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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 29 Recap

Ming Yuan learned that Tian Tian had regained his freedom, so he didn’t have to be excited about being the shadow of Tang Guoer anymore. After that, Mingyuan worked hard day and night, just to create a comfortable living condition for them, but every day worried that Mingyuan was exhausted and wanted to make snacks for Mingyuan.

Both Li Manli and Zhao Lange wanted to find a contemporary spokesperson for the supermodel Angel, but Angel did not know what she could do and wanted to let the three brands compete. Although Zhao and Li were always fighting secretly, they didn’t want to be played with by others. They pretended to withdraw and let Angel lift a rock and hit him in the foot.

Mingyuan first thanked Uncle Sun, and then took out the photo of Uncle Sun and Jianmin Sun. Uncle Sun had to carry Zhao Lange’s black pot of imprisonment and abuse Mingxin, falsely claiming that he was unruly towards Mingxin and wanted to sell Mingxin. Unexpectedly, Mingxin was too crazy and no one bought it, so she had to give it to Sun Jianmin, and Mingyuan didn’t believe that Zhao Lange had nothing to do with this matter.

Mingyuan told Sun Shu that he would go abroad and investigate the truth about the victims of the refurbishment incident that year, and asked Sun Shu to seriously consider whether to scapegoat Zhao Lange. However, Uncle Sun had decided to go to jail for Zhao Lange, because his daughter was seriously ill and needed money, Zhao Lange also promised to take care of his daughter for the rest of his life. However, Uncle Sun was worried that Zhao Lange would change his mind, so he wrote the ins and outs of the refurbished clothes as letters and put them in the bag, asking the nanny to respond to the situation and hand it to Mingyuan.

Tang Guoer took the manuscripts of Shen Mingyang’s posthumous works that were restored daily to Jessica. She asked Jessica to make samples to replace all the entries. Jessica thought it was too risky, but she had to be forced by Tang Guoer’s pressure Did it. Later, Tang Guoer asked for full responsibility for the design competition, and Li Manli agreed.

Mingyuan brought Mingxin to the police station to record his statement, and happened to ran into Zhao Lange at the door. Mingxin was very afraid of Zhao Lange, so he hid away. Zhao Lange apologized falsely to Mingyuan’s sisters and brothers. He lied that he did not expect that Sun Shu could do harm to Mingxin behind his back. Mingyuan took out the recording pen and told Zhao Lange that he had obtained it from the victim of the refurbished clothes. With a more exciting story, Zhao Lange felt terrified.

Zhao Lange asked the lawyer to contact the victims of the refurbished clothes to investigate who was telling Mingyuan. The people had to call one by one. However, Mingyuan had not contacted the people on the list, and Zhao Lange realized that he was in the middle. , Unfortunately, the mobile phone has been snatched by Ming Yuan, scared the lawyer to flee in a hurry.

Zhao Lange couldn’t hide it anymore, so he had to confess that he wanted to bring down Li Manli through the incident of refurbished clothes. Back then, he invited a group of people to Li Manli’s company to make trouble, falsely claiming that they were sick in refurbished clothes. However, Li Manli made Mingyuan’s parents a scapegoat, and the group was so stupid to harass Mingyuan’s siblings and Sun Shu. I went to teach those people, but Mingxin overheard the truth of the matter, so he had to tell Uncle Sun to drive Mingxin crazy.

Zhao Lange sent Wang Ye home and cooked for Wang Ye, hoping to impress Wang Ye. Zhao Lange confessed to Wang Ye that he urged Mingyuan’s parents to find Li Manli to work together to make refurbished clothes. Wang Ye understood that Mingyuan’s hatred of Li Manli was caused by Zhao Lange alone, and he denounced Zhao Lange for being incapable of tolerance.

Later, Zhao Lange begged Wang Ye to take over Zhao’s family, and once again brought out Wang Ye’s mother Yunqing to contain him. Seeing that Wang Ye was unmoved, he knelt down and pleaded, which made Wang Ye unbearable and had to stabilize Zhao Lange. Then, Zhao Lange said that Mingyuan would not let him go, nor would Wang Ye be let go. He wanted Wang Ye to be with him at all times, but Wang Ye refused for work.

Tang Guoer prepared two flights to London for Tian Tian and Wang Ye, and invited them to London to participate in the design competition. Because she was worried that Tian Tian and Ming Yuan were not happy but no one complained, she hoped that Wang Ye could take this opportunity to accompany him. Take a break every day. Wang Ye thought that Tang Guoer wanted to mess up again and hesitated. Tang Guoer pretended to be angry and left in order to convince Tang Guoer.

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