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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 20 Recap

The court did not support Ge Lifan’s mother’s claim, and they lost the case. Xu Aofeng triumphed over there. Shi Yuqiu still felt that Xu Tianhe had done something wrong and should educate him. Xu Aofeng didn’t agree. As the son of Xu Yaofeng, he couldn’t admit it even if he made a mistake. He should hold his head high.

Ge Lifan’s mother couldn’t take care of Ge Lifan in the hospital, so she asked Jono. Qiao Nuo worried that Ge Lifan didn’t tell her the truth, but said that her mother was collecting evidence. Qiao Nuo was very worried because of Ge Lifan. After Li Xuyao ​​heard about it, he came to Qiao Nuo to introduce her to a good lawyer, Lawyer Zhu Chengyong.

As soon as Qiao Nuo couldn’t wait to hear it, he pulled Li Xuyao ​​to find Lawyer Zhu, but when we met Qiao Nuo got into a whisper. Lawyer Zhu stammered and said nothing at all. How could he be a good lawyer? Qiao Nuo looked at Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​didn’t seem to notice, and asked Qiao Nuo to inform Lawyer Zhu of the details of the case.

In a short while, Jono changed his mind. Although Attorney Zhu had a bad mouth, he was very capable of doing business, and he quickly figured out the idea of ​​the case. And formulated a series of measures. Jonuo saw hope of winning the case.

At Lawyer Zhu Chengyong, it seems that the case has fallen into a passive position, so they absolutely can’t let the other party lead by the nose. People like Xu Tianhe will definitely not bully Ge Lifan alone. Therefore, Attorney Zhu decided to add the school as the defendant, so that the school will try to investigate Xu Tianhe’s actions in order to be able to clear its own responsibility. In addition, Attorney Zhu decided to join the parents of other students who were bullied by Xu Tianhe and act as the plaintiff to strengthen the credibility of the matter.

Everything went according to Lawyer Zhu’s expectations. The principal learned that it happened in their school. Such a bad school violence incident really took it seriously, and the principal immediately convened a meeting with teachers and academic affairs office. On the other side, Lawyer Zhu also contacted the parents who were bullied by Xu Tianhe. So far, the case seems to go smoothly.

As Wei Yutai expected, Xu Aofeng asked him to be Xu Tianhe’s agent. Wei Yutai wanted to persuade Xu Aofeng to seek truth from facts and let Xu Tianhe take responsibility and responsibility, but Xu Aofeng did not want his son Xu Tianhe to have any stains on his life history before he entered society. Although Wei Yutai was reluctant in his heart, he could only act according to the wishes of the client.

Although Attorney Zhu was well prepared, Xu Tianhe’s attorney Wei Yutai was overwhelmed in the living room. Wei Yutai seemed to have known their thoughts a long time ago, and he investigated the family situation of these parents in advance. The allegations made by Lawyer Zhu against Xu Tianhe were resolved one by one.

He turned some major incidents of school violence into trivial matters as children’s petty play, and described Xu Tianhe’s harassment of a girl as an adolescent’s unmeasured pursuit. It was really impossible to cover up. He actually made Xu Tianhe’s friend come out and top the bag. Xu Tianhe’s friend admitted in court on the spot that he had hit someone. Attorney Zhu on the opposite side trembled with anger, but was helpless.

Qiao Nuo is still making up lessons for Ge Lifan, and Ge Lifan is worried that when his make-up teacher Yu returns, he will never see Qiao Nuo again. Qiao Nuo then told him that in fact, he was not a teacher at all, but a court clerk.

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