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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 12 Recap

Tan Jingtian caught a kowtow worm one night and asked everyone to look over it. Officer Li said how many kowtow bugs it would take to kill Kiki, so Tan Jingtian said that he had obtained Song Zhiping’s information. Song Zhiping is a machine learning player. The bugs knew better, so Song Zhiping imitated the kowtow bug to imitate a machine and put it on Qiqi’s head to kill people, but everyone thought that if Song Zhiping had this scientific research result, he didn’t apply for a patent to get the money, so would he use it to kill people?

Even if it is manufactured, Song Zhiping can’t enter Qiqi’s room at any time and put a machine on her head, right? Everyday people enter the room and don’t know how dead this Qiqi sleeps. But Captain Chen told Tan Jingtian not to give up and just move forward according to his own thinking.

Tan Jingtian found Wen Bai and said that the police did not believe him. At this time, Wen Bai said he believed in Tan Jingtian. He would be the last person in the world to believe in Tan Jingtian. Tan Jingtian also told Wen Bai that he too.

Tan Jingtian went to Song Zhiping’s office to look for him. Song Zhiping asked Tan Jingtian how is Aunt Park? Because Song Zhiping was afraid that the police did not visit Aunt Park since he was a child, Tan Jingtian showed Song Zhiping his ghost mantis, saying that Song Zhiping’s cockroaches were raised in captivity and not wild on Yunfang Mountain. He also organized Song Zhiping at the university. He showed him a photo of the Insect Association, which included Song Zhiping. Tan Jingtian also gave Song Zhiping the kowtow, asking him to have a good memory, but Song Zhiping was unwilling to see Tan Jingtian and asked his assistant to take Tan Jingtian. Please go out quickly.

Tan Jingtian followed Song Zhiping to an empty courtyard, but Song Zhiping discovered that Song Zhiping gave Tan Jingtian a bottle of Coke and told him to pay attention to safety. Tan Jingtian warned Song Zhiping that he would catch him.

Song Zhiping thought that he had left Tan Jingtian away and drove to a mountain, buried an iron box, and made a disguise with leaves on it. After Song Zhiping left, Wen Bai appeared and dug out his tin box. Song Zhiping showed up and told him not to open the box, but Wen Bai had to open it. As expected, there was a cobra inside. Tan Jingtian ran to protect Wen Bai. Going to block the Cobra, Song Zhiping took the opportunity to run quickly, but was caught by Captain Chen.

Tan Jingtian was sent to the hospital for rescue. Song Zhiping was taken to the interrogation room by the police. Officer Li played the recording of Tan Jingtian at the scene to Song Zhiping in advance. It was a dialogue recording between Song Zhiping and Wen Bai Tan Jingtian. It was a dialogue between Song Zhiping admitting to the murder, but Song Zhiping said that it was all He was joking with them and said that this recording alone cannot be convicted.

At this time, Officer Li showed him the kowtow machine developed by Song Zhiping, and also showed him the metal memory lock installed by Song Zhiping in Qiqi’s room. This metal is in the form of a lock as long as it is at room temperature, but it will melt and deform when sprayed with liquid nitrogen.

Captain Chen asked Song Zhiping to talk about everything that should be explained. Song Zhiping looked at the evidence and told the police. Qiqi is the only woman Song Zhiping has ever loved, but she is hurting their happiness. Qiqi knocked out the child without Song Zhiping’s consent, but the perfect home Song Zhiping wanted was broken by Qiqi So Song Zhiping pretended to forgive Qiqi, but replaced Qiqi’s vitamin pills with sleeping pills, and carefully developed these machines and locks. After Qiqi took the sleeping pills every day, he went in and brought Kiki with kowtows.

The machine, because Song Zhiping accidentally knocked over Qiqi’s water glass after entering, the next day when Qiqi woke up and found that the water glass had been touched by someone, she suspected that someone had entered her room, so she asked someone to shut the door and window of the room. All the locks were changed. Song Zhiping found the person who changed the lock and got the key, so he changed the lock of Qiqi’s room to a special metal lock, so that Song Zhiping could go in and bring Qiqi the kowtow machine every day, so Qi Qi Qi died in Song Zhiping’s conspiracy.

Song Zhiping said that his design was seamless, and the only mistake was to underestimate Tan Jingtian. Captain Chen told Song Zhiping that he had also mistakenly underestimated a mother’s love for her child. It was Qiqi’s mother’s persistence that defeated Song Zhiping’s conspiracy.

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