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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 22 Recap

The sudden martial law disrupted the rescue plan of the group. Before leaving, Xia Jicheng reminded Shen Qinghe not to move the truck tonight, so as not to cause Wang Keda’s suspicion and unable to descend normally. At that time, he would drive away the police alone, instructing Shen Qinghe to wait for the gate to open, and then leave with the pro-communist literati, and drive along the southward road to meet the guerrilla comrades. Shen Qinghe was worried about Gu Yaodong’s safety, and Xia Jicheng hoped that she could distinguish the priority and do the task well.

The fierce fighting in the warehouse continued, and Gu Yaodong picked up the stick again to prevent Yang Kui from touching the pistol. The two had no weapons and could only rely on fists to fight each other. Even though Yang Kui was full of blood, his skills were far better than Gu Yaodong. Just when Gu Yaodong was suppressed by Yang Kui and unable to resist, he suddenly saw Xia Jicheng appear outside the window.

There was a glass partition to communicate with each other, but the gathering of eyes made Gu Yaodong wake up like a dream. His originally obscure eyes instantly brightened. He witnessed Xia Jicheng driving the truck to the side, and immediately rose up to resist, taking the lead in getting the pistol very quickly and aiming it at Yang Kui.

Since Yang Kui has not returned, Wang Keda ordered his men to go to the freight company to find out the situation. Several police cars rushed in, voices from far to near, Yang Kui was afraid to act rashly due to Gu Yaodong holding a gun, and simply tried to calm his emotions, and then analyzed Xia Jicheng’s true identity, from pro-Communist to Communist, even Ling Bai Hua, the love worker for the Bureau of Secrets.

With Yang Kui’s more obvious ideas, Gu Yaodong’s understanding of Xia Jicheng became clearer. Even if Yang Kui tried to lure him to the position of the director of the Second Penalty Division, he remained unmoved until he heard Xia Jicheng driving away. The police officer threw the gun out of the window, and then rushed to strangle Yang Kui.

Penalty two chased him and fired warning shots all the way, but Xia Jicheng drove the car directly to the lake, while the opponent was not paying attention, pressed the accelerator with a wrench and jumped out of the window to escape. Wang Keda knew that twelve literati had disappeared. He immediately summoned all the police and rushed to the lake. As a result, the truck had already fallen into the lake, but the person was no longer there. He was so angry that he fired several shots at the warehouse door. Nothing.

Yang Kui slowly climbed up from the ground, just as he lifted the Tietong up to smash at Gu Yaodong, he did not expect Xia Jicheng to walk in from the door suddenly, still with that smile, expressing lightly that no one could move Gu Yaodong. At the same time, Shen Qinghe and the guerrilla comrades met smoothly and successfully transferred 20 cultural backbones.

When Gu Yaodong woke up, he had seen Xia Jicheng sitting beside him repairing the bicycle, and comforted him to relax, that no one would tell Wang Keda about tonight, including Yang Kui himself. When Gu Yaodong heard this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and squatted aside in a panic and excited manner, curiously asking Xia Jicheng if it was a white birch.

Although Xia Jicheng did not answer directly, the smile at the corner of his mouth made Gu Yaodong understand that although the sky is not bright, and the dawn is coming, he even accurately understood the greatness of the birch tree, which lies in half plunge into the darkness and half into the light. The deeper the roots, the more decay can be seen; the more nutrients they absorb, the harder they can get the sun.

Wang Keda and the others rushed to the air, and were shocked to move the tiger away from the mountain, and simply returned to the villa building again, but was informed by Officer Liu that all the people on the list were missing. Perceiving that only Zhao Zhiyong showed up in the second place of punishment, Wang Keda immediately took people to find Gu Yaodong. Who knew that Gu Yaodong was staying in Xia Jicheng’s room, and Xia Jicheng stood in front of everyone with sleepy eyes, pretending to be “unknown.”

When a police officer awaiting sentence found Yang Kui, he and the police car had been abandoned in the woods. There were no fatal injuries on the surface. The gun was still there, but the neck was broken. Wang Keda has worked with Yang Kui for four years. Knowing that he is far better than ordinary people, he is suddenly killed, and his personal list is lost. The warehouse has no clues, which means Xia Jicheng has cleared his suspicion, but Wang Keda lost Maicheng.

On the way back to Shanghai, Xia Jicheng drove three reporters Jack, Gu Yaodong and Zhao Zhiyong. There is no change in the surrounding scenery along the green trail. Only Gu Yaodong is different from when he came. Now he is full of excitement, always sitting behind and peeking at Xia Jicheng. Together with the sunlight outside the window, his eyes are bright and hot. There is unlimited worship.

Fu’an Nongli had been laughing and laughing for a long time, and Gu Yaodong stood beside his parents and eldest sister, feeling their care. Afterwards, Shen Qinghe returned to the pavilion and sneaked into the kitchen to get the medicinal liquor in the middle of the night. He and Gu Yaodong just ran into the front. The two were sitting on the balcony and chatting. Today is different from the past, leaving a lot of estrangement to beware, and the content of the chat has also become frank.

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