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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 30 Recap

Neighbors from the neighbourhoods of Mayang Street came to mourn Grandma Ou, and Grandma Ou’s sudden death made it unacceptable for everyone. Ou Xiaojian was put in jail, and Aunt Niu also hoped that Ma Xiaoxiao would try to release Ou Xiaojian on bail, so that she could take care of grandma Ou’s funeral. Ma Xiaoxiao ran around and found the help of the criminal lawyer from their law firm. The criminal lawyer said that it was more difficult to handle. At Ma Xiaoxiao’s bitter request, the criminal lawyer asked her to prepare the materials first, and then go to bail Ou Xiaojian in the name of the law firm.

Li Zhaohang went to the prison to take Ou Xiaojian out and told him that Xiao Hong Kong had caught him in because of smuggling fake goods, and all the evidence was conclusive. Whether it was a smuggling slip, the goods pointed to Xiao Hong Kong of Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian felt wronged and hoped that Li Zhaohang would believe in him, because all the things sold in Hong Kong are genuine. Li Zhaohang’s trustee began to investigate the report, but Ou Xiaojian was also required to be psychologically prepared.

After Ma Xiaoxiao handed the bail information to the police, he learned that someone had released Ou Xiaojian on bail in advance. When Ou Xiaojian returned to Xiao Hong Kong, he saw that the front entrance had been sealed by the police, and the store had disappeared. He called Granny Ou several times. Fatty and the others all came downstairs. Only when Ou Xiaojian learned of the death of Grandma Ou, he knelt in front of Grandma Ou’s portrait and wept bitterly.

Hao Pushi made a table of dishes for everyone. Everyone was sad because of Grandma Ou’s affairs. Yi Shengli heard the news of Grandma Ou’s death and hurried back to Mayang Street from Shenzhen immediately, lamenting that it happened too suddenly. Ma Xiaoxiao loves Ou Xiaojian, and Yi Dongdong feels worried that Ma Xiaoxiao has not come to eat. Ou Xiaojian shut himself in the room and thought, but Ma Xiaoxiao knocked on the door and he did not open it. Ma Xiaoxiao could understand the pain in Ou Xiaojian’s heart and left quietly. She sat quietly in the courtyard, looking at the window of Ou Xiaojian’s room.

At the dinner table, Liang Yuanchao took out the most popular mobile phone eldest brother to show off. Yi Shengli expressed his desire to expand his company’s business scope. Because of the rapid development of logistics in Shenzhen, he could make money and buy a house for Yi Dongdong to marry his wife. Liang Yuanchao thinks it is boring to buy a house. He said that his friend has a pharmaceutical factory and can make a lot of money by investing in shares. Hao Pushi and Aunt Niu are very interested. I believe Liang Yuanchao wants to invest in shares.

Yi Dongdong couldn’t sleep, so he came out to look at Ma Xiaoxiao who was sleeping next to the tree. He helped Ma Xiaoxiao to pad his head with his hands all night. At dawn, Ou Xiaojian came out and took off her clothes and put on Ma Xiaoxiao. Grandma Ou’s death completely angered Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian decided to take revenge in his own way and eradicate the root of all evil.

Ou Xiaojian began to search the ledger and found that the problematic supply was temporarily replaced by Da Fatty. Da Fatty didn’t mean it, he just thought the supply was cheap. Ou Xiaojian told Da Pang not to do stupid things on his own, and told him to go home quickly. Ou Xiaojian ran to find Brother Ang, trying to pay off Grandma Ou with his life, but was almost killed by Ang’s twin brother Antu. Fortunately, a man named Cheng Fang stopped it.

Ou Xiaojian returned to the room with injuries. Ma Xiaoxiao felt distressed when he saw it. Ou Xiaojian hugged Ma Xiaoxiao and then fainted. The police came suddenly, and Ma Xiaoxiao knew that Cheng Fang helped Ou Xiaojian pay a large fine, and Cheng Fang wanted to use Ou Xiaojian to contain Ang and Antu. Ou Xiaojian decided to use this opportunity to break into Cheng Fang’s Hongtu smuggling company and wipe it all out. Li Zhaohang supported him.

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