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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 13 Recap

Xia Xiaoning dressed up while practicing her lines. When she went out and found that Jin Yao was not there, Jin Yao brought him breakfast at the door of Xie Fei’s house and waited for him, but Xie Fei cheated Jin Yao and left. Xia Xiaoning went out in a hurry and saw Gu Chenyu waiting at the door and brought her food. The two of them were walking along while talking about the audition for today’s audition.

Team Leader Wang mysteriously told the staff in the office that he saw Xia Xiaoning get into Mr. Gu’s car yesterday, and he put a seat belt on Xia Xiaoning himself. The staff felt that they were unworthy. Tang Xue touched up her makeup in the recording studio. Everyone was ready. She asked others to wait for her to finish up the makeup before starting. Gu Chenyu said: Are you ready?

She lazily got up and walked towards the microphone. Tang Xue’s emotional excitement broke during the audition process. After repeated attempts, it was still not ideal. Gu Chenyu called her to stop, but Tang Xue turned her head and looked into the mirror again. Gu Chenyu asked Tang Xue what she thought it was just now. How about the sentence, Tang Xue said it was okay, except that he got up too early in the morning and his voice was in a normal state. Tang Xue put the reason off to the sound engineer and equipment, but Gu Chenyu directly pierced her.

Gu Chenyu asked Yanran that this was Tang Xue, who she highly recommended, with strong professional ability. Yanran quickly apologized. Gu Chenyu still left to see the company’s audition. At the end of the audition, the voice actors for each role have been fixed, and Team Leader Wang went to notify the selected voice actors. Yanran saw Xie Fei take the initiative to talk to him. She asked about Xie Fei’s confession. Xie Fei also said that he wanted to understand. Don’t make things difficult for the relationship. Xie Fei also persuaded Yanran to want to open up, but Yanran felt small. Ning and Gu Chenyu’s relationship will not last long.

President Gu asked Xiaoning to go to the rooftop and showed her the score sheet. Xia Xiaoning stomped excitedly to see that she had such a high score, and she also got the role of female number two. Yanran and Luo Li were talking about Xia Xiaoning getting the role of the second woman so soon. Luo Li asked Tang Xue to meet, pretending to reveal that the last second woman was the newcomer Xia Xiaoning, which made Tang Xue misunderstand the role of nepotism. Xie Fei walked towards his car while explaining the matter. At this moment Jin Yao emerged from the side of the car. Jin Yao said that she happened to be passing by and came to see him. The two were in the car. Jin Yao looked at her clothes. Xie Fei thought she was hinting at him, thinking she worshipped money.

When he arrived at the clothing store, Xie Fei said to buy clothes for Jin Yao as long as she stopped her actions, Jin Yao would choose clothes because of his shallowness. Jin Yao tried the clothes and threw a bunch of clothes to Xie Fei to pay for him. Xie Fei went to the counter and said pitifully to Jin Yao that their company looks good on the surface but it is strong and dry, and these clothes might cost him several months of rent. Jin Yao then took out his card and paid the bill and said that he would buy two men’s clothing for Xie Fei. Xie Fei went out angrily.

Gu Chenyu and Xia Xiaoning came back to talk in the corridor. Gu Chenyu said that he could help Xiao Ning with homework and invited Xiao Ning to feed the fish at his house. Jin Yao came back and dragged Xiao Ning home. Xiao Ning and Yaoyao said they had confessed first while looking at the clothes Yaoyao. The two of them were playing around with the waiter who delivered the food and knocked on the door. Both of them didn’t order any food in doubt.

Gu Chenyu sent a message to invite Xiao Ning to eat together. Ning hurriedly went to the balcony to meet Gu Chenyu, and the two ate together on the balcony facing each other through the glass. Xie Fei came to Gu Chenyu’s house to let their love stop. They also discussed the gossip about Xiao Ning, and Mr. Gu asked Xie Fei why he didn’t eat takeaway with Jin Yao tonight, and left after some greetings.

Early the next morning, Luo Li brought two employees to Xia Xiaoning’s work station and deliberately said that Mr. Gu had taken Mr. Hao to see his parents this morning, and Xiao Ning directly ignored them and went to the recording studio. Yanran and Gu Chenyu’s family came to the tombstone of Yanran’s parents to worship. Gu Chenyu’s parents said that they had always regarded Yanran as their children. Yanran said that they wanted to be with them all their lives. Gu Chenyu’s father said that he had said to Yanran’s father back then. They want to kiss each other, but unfortunately he can’t see their children getting married now.

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