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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 17 Recap

There was an old man named Shao in the room. After two or three attempts, he was buried in the back mountain. The transportman they sent to Moganshan has lost contact. The last time Qinghe contacted him by phone was two days ago, and there has been no news since then.

Qinghe took Gu Yaodong by the arm and said not to look back, and ran towards the warehouse. Gu Yaodong asked why she was here? Qing He pushed him away, saying that he should leave it alone and go quickly.

Chief Wang assembled the team and asked who had seen Gu Yaodong? Chief Wang whispered to Yang Kui, if it is really Gu Yaodong, don’t say anything and bring it back directly. Yang Kui pointed his finger to the distance and said that they were back. I saw Qinghe and Gu Yaodong walking side by side.

When the two of them are listed, Director Wang announced that during the mission in Moganshan, everyone must be mindless, understand? The police officers did not answer loudly enough, Chief Wang asked loudly, do you understand? The police officers answered in unison.

Director Wang instructed Captain Yang Kuiyang to quickly arrange patrols for the two teams to ensure the safety of the venue. Yang Kui chose two teams to go with him, and the others returned to the house, and the team disbanded. Chief Wang looked at Gu Yaodong and left slowly. Qinghe said embarrassed to Gu Yaodong, she was going back to the inn first, and then turned and left.

Gu Yaodong quickly followed and pulled her sleeves, Qinghe stopped, looked at Gu Yaodong with a little surprise and said, “It’s so late, don’t give her away.” Gu Yaodong approached Shen Qinghe and whispered. He said before that although they were walking in different directions, they were in the same direction. This time he was right.

Just as Gu Yaodong was about to take over Ding Fang’s luggage, Zhao Zhiyong took the initiative to lift Ding Fang’s luggage and showed his hospitality. It turned out that Xia Jicheng agreed to Zhao Zhiyong’s request to go with him. Zhao Zhiyong was very grateful to Gu Yaodong for giving him this opportunity. Seeing Ding Fang wanted to turn into the car, he immediately followed him.

Gu Yaodong also wanted to be stopped by Xia Jicheng when he left by car, and reminded him that Moganshan was a new beginning.

On the car to Moganshan, Zhao Zhiyong talked about his glorious past indignantly and wanted to show himself in front of Ding Fang. Dante Fang had already seen through Zhao Zhiyong’s intentions and wondered if she had delayed Gu Yaodong’s chat with Zhao Zhiyong. You can change positions with Zhao Zhiyong, so that Gu Yaodong and Zhao Zhiyong can talk to Mogan Mountain. When Zhao Zhiyong heard this, he immediately closed his mouth and sat upright, not daring to make Ding angry again.

In the small town of Moganshan, Shen Qinghe had arrived early and went to the inn to deliver the goods, but she did not find the Communist Party member she wanted to connect in the inn. There were mottled blood stains on the ground of the inn, and Xiao Gong was squatting on the ground carefully wiping. Shen Qinghe noticed the abnormality, called Lao Dong’s phone to report the matter, and decided to stay in Moganshan for two more days to check the situation.

After a full day’s drive, the group arrived at the small town of Moganshan. Ding went to the house and went to rest early.

After Wang Kedada’s meeting place, he immediately met with the staff of the local secrecy bureau. The person in charge of the secrecy bureau told Wang Keda that there were communists in the venue. Although the secrecy bureau wanted to catch him, the communists resisted and disappeared. Live and die in the lake.

On the morning of the meeting, Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong guarded Ding Fang’s door early in the morning. Many writers came to Ding Fang’s door and wanted to see her. However, Ding Fang hated this occasion and refused to get up. Until the meeting is about to start.

After the meeting began, the literary circles had different opinions and expressed their opinions directly, but they did not expect that this was a trap set up by the Kuomintang Party to expose these pro-Communist literary figures, so as to understand clearly and take the opportunity to get rid of them. The names of relatives on the list are drawn one by one, the situation is getting more and more serious, and a conspiracy is brewing.

After the meeting, Ding Fang and Gu Yaodong were going to the restaurant for dinner, but the restaurant had already been surrounded by Ding Fang’s fan writers. Zhao Zhiyong showed off to Ding Fang and Gu Yaodong who came in the distance that he had taken a seat, but he didn’t expect this to also let the fans of writers who “enclose” Ding Fang hear the signal. While shouting Ding Fang’s name, they sprinted in the direction of Ding Fang and Gu Yaodong. Gu Yaodong looked at the menacing people, and quickly pulled Ding Fang and ran away.

The two of them ran away to the small town outside the Moganshan villa, and finally got rid of the fanatic fans who insisted on chasing after them. The town is full of simple and easy life. Gu Yaodong, who has not eaten enough, happened to find a noodle shop. Compared to the noodles with two eggs in Shanghai noodle shops, the pickled noodles here are slightly shabby. Gu Yaodong was afraid that Ding Fang was not used to eating and wanted to find another place to eat, but Ding Fang didn’t mind at all. As long as he was with Gu Yaodong, simple pickled noodles were as delicious as the delicacies of mountains and seas.

At night, Wang Keda shared the list of relatives with the confidentiality bureau. Wang Keda said that he would arrange for these people to ride in the same car on the return journey, and this car will never return to Shanghai.

In the evening, the corpse of the Communist Party who had been shot dead was found on the bank of the river where Xia Chan screamed. Wang Keda asked Yang Kui and other police officers to change their casual clothes to dispose of the corpse. Unfortunately, when dealing with the Communist Party’s body in the early morning, Mr. Shao, a pro-communist, saw it. But he told Wang Keda like a trap, letting Wang Keda know about Yang Kui’s mistakes in handling the corpse.

The entrance of the Moganshan venue was overcrowded, and everyone had different opinions on this criminal case. Wang Keda has reminded Mr. Shao not to say anything, so as not to cause confusion. But in order not to expose the matter, Wang Keda decided to get rid of Shao Baichen at night and cut off all communications equipment in Moganshan except Wang Keda’s phone to prevent wind leaks.

Shen Qinghe decided to leave Moganshan and return to Shanghai when she couldn’t wait for the person to meet her. Just as she was driving to leave, she heard people talking about the strange incident this morning, and she was uneasy and determined to return.

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