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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 17 Recap

Qian Xixi opened the door and saw that the mess inside hadn’t been cleaned up. He thought it was not suitable for living, and hoped that the old money could go to live elsewhere. Father Qian missed this place and the appearance of Qian Xixi’s mother and daughter at home. Qian Xixi hardened his heart to blame his father for not having any nostalgia when he left, and warned him to give up the idea of ​​taking her abroad as soon as possible.

In fact, Qian Xixi often misses his father in his heart, and often thinks about where his father is. When I was young, I was often bullied because I didn’t have a father, saying that he was a child abandoned by his father. At this time, my mother would desperately protect Qian Xixi and tell Qian Xixi that she is better than all the children because her father is a great musician abroad.

When I saw Lao Qian this time, Qian Xixi was very angry. The many years of grievances in her heart were irresistible. Why can Lao Qian act recklessly? Why can you be rewarded without paying? Why does he want to take her away with a word? Since childhood, Qian Xixi didn’t seem to get what he wanted, and what he wanted to throw away was always unclean. For this Qian Xixi was full of grievances. Duan Ran watched Qian Xixi cry and felt distressed. He simply parked the car on the side of the road and hugged Qian Xixi to make her cry freely. In Duan Ran’s heart, in the world of Duan Ran, Qian Xixi is the most important one. The presence.

Since Zhang Jiayun interacted with Jiang Zheyang, all Jiang Zheyang’s female fans have also come to support Zhang Jiayun. Yuanyuan came back to the live broadcast, and her previous sales were compared by Zhang Jiayun. Her agent Zhang Bin had no choice but to comfort Yuanyuan. At least the current number of fans is still the highest. Yuanyuan is very confident in herself and has not fulfilled Duan Ran’s promise. Not angry, and feel that everything is an accident, she just wants everyone to see, she is still the first sister of the live broadcast.

Qian Xixi asked someone to renovate the house, but he was rudely driven away by the old Qian. Qian offered him to do the renovation. Qian Xixi got angry with him, especially the growth tree on the wall was posted by him. When he got up, Qian Xixi tore off the wallpaper and yelled at Old Qian that he shouldn’t ruin his mother’s paintings, and he quickly apologized because he had no idea about it. Qian Xixi warned Lao Qian that next time the decoration company is coming, he must not drive away, and Qian nodded again aggrieved.

Old Qian made noise because he insisted on decorating Qian Xixi’s house. He was reported by his neighbors and brought to the police station. Qian Xixi had to rush to bail him during the live broadcast. This made Qian Xixi even more angry. He kept chasing after Qian Xixi’s ass. Qian Xixi apologized, Qian Xixi once again lost his temper to Lao Qian, and Lao Qian aggrieved and explained that he only wanted to give Qian Xixi a surprise, and he wanted to make up for the painting that he corrupted.

Lao Qian knew that Qian Xixi hated him and wanted to do something to make Qian Xixi call his father. Qian Xixi asked how many times Qian Xixi had seen her in so many years? Why do you want to be someone else’s father when you come back suddenly? Lao Qian sincerely apologized to Qian Xixi, and thought that his daughter should hate him, as long as Qian Xixi could vent his anger, it was all right, and even beat him.

Old Qian suddenly slapped him in the face and apologized to Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi burst into tears to stop Lao Qian, and blurted out to call his father. Lao Qian squatted on the ground and cried like a child. He squatted down and stretched out his hand to touch his father’s head in distress. It seems that all the grievances over the years have disappeared with tears and a few slaps in the face of father.

Qian Xixi and Lao Qian returned home and looked at the picture frame of her mother and her nailed on the wall. They felt warm and warm. Lao Qian looked lovingly at his lost daughter.

In order to launch the headliner, Chen Lang did not hesitate to spend money to build Xiaoxiao. Although it is not worthy of his name, people nowadays generally do not look at strength but on the talent list. Therefore, Chen Lang has stocked up and accumulated energy to let Xiaoxiao rise to the talent list. , As long as you can enter the top 30 Xiaoxiao, you will be a veritable head anchor, but now Rui Live does not have a head anchor, and there is a feeling that it can’t be revealed. After hearing the news of Yun Live, Duan Ran doesn’t even have the appetite to eat. .

Chen Lang used Rui’s live broadcaster, Coke, to send Ouyang information about the Yuanyuan scandal. Coke didn’t hesitate to send it out because he didn’t want Yuanyuan to overpower him, but after the incident, Coke felt that he was being used, so he looked for it. Chen Lang came out and scolded Chen Lang as a despicable person, but Chen Lang thought that Coke was the same person as him, and hoped that Coke could come to his company. Coke despised Chen Lang and did not want to become the same. He flatly rejected Chen Lang.

The video of Yuanyuan playing the piano with Jiang Zheyang and Father Qian went viral on the Internet. Everyone was watching it, and Coke felt jealous. Duan Ran asked Zhang Jiayun to talk about the head anchor. In Duan Ran’s opinion, the little yellow duck and Yuanbao were not mature enough, so he hoped to train Zhang Jiayun, but Zhang Jiayun always didn’t care about these fame and fortune things, Zhang Jiayun Watch Yuanyuan’s video recommendations.

Duan Ran then called Lao Qian to the company, and Lao Qian specially brought lunch to Qian Xixi and Duan Ran. Duan Ran was full of praise. At this time, Yu Shi came to inform Duan Ran to have a meeting, and Duan Ran hurried to the meeting room with Qian Xixi who hadn’t eaten a few mouthfuls.

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