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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 18 Recap

The car carrying Mr. Shao and Ding Fang was driving on the muddy road in the mountains and forests. Unexpectedly, the tires got stuck in the mud. The driver pushed Mr. Shao away and asked him to go to the river beach to pick up two stones and put them under the car so that he could knock the wheels easily. come out.

Mr. Shao came to the river beach alone, just as he bent over to pick up the stone, the driver kicked him from behind, and there was a burst of gunfire. Fortunately, Shen Qinghe arrived in time, and the gun opened Shen Qinghe, and she hit the right leg of the assailant. The assailant used a gun against Mr. Shao’s head and threatened Shen Qinghe to put down the gun, or he would kill Mr. Shao, and Shen Qinghe, who was forced to be helpless, had no choice but to arrest him.

At this time, Ding Fang was guarding the car. The sky gradually darkened. She became more and more frightened. Gu Yaodong was also discrediting the ride. The mountain road was slippery and full of mud, and from time to time there were waves of wolf calls. Anxious Gu Yaodong planted several somersaults.

It was completely dark, and Ding Fang who had waited for a day gradually collapsed. Helpless, she couldn’t even start the car normally. She vented in the car and cried, honking the horn frantically. In the silent forest, the horn of the truck was particularly pronounced. Gu Yaodong followed the sound all the way to find Ding Fang’s truck and successfully merged with Ding Fang.

The personnel who followed Gu Yaodong from a distance were going to grab Gu Yaodong and Ding Fang and go back for interrogation. After Gu Yaodong briefly asked what happened, he took Ding Fang to search for Mr. Shao’s whereabouts. In the dark mountains and forests, only the flashlight in Gu Yaodong’s hand radiated a faint light. Gu Yaodong found a blood-stained stone and quickly squatted down to check, and found the accessories on the hairpin that originally belonged to Shen Qinghe.

When Ding Fang asked about the previous situation, Gu Yaodong concealed the bloodstain and Shen Qinghe’s affairs. Although Gu Yaodong remained calm in front of Ding Fang, he was worried about Shen Qinghe in his heart. Because Gu Yaodong can’t drive, the two had to ride back to the Moganshan Villa. The mottled shadows of the trees and the tender moonlight gleamed on them. Ding Fang sat in the back seat and smiled like flowers. She quietly enjoyed the chaotic world. A trace of tenderness.

As they were walking down the mountain, they encountered a “traveler” who was pulling goods in the morning. They tricked Gu Yaodong and Ding Fang into getting into the car with a wild wolf in the mountains. As soon as they got in the car, the two travellers began to seduce Gu Yaodong. Gu Yaodong saw through the words with Ding Fang. He began to fight against the routine and attacked the driver. Although he was injured, he successfully escaped with Ding Fang.

Shen Qinghe successfully rescued Mr. Shao and hid in the warehouse. The driver who attacked Mr. Shao had been killed by Shen Qinghe, but Shen Qinghe left a heavy bruise on his neck, and the hairpin was missing a decoration that made her very Is concerned.

Gu Yaodong took Ding Fang to find a thatched hut to rest. It was not safe to travel late at night. The two were ready to wait until dawn before leaving. Gu Yaodong took off his shirt and placed it on the bed so that Ding Fang could rest at ease. He picked up his baton to perform duties outside. There are different things hidden in the hearts of the two people inside and outside the house, just like the dark side of the moon.

Ding Fang stayed alone in the pitch-black thatched hut, inevitably a little scared, and she felt even more disturbed by the cold and hunger. Gu Yaodong hurried in, thinking that there was the bread prepared for Ding Fang in his bag, so he hurried to fill her up. The bread in Gu Yaodong’s bag, who has been on the run for a day, has long been cold and deformed, but Dante’s eating is sweeter than the delicacies of mountains and seas.

Ding Fang wanted to talk to Gu Yaodong, but when he opened the door he found that Gu Yaodong, who had been running around for a day, was tired and asleep. Looking at the man in front of him, Ding Fang cautiously sat behind Gu Yaodong and wrapped his hands around Gu Yaodong’s waist. The two people just sat there quietly.

Shen Qinghe cleaned up Mr. Shao’s blood on the car, bandaged his wounds and brought anti-inflammatory drugs. Mr. Shao told Shen Qinghe that Ding Fang was also in the car. Shen Qinghe was worried that Ding Fang was in danger and hurried out.

Zhao Zhiyong, who was worried about Gu Yaodong, asked for help from Chief Wang anxiously, but was stopped by Yang Kui and said to hurt Zhao Zhiyong. Zhao Zhiyong, who was helpless, fiddled with his hair and wondered what to do. Just as Zhao Zhiyong was unable to do anything, Shen Qinghe came to Moganshan Villa and found Zhao Zhiyong, who had a sad face, and proposed to mobilize Ding Fang’s young writer fans to find Ding Fang together. When Wang Keda was discussing matters with the people of the Secret Bureau, the young writer asked to search for mountains, but Wang Keda had no choice but to agree.

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