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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 18 Recap

The gentle and considerate Lu Yue has always been Lu Wenbin’s pride, but Lu Yue felt that he was living in a mask. When Lu Yue finally decided to escape the shackles, she couldn’t let go of her dear sister Fang Ning, and Fang Ning’s pleading Next, Lu Yue rushed back to celebrate Fang Ning’s birthday. Faced with her sister’s reluctance to leave for a man, the young Fang Ning was very puzzled. He looked at Lu Yue’s smile with tears, knowing that Lu Yue would never look back.

Fang Ning burst into tears. The two talked about their dreams, their wishes, and the furniture brand they wanted. I borrowed a cake in the park for several birthdays. Lu Wenbin, who received the news, rushed to the scene and vowed to catch his eldest daughter back. In order to escape the prison set by his father, Lu Yue drove away and accidentally encountered a car accident…

Since then, Fang Ning’s persistent sister’s wish has come to the present, and every birthday he receives postcards from all over the world. Although I don’t know who the sender is, this postcard reminds myself not to forget it The accident that night. Ling Rui quietly listened to Fang Ning’s narration, but still remained unswerving in his heart, responding to Fang Ning and becoming Lu Fangning’s strongest support.

Lu Fangyu’s tutu photos still circulated. Faced with the discussions from the whole company and the society, Fang Ning refuted it with an extremely normal three-point view during the interview. He even created an enlightened image of Lu Wenbin in front of the camera and drove the ducks to the shelves.

Lu Yiyao believes that all this is Fang Ning deliberately. Watching public opinion and the status quo deviate from his control, Lu Yiyao is very dissatisfied with Fang Ning’s approach. Hearing Fang Ning talk about Ling Rui’s support for him, Lu Yiyao Yiyao mistakenly believed that Ling Rui was also a part of helping all these deflection…

Even if society and public opinion support Lu Fangyu’s ballet career, his mother Yang Yi is still dissatisfied that Lu Fangyu completely lost the opportunity to compete for Lu Wenbin’s business empire. She wanted to pave the way for her son’s future, and Yang Yi left worriedly. But after several arguments and tossing, Lu Wenbin has already felt tired.

The oppression of the past and the rebellion of his children made Lu Wenbin have to re-examine his own thoughts. Lu Fangyu is about to go abroad to study ballet, watching his son without hesitation. At the last minute, Lu Wenbin finally chose to let go.

Lu Yiyao, who still had a prejudice against Ling Rui, happened to see Tang Ping’s private possession of the badge. Recalling the suspicious recording pen he had picked up at the time, Lu Yiyao realized that things were not simple. Then I looked back to find Cai Siyu and borrowed a recording pen.

Fang Ning, who is very concerned about the Infinite project, is intensively arranging the press conference with the team. Even when he returns home, Fang Ning’s tension is not reduced at all. The intimate Ling Rui presents a gentle hug at this moment with sweetness. Supported by his words, turned into a spring breeze, nourishing Fang Ning.

At the start of Infinite’s press conference, Yang Yi and Lu Wenbin also arrived in time. Unable to see what Fang Ning had done, Yang Yi was about to go out to breathe, but unexpectedly heard Lu Yiyao playing the restored recording file. Lu Yiyao angrily approached Ling Rui and was about to issue a verbal warning, but the dispute was filmed by Yang Yi who maliciously followed. As if he had obtained a secret weapon, all Yang Yi’s anger and unwillingness were found to vent.

Holding the key evidence in the phone, when the press conference officially began, Yang Yi stepped onto the stage untimely and grabbed the microphone in full view. , His face is full of expressions of successful trickery. It was predicted that the danger was coming, Fang Ning, pretending to be calm, looked at Yang Yi on the stage and clenched his fist unknowingly…

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