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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 28 Recap

In fact, after Fu Rong finished the golden hairpin, Gu Yuan didn’t miss it and dropped it into the furnace. Time was running out. In a hurry, she took advantage of Liu Ruyi’s previous draft to modify it, and she had this lotus crown. Not only does it look good, but the meaning of this thing is also good. The golden silk represents the officials and people, and the pearl in the middle represents the country of Dayu, which moisturizes the people and the country is long.

Seeing that Feng Laiyi was about to lose this time, Duan Fei’s face was ugly. The emperor ordered people to take a closer look. When Chen Sishi turned and offered it, the pearl in the middle turned black. Concubine Duan immediately accused her of being shoddy and sarcastic.

Only Qi Zhu, the head of Qingping County, was sitting on the sidelines, as if this matter had nothing to do with her. In fact, the crown came to the emperor’s eyes through her hands, and she quietly sprinkled some fine powder on the pearls without being noticed. Fu Rong refused to admit it. He sniffed the pearl carefully and noticed something strange.

It happened that Cui Wan, the lord of Xihe County, rushed over, wearing the hairpin that Fu Rong had sent, and God helped me. Fu Rong asked someone to prepare a bowl of hot water, soak the hairpin in it, and wipe the pearls with the bowl of water. The pearls turned white within a moment.

It turned out to be in a hurry, and the pearl did not add a layer of protective agent, so when it accidentally touched the silver salt, it would turn black, and the hairpin for Xihe County lord had a protective agent, and it was the protective agent that was melted to clean the pearl. With twists and turns, Ruyilou finally won the qualification to make jewelry for the palace, and this incident made Duan Fei suspect that Ji Qingting was eating inside and out. As for Fu Rong, Qi Zhu had another plan.

Fu Rong and Xu Jin were walking down the street and saw many children putting paper kites. Xu Jin was longing for it but he had already passed such a carefree age. Fu Rong decided to make a paper kite and fly to the sky with him. In return, Xu Jin promised that Fu Rong waited until the frontier fortress to teach her to bend the bow to shoot the big eagle, and said that the two of them took a bow and arrow posture on the street. But when Ge Chuan suddenly appeared, Fu Rong knew that Xu Jin was leaving again.

Chen Si took the jewelry materials from the palace and delivered them to Ruyi Building. After checking the accounts, Fu Rong signed the handover document, which was in duplicate. And that night, the craftsman master of Ruyilou was beaten up by someone covering his head and face, and Ji Qingting opened flowers in Feng Laiyi facing the copy of the golden hairpin, because Ruyilou posted a recruitment notice. Specially invited some poppi rogues to block the entrance of Ruyi Building, deliberately making trouble for Fu Rong.

Fu Rong went to visit the craftsman Master Han’s house. His body was red and swollen, and his hands were covered with gauze. Visually, he would not get better after ten and a half months. It was just when he was depressed, Fu Rong saw some hairpins in his family.

He saw that the skills weren’t proficient, but they were novel and interesting. Only when he asked, he knew that it was the work of Master Han’s son. Who said that there is no way to recruit workers, and there is no way for people to come. Isn’t the artisan coming? She recruited the sons of the old craftsmen in Ruyi Building again. Please Gu Yuan to take care of it, and the recruitment of Ruyi Building came to an end.

Xu Jin found out that Xiaoqi and Xiaoba were chased and killed, and he was worried. Ge Chuan suddenly came to report, and some gangsters made trouble at the entrance of Ruyi Building. When he arrived, a bunch of idle rascals were sitting in front of the Ruyi building, and Gu Yuan couldn’t help them. Xu Jin brought a chess piece. Whoever wanted to know the material of this chess piece, Ruyi Lou hired him as a job. But the result was obvious. All these people were stupefied and still provoking troubles. Xu Jiayi shot these rascals. Down, forced by force, they immediately confessed Ji Qingting.

As soon as this matter reached the emperor’s ears, Concubine Duan immediately came to righteously kill her relatives and completely confessed Ji Qingting. Her subordinates did see Wu Baiqi giving Ji Qingting silver that day, so naturally they don’t have to stay with those who are unfaithful. After all, the plan she had discussed with Qi Zhu should also be on the agenda.

Fu Rong heard that Feng Laiyi had an accident, Duan Fei is not like such a person who is willing to give up and suffer losses. Xu Jin was making paper kites, and Fu Rong couldn’t think about these unnecessary things, and stayed with him. At this time, Ge Chuan came to report again and Xu Jin was leaving for a few days. Fu Xuan, the backyard of the Fu mansion, had long been surprised at Wu Baiqi’s sudden appearance. Feng Laiyi was sealed off after the storm, but he was still in Duan’s hand. Wu Baiqi went to see Duan’s concubine another day to see if he could buy it back.

The jewelry Ruyi Building needed in the palace has been rushed out and sent to the palace to be inspected by Concubine Shu. But Concubine Duan suddenly came with the handover document. Fu Rongguo’s target document was written on the silver triad, but this document, which was also covered with the seal of the Ruyi Lou, was written on the silver triad.

As a result, she only brought three. It’s not a problem to accuse her of corruption. The emperor also rushed and ordered people to fetch the document that Fu Rong had kept in Ruyi Building. What is strange is that the document has also become Qi He, with iron proof that Fu Rong was imprisoned and Ruyi Building was sealed.

In Wang An’s opinion, this incident did not seem to deal with Fu Rong, but rather to get rid of Xu Jin, who was closely connected with her. It didn’t hurt to borrow this Dongfeng to use it. As for Fu Rong, he did not miss it. It’s just that Duan Fei’s mind will not be so meticulous. The person hiding behind her must be a clever one. He ordered a sentence to find it, and maybe it could be used by him.

Fu Rong was charged with detaining materials. In fact, the materials had been hidden by the king, and the concubine Duan only needed to appreciate the chaos of King Su Palace. On the other side, King Su was not in the house at all. He followed the clues to a deserted house, met Xiao Qi Xiao Ba, and informed Liu Ruyi’s death to the suicide note. Xiao Qi Xiao Ba did not stay much. , Took the sword and left. Xu Jin sent people to stare at them, and when he hurried back to the mansion, Ruyi Tower and Su Wang Mansion were already in a mess.

Fu Xuan looked at the empty Ruyi Tower, and remembered the guards who came that day, arrogantly, and she couldn’t do anything. Fu Rong was still locked up in the prison. The only thing she could do was to leave two tears silently. Fortunately, Wu Baiqi was by his side and handed her a handkerchief.

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