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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 21 Recap

After learning of Wang Keda’s plan, Xia Jicheng determined the time of action in his heart, and immediately dialed the coffee shop of the Golden Gate Hotel from the phone in his office, and passed the message to Mr. Shao with a code. Even though Wang Keda and Yang Kui were listening at the door, they could only hear that Xia Jicheng had not forgotten to sell goods to make money when he went out on business trips. It was simply a model of “greed for petty and cheap but no big ambitions” by the Second Criminal Bureau.

After leaving the villa building, Xia Jicheng brought a new list to Shen Qinghe. Since the number of people on the list was much larger than estimated, they had to move before they acted. At 8 o’clock tomorrow night, a comrade will come to the warehouse and Shen Qinghe will be responsible. Bring the cultural backbones on the list to meet up. It happened that Shao Baichen and the Wei family were old acquaintances, so Shen Qinghe thought that he could use his power to mobilize everyone.

It’s a pity that Shao Baichen didn’t know that the little girl from the Wei family had been rescued by Xia Jicheng, and even changed her name to Shen Qinghe. Only those who have experienced that change understand the terrible truth of the year. Today’s sudden tranquility is like the eve of a storm, especially the night in a small town, depressed and desperate. Only the appearance of Xia Jicheng can bring hope to Shen Qinghe and return her to her original state of love.

Xia Jicheng didn’t understand Shen Qinghe, but he deliberately chose to ignore it, and then frankly said that Gu Yaodong would see her later, so he said goodbye first. At this time, Gu Yaodong came to Shen Qinghe and excitedly took out the accessories he had found in the woods. He did not expect that Shen Qinghe’s hairpin was intact, and Shen Qinghe also responded impatiently, hoping that Gu Yaodong would not continue to interfere in this matter.

The successful conclusion of the Moganshan Cultural Exchange Conference does not mean that Gu Yaodong’s mission will also end. He continued to stick to his post, protecting everyone from taking pictures outside the building in a leisurely manner, and from time to time he looked at the cars in the woods nearby. Xia Jicheng smiled and joked that Gu Yaodong should not be too nervous, but Gu Yaodong went straight to the car and questioned the other party’s identity.

Ding Naisheng called his daughter Ding Fang to return to Shanghai first and sent a special car to pick him up. Ding Fang noticed that he wanted to take Gu Yaodong away with him, but Gu Yaodong was stubborn and insisted on staying. Ding Fang had no other choice, pretending to hug Gu Yaodong’s ear, reminding him to pay attention to Yang Kui. Seeing this situation, Zhao Zhiyong’s expression changed drastically, and then the jealousy was overwhelming, and the whole person was depressed.

Qi Shengping was very annoyed by the Confidentiality Bureau over the killing of Captain Cai. So he called to inform Wang Keda to cancel the fixed opening hours. From tonight, we will prohibit all vehicles from entering and exiting, so we must ensure that the operation goes smoothly. Wang Keda ordered Yang Kui to immediately go to the freight company to find the manager to explain the situation, and even seize all the car keys.

The Ministry of Interior practiced that night, and Gu Yaodong had no intention of eating a banquet. When he saw Yang Kui leaving alone, he felt uneasy and hurried to chase after him by bike. At first, Zhao Zhiyong followed him, but the bicycle fell off the chain at a critical moment and had to turn back. Xia Jicheng was deliberately drunk and asked Wang Keda for a few headache medicines. He left first under the pretext of taking a break. When he closed the door, he quickly packed his clothes, jumped down from the second floor and headed to the warehouse.

Yang Kui explained everything to the manager and was about to go out. He happened to hear that the temporary warehouse rented by Shen Qinghe would expire tomorrow. He simply broke the door lock and entered the warehouse for detailed searches. Eventually, blood stains were found in the container where the mushrooms were stored. Shao Baichen is hidden in the box.

Shen Qinghe didn’t know that Yang Kui was hiding in the dark and waiting for her to arrive, so when she opened the warehouse door, she couldn’t react enough, but Yang Kui pointed a gun to her head. Yang Kui accurately inferred the problem between Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe. Shen Qinghe took advantage of the situation and fought him. Fortunately, Gu Yaodong appeared at a critical moment and picked up a stick to stun Yang Kui.

Yang Kui was tied to the ground, and Shen Qinghe asked Gu Yaodong to stay in the warehouse to watch him, and immediately went out to meet Xia Jicheng to explain what had just happened. Xia Jicheng thought that the comrades in charge of the reception had no way to come, and they had to send everyone away. Twenty-five pro-communists were also waiting in the woods under the call of Shao Baichen.

At the same time, Yang Kui gradually woke up and broke free, and rushed directly to strangle Gu Yaodong’s neck with a rope. Gu Yaodong almost suffocated. Fortunately, he grabbed the earthenware pot and hit Yang Kui’s head at a critical moment. However, he was not as powerful as the opponent, but he was knocked to the ground. He watched Yang Kui walk towards the pistol.

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