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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 19 Recap

After a number of writers’ joint protests, Wang Keda finally allowed them to accompany the search. Yang Kui was worried that the matter would be a big deal, so he decided to look for it first. After the missing two people were recovered, he would slap aside, as long as it was in the second sentence. In your hands, it’s like a fish in a net, just let it be handled.

When Ding Fangyou woke up, he found himself lying on a wooden bed. It seemed that Gu Yaodong hadn’t slept all night, his eyes were bloodshot, his face was tired, and his clothes were wrapped in a few fresh apples that he had just picked. Even though Gu Yaodong insisted that he did not hug her into the house, Ding Fang still looked ambiguous, as if he had substituted each other into the novel, and fell in love with each other like a man and woman, unwilling to spread ignorant feelings.

The forests of Mogan Mountain are quiet and elegant. If you don’t care about the poisonous insects and beasts, just look around, it is completely a natural picture scroll, green like emeralds, and the river is gurgling. However, the current business is the main thing, and everyone down the mountain has no intention to watch. The two people on the mountain hurriedly searched for their way until they successfully met and met, which was accompanied by joy. Gu Yaodong learned from Zhao Zhiyong that Shen Qinghe was following and hurriedly turned around, but unfortunately there was no one. Shen Qinghe had already driven away quietly, with a smile of rejoicing and relief.

In the car on the way back, Ding Fang couldn’t hide his love for Gu Yaodong, and his small actions fell into Zhao Zhiyong’s eyes. It’s a pity that the concubine was not interested in it. Gu Yaodong was inquiring about Shao Baichen throughout the whole process, which aroused Wang Keda’s vigilance. After arriving at the villa, he immediately ordered Yang Kui to take Ding Fang to the prison room, and immediately called Gu Yaodong to the office for questioning .

Ding Fang noticed the strangeness and was blocked when she was about to leave. On the surface, it seemed to ensure personal safety, but in fact she was under house arrest. So she immediately rushed to the window and shouted for help, as Zhao Zhiyong happened to pass downstairs. Yang Kui was furious and slapped Ding Fang on the spot. After the binding was over, he turned and left.

Zhao Zhiyong wanted to intercede for Ding Fang, but Yang Kui ordered him to take care of him. Due to the threat of punishment, Zhao Zhiyong did not dare to loosen up Ding, and his cowardly behavior made the opponent look down.

Because of Wang Keda’s quick mouth, he actually let Gu Yaodong grasp the handle of the conversation, simply paused the questioning, and held him in the bathroom. Yang Kui guessed that there should be a fourth person at the scene, so Wang Keda urged Yang Kui to ensure that nothing went wrong in these two days.

Xia Jicheng went to Hongfeng Rice Store as usual. Old Dong truthfully informed the American reporters that he was going to the Moganshan exchange meeting, and took out a family portrait from his collection of photos. The little Chinese girl on it was the female writer Ding Fang.

Shen Qinghe came to the warehouse with great heart, because he was worried that Gu Yaodong knew too much and would not be able to get out. Shao Baichen guessed that Moganshan itself was a huge conspiracy vortex. Even though he was already deeply involved, he did not want to see such a kind girl be implicated. So I am willing to help.

When the two of them had a frank conversation, Shao Baichen accidentally learned that Shen Qinghe was surnamed Wei. He couldn’t help but feel that he had met a man with the same surname more than ten years ago. This man opened a number of factories and companies in Shanghai. His wife also read poetry and is kind. , The couple had a daughter together, but unfortunately, after the fall of Shanghai, the family of three lost their lives and was killed by the knife. Hearing this, Shen Qinghe gradually fell into contemplation, her eyes flushed, and she couldn’t calm down until she returned to the room. It seemed that the experience recurred in her memory and even before her eyes, which was painful.

Gu Yaodong twisted the bathroom plumbing and broke free. He escaped from several policemen and locked them inside. Then he called the Second Penalty Division and learned that Xia Jicheng was playing cards at the Deputy Chief’s house. Seeing Yang Kui hit the door vigorously, Gu Yaodong anxiously dialed Qi Shengping’s home phone and hurriedly told everything about his place in Moganshan, including Shen Qinghe who was also in the town.

Just when Gu Yaodong wanted to say that Wang Keda was the man behind the scenes, how unexpectedly Xia Jicheng suddenly interrupted, and his “muzzled” sound made him despair. I thought that Xia Jicheng would be the light in his despair, but he didn’t expect to become a rock, blocking the remaining air. Loss and hesitation made him feel frustrated, so Yang Kui led his men to break through the wooden door and rushed over. beat.

Faced with Shengping’s repeated routines, Xia Jicheng had the leeway to prevaricate, and lied that he hadn’t heard what Gu Yaodong said on the phone. Qi Shengping believed that it was true, and immediately talked about Jack, the photographer of the American “Life” magazine. Because he specializes in photographing the daily life of the people at the bottom, the National Government has been in constant trouble. He dealt with how to calm the dissatisfaction of the masses and the media incited speech.

Now Jack voluntarily asked to go to Moganshan for an interview, and even went to the police station to apply for a pass. Qi Shengping couldn’t refuse, so he could only discuss with Xia Jicheng on the countermeasures. Xia Jicheng replied with Qi Shengping and learned important information from it, so he proposed to find a personal guard for Jack. In name, it is to protect safety, but in reality, we should take strict precautions, as long as the photos are clean. Qi Shengping agreed with Xia Jicheng’s ideas and promised to let Xingyi place keep informed about the situation, but he did not know what Xia Jicheng’s plan was.

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