyan. He would be wronged by Yanyan in his life. He wanted to avoid Brother Xi’s courtesy, but Yanyan didn’t care. After Brother Xi was taught the rules, her knees were bruised, and her heart was angry and returned to the palace account. She regarded Yanyan as a thorn in her eyes and decided to find a way to overcome Yanyan’s limelight.

Brother Xi couldn’t see Yelvxian, she learned that there were still two toffees in the palace, so she decided to start with them. Brother Xi brought a gift to greet the two toffees and pleased them. Looking at the back of Brother Xi, the two concubines were thoughtful, neither of them was a real queen mother. If they could handle the two concubines of Yelvxian, they would be as noble as the queen mother in the palace.

At night, Ye Luxian came to Xiao Yanyan’s palace to have a meal. He wanted to explain to Xiao Yanyan the reason for the concubine, but Xiao Yanyan interrupted Ye Luxian. Xiao Yanyan’s heart was not on Ye Luxian, and she didn’t know everything about him. Ye Luxian’s eyes were gloomy, especially when she heard Xiao Yanyan’s order to chase him away, she left her palace account alone.

The maid beside him couldn’t help but hug Yelvxian. Yelvxian wanted to please Yanyan wholeheartedly. Even if Yanyan was cold-eyed, Yelvxian treated her with care every day. It should be a hard-hearted heart. Listening to the maid’s words, Xiao Yanyan said angrily that she was hard-hearted, even if Ye Luxian was gentle and considerate, she would not warm her heart.

The next day, the imperial concubine set off to Xianling to pay homage to Emperor Shizong. Yelvxian coughed deliberately on the carriage. He looked at Xiao Yanyan with concern in his eyes, and his heart warmed. Even if Xiao Yanyan didn’t say anything, Ye Luxian still felt Xiao Yanyan’s care. He stepped forward to put on a cloak for Xiao Yanyan and watched the beautiful scenery outside the window with her. After the wedding, the two paid homage to Emperor Shizong for the first time. Yelvxian announced in Xianling that he would follow the example of Emperor Shizong to implement the Han system. Xiao Yanyan stood next to Yelvxian in a red palace dress and worked with him to implement the Han system.

At the same time, Hande Rang was in the grassland. Although he was not with Yan Yan, he thought that the two of them had very close hearts. He understood that the reform of the Han system was not a means of keeping a history, but was really related to Daliao. The necessary way for the welfare of the people, reform must be carried out to the end.

In the tribe, Fifteen was flogged for lying about Abohe’s father’s worsening condition. Hande let out to protect Fifteen. In order to save Fifteen, he negotiated with Abo and asked for the life-saving grace at the time. Fifth, leave this tribe with no human rights.

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