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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 29 Recap

Grandma Zeng’s family is leaving Mayang Street. Everyone came to see off. Aunt Niu prepared a big push for Grandma Zeng. Sun Benyan, Lin Jiahao and others expressed their gratitude to Grandma Zeng. Over the years, Grandma Zeng has always Helping everyone to mediate various disputes and contradictions, everyone is very reluctant to leave Grandma Zeng’s family, saying that it is fate for everyone to live on the same street. Zeng Xing did not show up when he was parting. Everyone knew that he was deliberately avoiding Ma Xiaoxiao. Yi Dongdong understands that there is no permanent banquet in the world, and reunion is rare, but maybe parting is the normal life.

Liang Yuanchao couldn’t stand this sentimental farewell situation. He stayed at home and did not go out to bid farewell to Grandma Zeng. The Lin family lamented the passing of time and wondered if she could still see Grandma Zeng. Liang Xiaobao resolutely decided to go to Shanghai to find Zeng Hao. Lin Jiahao felt incredible and worried that Liang Xiaobao could not take care of himself if Liang Xiaobao went to Shanghai by himself. However, Liang Yuanchao supported Liang Xiaobao’s ideas and believed that Shanghai was a good city, and he also had friends in Shanghai who could help. Let Liang Xiaobao go out to meet the world and do important things.

Ou Xiaojian tossed his hair style and wanted to go out on a date with Ma Xiaoxiao. Grandma Ou was very happy for him when she saw it. Ou Xiaojian chose a ring for Ma Xiaoxiao in the jewelry store, but was taken away by Ange’s people after going out, and the necklace fell on the street. Ou Xiaojian wanted to leave to go to the appointment, but Ang didn’t let him go, expressing that he admired his ability, and let him continue to work with him.

Ma Xiaoxiao came to the restaurant very happily. After waiting for three hours, she didn’t see Ou Xiaojian. The waiter reminded her that it was eight o’clock. Ma Xiaoxiao still wanted to wait, and then borrowed the restaurant phone to contact Ou Xiaojian.

After receiving Ma Xiaoxiao’s paging, Ou Xiaojian stated to Ang that he only wanted to run a small Hong Kong business and take care of Ou’s grandma. He was not willing to do other opportunities to make money. When Ou Xiaojian took a taxi to the restaurant, Ma Xiaoxiao had already left. Ou Xiaojian shook Ma Xiaoxiao’s room with a flashlight and apologized to her, but Ma Xiaoxiao was unwilling to come down in anger.

Ou Xiaojian only climbed to the wall and continued to call Ma Xiaoxiao. Ma Yingjun opened the door and checked after hearing the movement. Ma Xiaoxiao had to come out to see Ou Xiaojian to prevent Ma Yingjun from discovering. Ou Xiaojian kissed Ma Xiaoxiao and apologized to her. Ma Xiaoxiao felt soft and happy inside. . Ou Xiaojian held Ma Xiaoxiao’s hand, hoping that she could give herself more time and he would change for the better. Ma Xiaoxiao also hoped that the two could accompany each other.

When Grandma Ou saw the wound on Ou Xiaojian’s face, she accused him not to be frizzy and not to make Ma Xiaoxiao sad. Madada is about to compete, and Aunt Niu is going to make something delicious. Ou Xiaojian offered to go home with Ma Xiaoxiao for dinner. Ma Yingjun showed no expression when he saw Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian was very nervous.

After hesitating for a long time, she took the initiative to confess to Ma Xiaoxiao. Aunt Niu deliberately dismissed Ma Xiaoxiao and directly told Ou Xiaojian about their parental anxiety. Ou Xiaojian took out his passbook and the shop list he had rented, expressing that he wanted to buy a stake in Aunt Niu’s catering, and would provide them with a living security in the future, hoping that Aunt Niu and Ma Yingjun would give them a chance to take care of Ma Xiaoxiao.

In the evening, Madada was competing on the TV station, and Ma Xiaoxiao went to the TV station to pick up Ou Xiaojian. But Ou Xiaojian met the police when he went out, and failed to make it to the TV station in time. And Ma Xiaoxiao missed the admission time because he was waiting for Ou Xiaojian, and couldn’t see Madada’s performance. Aunt Niu and Chen Lili watched on TV, and Aunt Niu shed tears with excitement.

Ou Xiaojian was taken away by the police again in front of Grandma Ou. Grandma Ou suffered a heart attack and ended in tears.

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