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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 16 Recap

Yuanyuan believes that every point she has paid here has been rewarded, and she also cherishes this opportunity for cooperation. Every day she recites information about Jiang Zheyang when she sleeps. She gave up this time because she didn’t want all her brothers and sisters to work hard. It was in vain, and Yuanyuan also thanked Jiang’s mother for her trust. Everyone expressed regret to Yuanyuan.

Duan Ran felt uncomfortable, but she had to resist the uncomfortable and continue to do activities. Jiang’s mother also left bored. What else did Duan Ran want to say, Ouyang thought that it was Duan Ran who was fine looking for trouble this time, when suddenly news came that Jiang Zheyang had disappeared.

Zhang Jiayun was crazy about memorizing those notebooks, and finally escaped and was arrested again. However, Zhang Jiayun also made many people envied and felt that he would be willing to interact with Jiang Zheyang and recite as many books as possible.

Qi Yuanyuan was sitting in the QE lobby with her agent. He suddenly heard a passer-by playing the piano in the lobby. The sound of the piano attracted Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan couldn’t help but step forward and play with him. With the tacit piano sound smooth, Jiang Zheyang also came at this time, and the three people played a piano together. The scene was crowded with people and everyone took pictures with their mobile phones.

Seeing that the live broadcast was about to begin, Qian Xixi and others were anxiously looking for Jiang Zheyang in the shopping mall. It was not until the sound of the piano ended and the applause sounded that Qian Xixi found Jiang Zheyang and drove him away. Yuanyuan’s agent saw Jiang Zheyang wearing a mask, and was stopped and pulled away by Yuanyuan when he was about to call the exit.

Qian Xixi sent Jiang Zheyang back to put on makeup. He happened to be seen by Duan Ran. Duan Ran was jealous and Qian Xixi could find Jiang Zheyang, but they couldn’t find it. Qian Xixi deliberately said that this was a fate and was so angry. Holding Qian Xixi’s ears. At this time, Yu Shi ran and said that Bai Siyu, the mascot, had temporarily ran away, and no one could wear the white bear mascot suit. Duan Ran put it on Qian Xixi directly.

Qian Xixi was dressed in the babydoll mascot by Duan Burn. Qian Xixi asked not to let anyone know that the mascot was her. In fact, he was afraid that Jiang Zheyang would know. After all, Jiang Zheyang just finished complimenting her. Awkward. Duan Ran put his arms around Qian Xixi, praised Qian Xixi for feeling good in his arms, and gave Qian Xixi the headgear of the mascot.

When Qian Xixi came to power, he almost fell down because he couldn’t see the road clearly. It happened that Jiang Zheyang supported Qian Xixi. On the stage, Zhang Jiayun and Jiang Zheyang interacted and learn to dance with the mascot.

The mascot played by Qian Xixi danced in the front, and Zhang Jiayun and Jiang Zheyang in the back danced with them. Zhang Jiayun directly praised the mascot for dancing too well and too fast, and they almost couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

Fans in the live broadcast room went up, and the scene was also very lively, and the effect was surprisingly good. Chen Lang was dissatisfied with Rui’s live broadcast. Everyone asked Jiang Zheyang to do the live broadcast to increase their fans. Chen Lang satirized Rui as bells and whistles. What they rely on is their strength, and the company still has the scene to support them. They are not afraid of anything. Even so, they are full of jealousy.

At the end of the show, Jiang Zheyang insisted on thanking a special person, the mascot. Jiang Zheyang insisted on taking off the hood and thanking Qian Xixi for the inside, and praised Qian Xixi for taking the most tiring and hardest work to complete this activity. , And offered to take pictures with Qian Xixi on the spot, and Duan Ran in the audience was jealous.

From the very beginning, Jiang Zheyang supported her on stage and knew that the mascot was Qian Xixi, so it was not until the end of the show that everyone had to look at Qian Xixi. Duan Ran came up quickly and took over Qian Xixi’s headgear. After Jiang Zheyang left, Ouyang also proposed to continue cooperation in the future. This time it was a win-win result and everyone was satisfied. The one who is still satisfied today is QE. QE’s daily passenger flow today is the largest in a year. When Duan Ran left, he met Qian Xixi’s father who was playing the piano in the lobby. The two agreed to be together at night. eat.

Qian Xixi began to worry about Yuanyuan again, not knowing how he is now. At this time, Bai Siyu rushed over and took the gift to Jiang Zheyang, but Jiang Zheyang had already left. Bai Siyu was crying and Qian Xixi hurriedly comforted Bai Siyu.

At the family banquet in the evening, Qian Xixi saw his father but was not surprised. He immediately became depressed, got up and left. Duan’s mother hurried to find Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi was very angry. She had never thought of seeing a living father in her life. In her heart, only Duan Ran’s parents were recognized by her. Duan’s mother persuaded Qian Xixi to understand her father, hoping that Qian Xixi would save her face and finish the meal well. Qian Xixi asked Duan’s mother to promise not to see Lao Qian again after the meal.

Old Qian hopes that he can take Qian Xixi out of the country this time, and he also wants to make up for Qian Xixi, so that Qian Xixi can continue his studies after he goes out. Duan Mu asked what Old Qian would use to pay for Xixi to go to school? Lao Qian claimed that there would always be a way. Duan Mu accused Lao Qian of planning to take Qian Xixi without thinking about it. This is an irresponsible argument. Duan Mu was angry and left, and Qian Xixi remained silent.

Old Qian went back to live in the old house, Duan Ranfei took Qian Xixi to deliver it together. Qian Xixi kept calling Qian Xixi’s name in the car, and wanted to talk to Qian Xixi, but Qian Xixi didn’t want to. Pay attention to him. The old Qian blamed himself for not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father, and Qian Xixi ignored him.

When getting off the bus, Duan Ran wanted to help Lao Qian take the salute, but Qian Xixi refused to let Duan Ran go up, and claimed that she went to open the door of the room for two minutes and came down. It was one minute in Qian Xixi’s heart. They are not willing to talk to old money.

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