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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 27 Recap

After receiving Wang Ye’s adoptive parents every day, he took a taxi back to the city. The culprits lied that they could be sent back to the city at half the price. After that, Tian Tian found out that the kidnappers intended to stop the kidnappers. Not only did the kidnappers not stop, they beat Tian Tian. Wang Ye’s foster mother turned the steering wheel arbitrarily, causing the car to fall out of control and caught fire.

Mingyuan, who had been following, immediately braked and stepped forward to rescue them. Mingyuan stood on the overturned car roof and called Tiantian, Wang Taili also woke Tiantian, Mingyuan took the opportunity to pull Tiantian out of the car window. Every day he wanted to save Wang Ye’s adoptive parents, but he was pushed away by Ming Yuanyuan. Just as Mingyuan was going to save Wang Ye’s adoptive parents by himself, the car suddenly exploded, and the strong air current pushed Mingyuan to the ground. Every day I saw the scene of violent flame burning, screaming, tears streaming down.

The kidnappers were hired by Zhao Lange. Uncle Sun immediately told Zhao Lange about the death of Wang Ye’s adoptive parents. Zhao Lange, who was scared to pretend to be sick and trick Wang Ye to inherit the family business, got up from the hospital bed. In fact, he was not vicious. When he was about to kill Wang Ye’s adoptive parents, he just wanted to imprison them in a small mountain village for life. Zhao Lange was worried that Wang Ye found out that he had killed Wang Taili and his wife, so he asked Sun Shu to be silent. It was a pity that it was too late. Wang Ye, who was eavesdropping on the matter outside the door, rushed in and grabbed Zhao Lange, and asked him what happened.

Tang Guoer accompanied Tiantian and Mingyuan to the police station to report the case. Hearing that Wang Ye collapsed at the door of the police station, she wanted to avenge her parents. Every day she blamed herself for losing her mobile phone carelessly, and not receiving a call from Mingyuan, killing Wang Ye’s adoptive parents. At this time, she didn’t know that Zhao Lange was Wang Ye’s biological father. Seeing that Tian Tian was so distraught, Tang Guoer deliberately gave Tian Tian a bottle of sleeping pills, and secretly poked that she would commit suicide.

The police told Tiantian that she had only suffered a little skin trauma and the fetus was safe, and she knew that she was pregnant. So she went to see the doctor immediately, but the doctor was curious that Tang Guoer hadn’t told her about it. Tiantian realized that Mingyuan was right to ask her to beware of Tang Guoer. Then, she asked Tang Guoer to meet. Tang Guoer brought her a few bottles of spirits. She asked why Tang Guoer wanted her to drink as a pregnant woman. Tang Guoer confessed that she could not accept the secret payment from her ex-husband every day. Qu, if she gave birth to children every day, Tang Guoer would completely lose everything.

Every day, she showed her surveillance video to Tang Guoer to expose the fact that Tang Guoer was undermined by her girlfriends. Tang Guoer didn’t know how to repent, and she shirks the death of Wang Ye’s adoptive parents to Tian Tian, ​​so angry that Li Manli rushed in and beat Tang Guo Slap in the face. Li Manli begged Master Tiantian not to remember the villain’s faults, and the injured Tiantian had decided to go, and asked Li Manli to return her father’s album. Li Manli not only returned the album after the contest, but also lifted the conditions of the shadow contract to retain Tiantian. Both People signed a new contract.

Sun Shu came to Wang Taili and his wife’s mourning hall to persuade Wang Ye not to be too sad, while Wang Ye asked Sun Shu to tell him that he never wanted to see Zhao Lange again in his life. I also came to the mourning hall every day to mourn the dead, feeling guilty.

Mingxin was hospitalized, and Mingyuan was forced to give up the invitation of the Shanye Group. He wanted to leave the country to take office after Mingxin recovered. Mingyuan begged Tang Guoer to come to the hospital to visit Mingxin, but Tang Guoer satirically said that Mingxin was dying. Tang Guoer took advantage of Mingyuan’s time to call a doctor and asked Mingxin about her embroidering village, and Mingxin gave out the address of Lianxing Village.

Every day, Wang Ye’s family takes care of Wang Ye. Wang Ye does not blame Tiantian, he only blames himself. Wang Ye rushed to the road to commit suicide, but fortunately he was stopped by Tian Tian. The drunk Wang Ye cried and cried bitterly every day, and sent him home every day, covered him with the lights. But Mingyuan, who was waiting downstairs, wanted to say goodbye to Tiantian and had to give up.

I went to the pharmacy to buy anti-fetal medicine every day, but was followed by Uncle Sun. Uncle Sun found out about the pregnancy every day from the clerk and immediately told Zhao Lange. Zhao Lange was overjoyed and asked Sun Shu to quickly inform Mingyuan so that Mingyuan could take Tiantian away from Wang Ye, so that he had the opportunity to persuade Wang Ye to come back and inherit the family business. And the brothers and sisters Mingyuan who were pregnant every day really couldn’t leave.

Sang Rong found out that he was taking anti-fetal medicine every day, only to know that he was pregnant with Mingyuan’s child every day. Sang Rong persuaded the child to be beaten every day, but every day he thought that Mingyuan, who was about to go abroad, had not yet known about the matter, and she wanted to raise the child alone. And Sang Rong thought that Tian Tian was too naive, and Tang Guoer was not at ease, and he gave Tian Tian a ban on drugs for pregnant women, so he begged Sang Rong to keep the child.

Sang Rong agreed softly, but she hoped that Tian Tian could tell Ming Yuan, because she didn’t want to suffer the pain of raising children alone like she did. Tian Tian confessed that she wanted to take care of Wang Ye, who was as simple and kind in her eyes as before. Wang Ye who eavesdropped outside was flattered and afraid to learn that he had harmed her every day.

Tang Guoer asked Wang Ye to meet, and went with Wang Ye every day. Tang Guoer asked Wang Ye to help her find a master who taught Mingxin embroidery, and Tiantian had this intention. During the conversation, Tang Guoer accused Tiantian and Mingyuan of being entangled, and sorry for the single-minded Wang Ye who treated her.

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