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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 26 Recap

Fu Rong was looking at the ledger left by Master Liu Ruyi, but she didn’t understand anything when it was too complicated. Suddenly the maid came to report that Princess Xihe was uncomfortable again, and Fu Rong gave his forehead a headache. Princess Xihe wasn’t unwell, he was scared and wanted someone to be with him. Xu Jin didn’t even bother to respond to such obvious tricks, and sent everyone out, leaving Fu Rong alone. Princess Xihe thought it was Xu Jin staying with her. Who knows that it was Fu Rong’s voice. She writhes to get Fu Rong away, but Fu Rong keeps hugging her to sleep her. Xu Jin outside the hall smiled helplessly.

The emperor summoned Xu Jin to return Jin Yiwei’s seal to him, but when asked about her marrying his concubine and divorcing his wife, Xu Jin did not want the gold seal, and then retired.

Feng Laiyi changed the shopkeeper. Duan Fei took advantage of Wu Baiqi’s depression and transferred Feng Laiyi to the Chamber of Commerce. Now that the tenth protest date has passed, no one would recognize Wu Baiqi’s words even if he went to the Chamber of Commerce to explain why. He drew his sword across Ji Qingting’s neck angrily. Fu Xuan was afraid that the matter would get worse, and he didn’t even want to stretch out his hand to hold the sword.

Wu Bai’s pupils widened and immediately retracted the sword into its sheath. Out of Feng Laiyi, Wu Baiqi recovered a bit rationally, looked at Fu Xuan’s hand worriedly, but it was fine. Feng Laiyi was the painstaking effort of his mother, but Concubine Duan took advantage of the danger. But he believed that Fu Xuan would definitely help him get Feng Laiyi back.

When Xu Jin was in the future, County Lord Xihe had a meal with her eyes open. When Xu Jin came, she yelled and couldn’t see, and Fu Rong was arguing that she could not rest well. So in a place where Xihe County’s lord’s eye veil could not be seen, Xu Jin and Fu Rong had to feed each other hard, and came to a quiet sweetness.

Fu Xuan brought wind-cold medicine the next day, and Wu Baiqi must have fallen ill from the rain that day. But more importantly, she brought a good strategy, and Guo Rui, who was called to be confused, played a major role in this strategy to provoke discord. Ruyilou is about to launch new products, and at that time it will seize Feng Laiyi’s business. This money that was lost for a reason is not sure if it will be used by Ji Qingting in the eyes of Concubine Duan.

During the day, Princess Xihe was standing on the bridge while feeding the fish and scolded Fu Rong again. Fu Rong accepted it safely and bullied her blindfolded. In the evening, Xu Jin shook his back for Fu Rong, who had been working hard for a day, and talked about the tasks assigned by the emperor. In a few days, Xu Jin was going out to investigate the flow of weapons in Kushui Village.

So Fu Rong also squeezed his shoulders for Xu Jin, who had a family and country in his heart, and accidentally touched his waist. Xu Jin felt itchy. As the saying goes, people who are ticklish are afraid of their wives. Xu Jin simply admits this. Of course, I would be scared to have a Hedong Lion Roar at home. It was a kiss after a joke, and this scene happened to be seen by the Xihe County Lord who woke up at night.

Early in the morning, the Lord Xihe was spoiling the flowers and plants, holding long flower scissors around to vent her anger. She wanted to cut them off at Fu Rong, but she hesitated. The next moment the scissors were knocked out, Xu Jin appeared. Tell her that if she can see, she doesn’t have to stay in the palace to recuperate. In this way, she was ordered to evict guests. Princess Xihe hid in the room silently sad, but Fu Rong came to see her and gave her a zodiac hairpin. It is said that people in danger are not bad-hearted, but they are grumpy, but in the final analysis they have good thoughts. There is no need to be hostile.

Ji Qingting signed a big deal and was anxious to get a seal to sign the documents. Who knew Wu Baiqi met on the road, he knocked down the box and took away the Duan Fei seal. Good things make Wu Baiqi all relaxed. In fact, this matter can be done by someone with a face, but Wu Baiqi thinks more about it than Fu Xuan. If Ji Qingting can’t suspect him, he will probably hold this pot at Ruyi. Upstairs.

The first wave of Ruyilou’s re-opening of the new product focuses on the stars, and there is an endless stream of female family members. Mr. Shushui also came to join him. After going to the attic, he changed back to King An and returned him to the Jinyi Wei seal and the emperor asked Xu Jin to marry his concubine. Tell her about his wife. After leaving An Wang, Xu Jin also came to celebrate her new product debut. The strange thing is that I haven’t seen Xiao Qi Xiao Ba recently. A few days later, he was going to investigate the flow of weapons. Xu Jin left Xu Jia and the others to protect Fu Rong. Fu Rong seemed indifferent to the parting and only told Xu Jin to write to her.

The Concubine Duan in the palace really suspected Ji Qingting, even if Ji Qingting said that Wu Baiqi made trouble and stole the seal, Concubine Duan would only be looking for reasons to prevaricate.

Fu Rong has been studying how to make light and cheap jewelry, but gorgeous jewelry is not only expensive, but also heavy, ordinary people can’t wear it for work. Xu Jin sent back a letter and a crossbow arrow after hearing this. After modification, the hairpin made of this arrow does not dangle in the hair, but it will be brought to the hair when it is removed, which is still inconvenient.

Fu Rong found Liu Ruyi’s previous manuscript, and there was a very good design, but because the craftsman was unwilling to make it, he had to give up. Fu Rong paid his attention and brought a pot of the craftsman’s favorite drunk fairy brew, and he just found the craftsman Master Xu. . Master Xu instructed her to find seven-color light and come back, and it would not be too late to make jewelry.

For this reason, Fu Rong did not find a variety of materials, but after all, it was not the seven-color light that Master Xu said. Fu Xuan also heard the seven-color light, and said that when he listened to Wu Baiqi, his eyes lit up and he took her to a dyeing workshop. Here the saponaria bubbles blow all over the sky, and the sunlight generously passes through each bubble, reflecting the colorful edges on the edge. Isn’t this the seven-color light? Yes, no, what Fu Rong wants is a seven-color light stone that can be used to make jewelry, but Wu Baiqi and her are in such a dream, and Fu Xuan is very happy.

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