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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 20 Recap

It was midnight after leaving Qi’s house, but the Hongfeng Rice Store had not yet closed, and the warm yellow light faintly illuminated the two men sitting at the table deploying rescue. Xia Jicheng prepared a map specially and planned to transfer people in advance. Whenever he descends from the small road, there will be guerrillas to meet him halfway.

Since Wang Keda’s office phone has been monitored, Xia Jicheng could not directly contact Hongfeng Rice Store, and waited for him to determine the time and location before calling the cafe of the Golden Gate Hotel. Old Dong admired Gu Yaodong’s ability to use Wang Keda’s phone to send back intelligence, thinking that he was courageous and strategic, but Xia Jicheng said that although Gu Yaodong was courageous, there was still a lack of planning.

Since Gu Yaodong and Ding Fang were arrested, Yang Kui went to the assassination site to investigate and found two tire prints of different shapes. According to the clues of the tire prints, it was discovered that the owner of the car was Shen Qinghe. Gu Yaodong heard two policemen discussing Shen Qinghe’s Communist Party status in the office, so he anxiously defended her.

Yang Kui found that Shen Qinghe had rented a temporary warehouse at the local freight company, so he immediately followed Wang Keda with his men and drove there, and falsely claimed that someone called the police and saw a suspicious person enter the freight company and prepared to enter the warehouse and search. Shen Qinghe worried that Shao Baichen would be discovered, and hurriedly stopped him, claiming that he was just an ordinary helper and could not be involved in the murder case. However, Wang Keda refused to enter and forcibly broke in, but he did not expect that Shao Baichen was not there.

Just as a police officer was searching everywhere, even turning over the cabinet, how unexpectedly Xia Jicheng arrived in time with Jack. Due to Jack’s identity and the camera in his hand, Wang Keda had to suspend the investigation and secretly ordered Yang Kui to take the opportunity to sneak into the warehouse and pry open the last two boxes.

Xia Jicheng took precautions, turned back, opened the cargo box in front of Yang Kui, and pointed a pistol to his head to warn him. Yang Kui was jealous and did not dare to act too presumptuously, so he had to truthfully report the situation to Wang Keda, because there was a small box under the shiitake mushrooms in the cargo box, so he guessed that there were illegal drugs inside. Even if there is no conclusive evidence to rule out Shen Qinghe’s suspicion, I can remember that Xia Jicheng and Qi Shengping’s business was run through her, so the investigation process must be cautious, so as not to indemnify his wife and be blamed by the above.

After arriving at the Moganshan Villa, Xia Jicheng arranged for his subordinates to take Jack upstairs first, and then took out an old newspaper, and found out that Ding Fang was the daughter of Ding Naisheng, the Secretary of the Finance Bureau. He was sent to the United States to disappear unexpectedly when he was young. Return to the country incognito. Wang Keda was shocked by this, and hurriedly ordered people to lift Ding Fang’s imprisonment. Who knows that Ding walked forward angrily and slapped Zhao Zhiyong in public.

The First Division of Punishment detained Gu Yaodong in the shower room for two days, and finally decided to restore his freedom, which was still based on Xia Jicheng’s request. Looking at the bruises on Gu Yaodong’s face and the torn off collar buttons, Xia Jicheng concealed his distressed gaze, turned and smiled and asked Yang Kui whether he would sew buttons.

So under Yang Kui’s superb female worker, a brand new button was tied to Gu Yaodong’s neckline. He followed Xia Jicheng out of the building and saw the sun again. First, he went to visit Ding Fang and then went out. Before Xia Jicheng left, he reminded Ding Fang to be cautious in his words and deeds, so as not to involve Gu Yaodong and put him in jail. After all, the identities of the two people are very different. Ding Fang can get away safely, but this child will face the darkest in the world. time.

Gu Yaodong learned that Shen Qinghe was still in town, so he planned to have a chance to see her. Xia Jicheng brought Gu Yaodong to the noodle stall, watching him eating three bowls of noodles like an old father, and curiously mentioning the previous phone call. Gu Yaodong originally thought that Xia Jicheng was different from Wang Keda, so he called him in an emergency. Even if a series of disappointing things happened, he still kept his original intention and chose to believe in Xia Jicheng.

At the same time, Zhao Zhiyong sat alone in the dining hall, holding his rice bowl and eating tasteless. When he returned to the dormitory, Gu Yaodong was already sitting by the bed to wash his clothes. Compared with the experience and honor and disgrace between the two people, Zhao Zhiyong sadly believes that he lost luck in the fortunes and unfairly lost in the sky. He was full of enthusiasm when he first came to the police station. Bravery and justice coexist, but he is not as lucky as Gu Yaodong. Xia Jicheng’s reuse; did not meet the favor of the daughter; nor did he grow up in adversity, so he knew how to survive the fittest and go with the flow.

Originally Shao Baichen was one of the twelve people on the list who needed to be protected, but Wang Keda showed a list of 25 assassins. Xia Jicheng pretended to be embarrassed, claiming that this action might cause a big disturbance, and did not know how to explain it to the outside world, while Section Chief Wang took the initiative to arrange a car in advance and deliberately caused a traffic accident on the road, which would be blocked. You can also get rid of these pro-communists.

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