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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 27 Recap

Fu Rong took the colored glaze finger and asked Master Xu for evaluation. This is basically two things with Seven Colored Light. It was a waste of Master Xu’s time. Fu Rong went home in pity, catching up with the rain, she turned her head and wanted to borrow Master Xu’s hut Rain, who knows the door is locked and there is no one. But the heavy rain is approaching, and the flowers, flowers, and grasses drying outside the house have not yet been recovered. Fu Rong kindly moved them under the house.

She plans to cover the rest with lotus leaves, but the lotus leaves in the lotus pond are too far from the edge, Fu Rong Unreachable and almost fell into the pond, fortunately Xu Jin came in time and cut several lotus leaves in two and fell on his palm.

Protecting the flowers and plants, the two took shelter from the rain under the eaves. In fact, Xu Jin brought an umbrella, but when he came, he presented an old man on the way. The affairs of Kushui Village have been eye-catching, and Xu Jin will return to the palace to report after a short meeting. Fu Rong didn’t want Xu Jin to hide everything from her. She actually knew that the emperor was going to divorce his wife, but Xu Jin probably didn’t mention it because she was worried. She hugged him and looked at the rain, and it was better to talk to her about everything in the future. There should be no concealment between the husband and wife.

Unexpectedly, the old man who was given the umbrella by Xu Jin was Master Xu. In order to thank Fu Rong for taking care of the flowers and plants and Xu Jin’s gift of the umbrella, Master Xu taught her fine gold craftsmanship. As soon as Fu Rong returned to Ruyi Building, he began to design a new style. Xu Jin took a stack of papers to accompany her. As soon as the finished product came out, it was not only light and strong, but also a simple accessory. Since then, Ruyilou officially opened the business of affordable accessories.

When Xu Jin entered the palace to see the emperor, he was asked what he thought about divorcing his wife. Xu Jin did not think about it. The emperor overturned the bucket for watering the flowers angrily. Xu Jin got wet with his shoes and socks and went to the Shufei Palace to replace it. The shoes his mother and concubine made for him in these years have been there since childhood, but they have never been sent out. Concubine Shu has only been silently caring about him all these years, but her motherly heart has never confided in anyone.

Hearing Zhihui said that Concubine Shu often had sore wrists, which was also caused by frequent needlework. Fu Rong woke up the next morning. Xu Jin was no longer there. Only a bottle of safflower ointment was left behind. Fu Rong immediately took this Filial piety was conveyed to the Shufei Palace. Concubine Shu now sees Fu Rong only like it in her heart, not to mention that his daughter-in-law is still clever and smart, and it is not easy to make Ruyi Tower so popular.

Hearing that Concubine Shu was afraid that Xu Jin would not like the new shoes, she rushed to make a pair overnight. Fu Rong thought that such a tender heart should be perceivable, so she passed this maternal love to the palace again, and Xu Jin received a new rush to make His lips are also a slight smile when he wears shoes.

Chen Sishi reported to the emperor and Shu Fei. Seeing that the season is about to change, there is a large demand for jewelry in the palace, and the private silver building did not dare to purchase jewellery because of the collision with Shu Fei last time. Order jewelry. The news immediately reached Ruyilou.

Fu Rong didn’t want to mix up the business in the palace, but Ji Qingting also came to ridicule, and she took over this election. On the one hand, Ruyilou is a fair price for the people, and on the other hand, it is also for the dignitaries and nobles. If you blindly emphasize parity, not only the good craftsmanship will not be displayed, but the reputation of Ruyilou has become cheap.

When Xu Jin heard about the incident, instead of irritating her with the dispute in the palace, he told him to try his best without worrying too much. In the backyard of the Fu mansion, Wu Baiqi was dressed in bamboo leaves and pretended to be a grass man. He asked Baozhu about Fu Xuan and learned that she was worrying about Fu Rong’s jewellery contest. Wu Baiqi decided to help her out. When Fu Xuan arrived at the Sifang Building, a long line of women waited to see Wu Baiqi. When she was about to go in, but was blocked, Fu Xuan was annoyed and left.

When Xu Jin was investigating the case, he also brought back the magic dew stone for Fu Rong. They decided to visit Master Xu tomorrow. Little did he know that there were tigers and beasts around Huan Lushi, and Xu Jin was indeed injured, but this time he still didn’t want to worry Fu Rong, as he still looked nothing. But when Master Xu saw Huan Lushi blurted out that there were beasts around, Fu Rong was annoyed again, and Xu Jin had something to hide from her.

Although the Illusion Stone is rare, it is still not a seven-color light. Master Xu gave Fu Rong a hint, and Fu Rong had to figure out the rest. According to the prompts, the two came to the lake by boat, the bamboo raft was leisurely, there was no one around, the mountains and the water were beautiful, if only the clouds, wild cranes and the wild cranes stayed together like this, Fu Rong and Xu Jin sighed so. When it got dark, Xu Jin grilled the fish.

The naive fish must be compared with An Wang’s grilled fish. This delicious game suddenly became so jealous. The sky and stars were all reflected in the lake, and suddenly there was a bright conch flashing on the shore, and the color changed, like blue and green, dreamlike and fantasy. Fu Rong Yixi, the effort paid off, she found the seven-color light.

Wu Bai got up in Ruyilou to look for Fu Xuan, which brought a huge surprise. A few days ago, he asked all the women of all ages in the capital, compiled a copy of their favorite jewelry, and sent it to Fu Rong as a reference. Fu Xuan was originally annoyed at the disappearance of the Sifang Building that day, but now it seems that he was wrong to blame Wu Baiqi for making such a big joke.

With the help of Master Xu, and the blessing of Wu Baiqi’s pattern, a set of gorgeous golden hairpins is completed. With such exquisite craftsmanship, Ruyilou will definitely win the first place in the contest. But Ji Qingting is a little hearted, stealing the Ruyilou pattern secretly, intending to repeat the old technique, just like the last time he copied Fu Xuan’s painting. On the day of the election, the emperor Shu and his concubines were all there, and Ji Qingting’s golden hairpins appeared. As expected, Fu Rongxin said that Ji Qingting has always been a trick. Fortunately, she was well prepared. Her work is not a set of luxurious gold hairpins, but a lotus crown.

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