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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 15 Recap

In the end, after Ouyang’s interview, the person selected to interact with Jiang Zheyang was Zhang Jiayun. Yuanyuan left with an anger. Zhang Jiayun even wanted to give up his place to Yuanyuan, but Qian Xixi thought Yuanyuan would not accept it. Ouyang was about to leave. It was time for Qian Xixi to arrange the venue. During the live broadcast, Ouyang hoped not to be in the live broadcast room.

Duan Ran wanted to recommend Yuanyuan, and kept saying good things in front of Ouyang, but Ouyang thought Yuanyuan was not suitable. At first glance, she was a celebrity face. The person she wanted to find for Jiang Zheyang was someone who fits Jiang Zheyang’s temperament. ,

I didn’t expect Yuanyuan to hear this sentence angry and leave. Duan Ran hurriedly chased Yuanyuan to invite Yuanyuan to eat. The agent thought that Duan Ran had played with them. Yuanyuan came back to interact with Jiang Zheyang, but in the end he became Zhang Jiayun. Duan Ran had an idea in his mind. , Wanting to start from Jiang’s mother, Yuanyuan agreed with Duan Ran’s opinion.

Qian Xixi also invited Zhang Jiayun to dinner, and was happy for Zhang Jiayun. Qian Xixi thought that Ouyang might choose Yuanyuan because he liked Duan Ran, but in the end he decided on Zhang Jiayun. This made Qian Xixi still a little admired and felt Ouyang. Public and private are clear.

At the Jiang Zheyang charity auction, Duan Ran accompanied Yuanyuan to deliberately bought Jiang Zheyang’s guitar for 300,000, just to attract Jiang’s mother’s attention.

As soon as Jiang’s mother saw Yuanyuan had bought a guitar, her liking for Yuanyuan increased. Duan Ran immediately asked both parties to take a group photo. Jiang’s mother readily agreed, and personally handed the guitar to Yuanyuan.

Qian Xixi and Yu Shi arranged the venue at QE together. Duan Ran did not arrive late. Jiang Zheyang arrived early. Qian Xixi received Jiang Zheyang and arranged a dressing room and lounge for him. Jiang Zheyang arranged for Qian Xixi. All very satisfied.

Many fans of Jiang Zheyang came, Ouyang began to worry about insufficient security, and blamed Duan Ran for not coming to say hello until now. He just didn’t care about Jiang Zheyang’s affairs. Qian Xixi, as long as he can keep the live broadcast today without problems, some Ouyang The question raised is that you can bear it.

Qian Xixi bought a set of clothes for Zhang Jiayun and asked her to dress up quickly. After seeing Zhang Jiayun get dressed, Qian Xixi couldn’t help but praise Zhang Jiayun for being beautiful. It would be unreasonable not to choose her as the anchor this time.

When Qian Xixi went to look for Duan Ran, he happened to see Duan Ran coming with Jiang Mu and Yuanyuan. Jiang’s mother was so arrogant that he didn’t even look at Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi was worried that something went wrong and followed him quietly. , Jiang’s mother thinks Yuanyuan is the head of the family. The temporary newcomer does not match Jiang Zheyang, and proposes a temporary substitution. Qian Xixi did not expect Yuanyuan to go back to Jiang Zheyang’s mother, and was a little more disappointed in Yuanyuan, but Yuanyuan thought she had failed enough, and from now on she would not consider the price for her own success.

Jiang’s mother had a conflict again because of Yuanyuan and Zhang Jiayun’s affairs. Jiang Zheyang saw Qian Xixi coming and hurriedly pulled her out, falsely claiming that she wanted to find a place to breathe. Jiang Zheyang told Qian Xixi that at one of his concerts before, his mother suddenly accepted an advertisement. He couldn’t help but sang two songs to shoot the commercial. It took Ouyang half a year to calm the anger of the fans. Ouyang also wanted to listen to Jiang Zheyang’s mother.

Jiang’s mother thinks that Perfect Blue was signed by her. She has already said that whoever signs the contract will listen to her, so she must listen to her this time, and she thinks this is not a big deal, so Ouyang doesn’t have to be too serious, Ouyang etc.

After Jiang’s mother left, he stared at Duan Ran fiercely. Duan Ran had no choice but to find an excuse and slip away, making Ouyang a stomachache with anger. Jiang Zheyang insisted on taking Qian Xixi to take pictures, and Jiang’s mother chased him to persuade Jiang Zheyang not to wander outside, so that it would not be good for others to make up stories to slander him.

Duan Ran hesitated to come to the dressing room and saw that Zhang Jiayun was putting on make-up, so he sat down and had nothing to say. Zhang Jiayun saw that Duan Ran might have something to do, so he let Duan Ran speak directly, and then Duan Ran made a fuss about Jiang Zheyang. His mother came with Yuanyuan. Jiang Zheyang’s work has always been determined by his mother, so this time Jiang’s mother hopes that Jiang Zheyang can interact with Yuanyuan. I thought that Zhang Jiayun, who was selected as an interactive anchor, would be angry, but he didn’t expect Zhang Jiayun to feel relieved, claiming that he had been awake at night and had dark circles under his eyes.

When Zhang Jiayun said this, Duan Ran was relieved. Zhang Jiayun asked if he didn’t need to memorize the manuscript. Duan Ran quickly promised not to memorize it. Zhang Jiayun was very happy and gave Duan Ran a high-five to express his gratitude.

Ouyang suddenly received an email about all the negative news about Yuanyuan when she was an entertainment anchor. It was news that Qi Yuanyuan was taken care of. Ouyang immediately informed Yuanyuan that she was not allowed to interact. It must be Zhang Jiayun, and Jiang Mu had to see the news. Give it up. Qian Xixi hurried to inform Zhang Jiayun to live interactively.

Ouyang believed that this incident could not affect Jiang Zheyang. Yuanyuan explained that this incident was not true. Duan Ran also explained that Qi Yuanyuan was the best anchor, but Ouyang Thinking that Jiang Zheyang hasn’t had any scandals until now, she can’t take any risk. Qi Yuanyuan also proposed to voluntarily give up the live interaction, and also explained that this matter was made out of nothing.

At the beginning, Qi Yuanyuan could not accept other people’s slander before leaving the entertainment live broadcast and did the e-commerce live broadcast. The e-commerce live broadcast relied on his own ability to feed, without relying on others’ rewards.

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