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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 50 Recap

When Su Wenqian accompany Ouyang Xiangling to dinner, he used a secret signal to tell her that she had grasped the information and sent it out. She secretly gave her a paperclip and asked her to open the handcuffs with a paperclip at 6 o’clock tomorrow, and then open the vent. Then he would come to pick Ouyang Xiangling.

Ouyang Xiangling worried that his escape would endanger Su Wenqian’s safety, and refused to do what he said, but Su Wenqian gave up nothing and refused to give up Ouyang Xiangling. It turns out that Su Wenqian told Ouyang Xiangling that he was performing an undercover mission early on, which was planned by him and the director.

That night, the director told Su Wenqian of the intelligence and plan, saying that he wanted to lead the snake out of the cave. Su Wenqian proposed to let Chi Tiecheng force him to cooperate and sneak into the internal to transmit information, so that they could set up ambush in advance, as long as they continue to treat Su Wenqian in the same way as prisoners. But Chi Tiecheng is a very dangerous person. Su Wenqian will be very dangerous if he is careless.

Su Wenqian believes that he can pass the test. Su Wenqian was unwilling to allow Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter to intervene in the plan, but Section Chief Cao couldn’t stop him, so Su Wenqian could only play a role that obsessed with them when he saw them. When he saw Xiaoxue’s piece of chocolate, he understood that Chi Tiecheng’s prison robbery plan was poisoning. In order not to reveal the flaws, he could only hurt Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue cruelly.

After Su Wenqian returned, Chi Tiecheng slept underground with a gun in accordance with the habit. Su Wenqian on the bed could not sleep at night. Early the next morning, Su Wenqian tiptoed out and said he wanted to go to the toilet, but secretly hid the wire on the mop. Ouyang Xiangling also opened the handcuffs and vents according to Su Wenqian’s words.

When Su Wenqian came to find her, Li Beicai and Shan Leng discovered them. They pointed their guns at the vents, and seemed to wait for Ouyang Xiangling to come out. But Ouyang Xiangling did not appear. Li Beicao collapsed a bit and pointed his gun at Su Wenqian and asked him what tricks he was playing.

Chi Tiecheng appeared, and everyone entered Ouyang Xiangling’s room and found that she had not left, and she even slept peacefully on the bed. Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beicai and Su Wenqian to apologize, and slashed their arms like they usually admitted to Chi Tiecheng, but Chi Tiecheng was not satisfied with asking him to continue, and Su Wenqian hurriedly stopped. Li Beicai was very wronged. Su Wenqian obviously wanted to save Ouyang Xiangling, but Chi Tiecheng was not surprised, as long as Ouyang Xiangling was in his own hand, Su Wenqian could not escape his palm.

Li Beifa took Su Wenqian’s carved wooden fish angrily and went to Principal Fang, and asked if his proposal was still valid. Uncle Ge asked Jin Dou to send Xiao Xue the review materials. Jin Dou picked up a small wooden fish on the way. Xiao Xue was surprised when he saw this wooden fish. Qin Zishu immediately proposed to take Xiao Xue to school. Section Chief Cao said he would think about it before replying to her. .

After checking with President Fang, Section Chief Cao agreed and President Fang succeeded in his plan. The action was about to begin, and Su Wenqian understood that Chi Tiecheng would definitely transfer Ouyang Xiangling to other places, and was anxious at this time.

Xiaoxue went to the classroom to attend class. Chief Cao’s people stayed outside the classroom, and another followed Qin Zishu, but Qin Zishu disappeared in the blink of an eye. Qin Zishu called a rickshaw to Lijiaxiang.

Chi Tiecheng did not evade Su Wenqian, saying that he would escort Ouyang Xiangling away. Li Beifa hurried back to say that the Taichang Road water pipe burst and the road was closed for emergency repairs, and the postal vehicles could not go through the alleys and had to detour, and Chitiecheng had to revise the action plan. Su Wenqian was shocked. The change in the action plan meant that his intelligence was wrong, so the safety of Ouyang Xiangling could not be guaranteed. Su Wenqian once again proposed to see Ouyang Xiangling, otherwise he would withdraw from the action.

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