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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 21 Recap

Attorney Zhu Chengyong and Wei Yutai are in court, you come and go, and master tricks. Although reluctant in his heart, Wei Yutai did his best for his client. He resolved all the accusations made by Lawyer Zhu Chengyong one by one. It refuted the evidence one after another submitted by lawyer Zhu Chengyong to the court. Let Lawyer Zhu’s efforts come to nothing. Attorney Zhu’s head began to sweat, and the victim’s parents couldn’t help but reprimand Wei Yutai in court. The course of the case is getting worse. But none of them can do anything. Wei Yutai also seemed to see his victory, but he was not happy at all.

In the final presentation stage, the principal stood up. He sincerely apologized to the parents of the injured students and promised to hire a psychological counselor to calm the hearts of the injured students. This may be the only comfort for the parents of the victims.

At the end of the trial, the judge asked if he was willing to settle. Before Attorney Zhu Chengyong could speak, Wei Yutai, the agent of the defendant Xu Tianhe, first spoke and disagrees with mediation. This surprised attorney Zhu Chengyong. They did not expect Xu Tianhe to be so shameless.

In the end, due to insufficient evidence and unclear facts, the plaintiff’s claim was rejected by the court again. The parents of the victimized students could not accept this result, but what made them even more unexpected was that Xu Aofeng decided to sue them, saying that they maliciously falsely accused Xu Tianhe. Wei Yutai reluctantly informed the parents of the four plaintiffs of the news.

But the matter was far from over. Ge Lifan’s house was smashed, and the person who smashed his house was hired by Xu Aofeng. Ge Lifan’s mother decided to leave here with her son.

Qiao Nuo was very puzzled by Wei Yutai’s act of helping the evildoer, so he rushed to find Wei Yutai to settle accounts. Looking at Qiao Nuo with a murderous look, Wei Yutai quietly closed the door. He warned Jono, be careful. because. Xu Aofeng had long entrusted Wei Yutai to investigate Qiao Nuo’s situation. And Wei Yutai also checked Qiao Nuo’s details thoroughly. He found out Jono and another sister named Qiaoya. It was discovered that Qiao Nuo disappeared after his sister Qiao Ya came to the court for internship, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

As smart as Wei Yutai, he guessed that Qiao Nuo was the fundamental intern in the court. He pretended to accidentally mention Qiao Ya’s boyfriend Liang Junhao to Qiao Nuo. Qiao Nuo was really fooled. He grabbed Wei Yutai and asked about Liang Junhao’s whereabouts.

Liang Junhao is a well-known thief who has now served his sentence. In Liang Junhao’s stealing career, the most glorious record was stealing property from the home of Ryan Wesley, the head of the US Fassbinder Group’s China branch. Although Liang Junhao was arrested within a short period of time, and the stolen items and cash were recovered, only one laptop was missing. Soon after, Ryan Wesley was killed in a car accident. No one knew. The whereabouts of the notebook.

Qiao Ya, who is Liang Junhao’s girlfriend, is most likely involved in this theft. And their purpose is not so-called property, what they want is the laptop. Because of this incident, Wei Yutai lost his position as the chief legal representative of the China Branch of the Fassbinder Group. For so long, he has been paying attention to the direction of things, in order to one day be able to redeem his reputation, take back the laptop.

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