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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 12 Recap

Yanran came to Gu Chenyu’s office, but didn’t go in. She sat in front of Xiaoning’s computer to look at Gu Chenyu, and saw Xia Xiaoning’s computer wallpaper zoomed in and compared with her own phone photo. She told Luo Li that there was a jewelry engraved with c and y on the bracelet. It was a birthday gift his mother gave him on his 18th birthday. It was a custom-made one. There can be no second one. So Yanran knew that Gu Chenyu was Mo Buyu said that she was helping him guard his dreams, but she would not allow other women to take him away.

After sobering up, Jin Yao told the police that the two of them were neighbors. Xie Fei also slept in a chair for the night, and her legs were numb when she stood up. Jin Yao saw Xie Fei rushing to apologize, but Xie Fei was still very angry. It happened that Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu arrived, and they took everyone away.

Gu Chenyu and Xie Fei were on the river bank. Gu Chenyu told Xie Fei that he was Mobuyu. He lost to Mobuyu. Xie Fei also said that he was Xie Wuchang, but Gu Chenyu said that he knew it a long time ago. , Saying that he used Xie Wuchang’s Weibo to send a private message to Mobuyu in front of Gu Chenyu. Xie Fei said that Wang Chuanli would not be Gu Chenyu’s second man, and that if he was not allowed to relieve his anger, his friends would not have to do it. Xie Fei asked Gu Chenyu to compliment her on Weibo in the name of Mobuyu. Then Xie Fei said that Gu Chenyu had changed, saying that he didn’t speak before, only listening to Xie Fei, and now he would be joking.

When Xia Xiaoning and Jin Yao watched Weibo at home and praised impermanence without saying a word, they found it strange that Gu Chenyu came to send the recording bear to Xiaoning to apologize. Xiaoning met Sister Yanran in the recording studio and told Sister Yanran that she would learn dubbing in the recording studio after she was transferred, but Yanran told her not to be too happy too early. Gu Chenyu and Xia Xiaoning used sticky notes to communicate, and gradually the whole drawer was filled with sticky notes.

During the meeting, Xia Xiaoning accidentally painted the brush on her face. Gu Chenyu quickly reminded her that Xiaoning looked in the mirror and found out that she also saw Gu Chenyu smiling with the mirror. Gu Chenyu took a folder to cover half of her face to look at Xiaoning, thank you Fei and Yanran were very annoyed when they saw it. Yanran directly took the file and dropped the table to explain the content of the meeting and then rushed away. Before leaving, Xie Fei said that the office romance was a bit convergent.

Jin Yao went to Xie Fei’s house and knocked on the door. Before Xie Fei could react, she rushed into his house. Jin Yao said she came to apologize and brought a lunch box. Jin Yao said that she had two things, one is to apologize, thank you If he accepts the apology, the second thing is that she likes Xie Fei. Director Wang saw Xiao Ning getting into Gu Chenyu’s car on the side of the road. Gu Chenyu and Xia Xiaoning came to the amusement park. They boarded the small train, and Xie Fei looked at the lunch Jin Yao made for him and wondered what Jin Yao said to him this afternoon.

Jin Yao tried to catch Xie Fei while drawing. Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu caught a group of goldfish in the amusement park and took them back and put them in the fish tank. Xia Xiaoning couldn’t reach the fish tank, so Gu Chenyu picked her up and asked her to put the goldfish in. Before Xia Xiaoning watched Gu Chenyu’s trophy reminded Gu Chenyu, he and Xie Fei exaggerated recitations together. With a smile, Gu Chenyu forced Xiao Ning against the wall and said that it is not safe for someone to walk down the corridor. He said that he would kiss Xiao Ning. Xiao Ning said that she was going to participate in the audition for the second female number one day. Let him not distract her. , Said he was leaving, halfway through, he came back and kissed Gu Chenyu and said good night.

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