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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 26 Recap

Suddenly falling into the water every day, Wang Ye rushed over to rescue her and gave her artificial respiration. Only then did she wake up from choking. Mingyuan hurriedly pushed Wang Ye away and took Tian Tian away. Wang Ye and Mingyuan were quarreling in the ward again, waking up every day, they had to go out and continue the quarrel.

The doctor told Tang Guoer that she was pregnant every day. Tang Guoer lied that she was afraid that she would not be able to stand the stimulation every day and asked the doctor to keep it secret. The doctor who abide by the medical ethics actually agreed. Tiantian and Wang Ye were led out of the ward by Tang Guoer’s call. When they saw Tang Guoer and Mingyuan holding hands, Tang Guoer still had blood in his hands, they misunderstood that Mingyuan beat Tang Guoer.

Mingyuan argued that Tang Guoer sent someone to harass him and his sister. He just hoped that Tang Guoer would not be evil, but Tang Guoer lied that Mingyuan beat her with a thermos and accused Mingyuan of being the evil person. Suicide yourself. Every day, in order to protect his best friends, he drove away Mingyuan, who had no choice but to leave angrily.

Wang Ye bandaged Tang Guoer’s wounds. Tang Guoer used the excuse to help Tian Tian get the medicine, and hid outside the door to eavesdrop on the conversation between Wang Ye and Tian Tian. Wang Ye believed that Mingyuan would not lie, and that someone must have harassed their siblings. He suspected that Zhao Lange did it every day, and Wang Ye deeply believed that. After that, every day, Mingxin confessed that Mingxin didn’t know about Mingyuan and Tang Guoer’s divorce, and worried that Mingxin would not be able to stand the stimulus if he knew about it.

Shanye Group threw an olive branch to Mingyuan, hoping that Mingyuan could lead a new company and brand to expand into the international market, but Mingyuan wanted to take his sister to develop overseas and needed careful consideration. Then, Mingyuan asked his former colleague to help deal with the scorching gold dye, but he was spotted by criminals. After that, Mingyuan begged Tian Tian to start a new company with him, but Tian Tian refused mercilessly.

Tang Guoer came to Mingyuan’s new home. Mingxin heard that it was Tang Guoer and immediately opened the door. Tang Guoer found out that Mingxin was the girl in the Zhaolange clubhouse, and Mingxin told Tang Guoer that Wang Ye often took care of her, which made Tang Guoer very puzzled why Wang Ye never mentioned it. Tang Guoer deliberately told Mingxin about his divorce from Mingyuan, and even slandered Tiantian as the vixen who broke them apart, and gave Mingxin the address of Tiantian, implying that Mingxin helped her teach Tiantian, and he still had to do it. She kept it secret, and she silly Mingxin agreed.

Mingyuan rushed to Tiantian’s house, and unexpectedly Mingxin also came, slapped Tiantian angrily, and scolded Tiantian as a vixen, arousing discussion among the neighbors. Mingyuan took Mingxin home, Mingxin clamored to see Tang Guoer, and accidentally missed Tang Guoer’s visit. Mingyuan guessed that Tang Guoer was instigating the discord. Tang Guoer pretentiously came to comfort Tiantian and cleared away his suspicions.

When Mingyuan wanted to see Tang Guoer, Tang Guoer asked Mingyuan to meet at the gymnasium. Mingyuan asked Tang Guoer to accompany him to see his sister, but Tang Guoer was unwilling. She wanted to make it all return to the original point. Tang Guoer’s heart was ashamed as she recalled the little things she had done for Mingyuan in the past.

At that time, the pure Tang Guoer thought that as long as she overcomes all difficulties, she could live happily with Mingyuan for a lifetime, even at the expense of hurting her girlfriends and relatives. Unfortunately, the facts did not go as she wished, but all this was just her wishful thinking. She blamed Ming Yuan for making her suffer so much. Ming Yuan knelt on one knee and begged Tang Guoer to go back with him. Angrily Tang Guoer said that he was willing to agree to his request, but he would accept her punches and kicks. , Ming Yuan endured silently for his sister and to atone for himself.

Wang Taili and Wang Taili were going back to Shanghai to visit Wang Ye. Wang Ye was very happy, but Zhao Lange’s life was dying and he was worried, and hurried to the hospital to see his father. Zhao Lange was worried that Wang Ye would be dealt with miserably by Li and others after he drove to the west, but Wang Ye didn’t appreciate it. Zhao Lange had to beg Wang Ye to take over Zhao as soon as possible. Wang Ye couldn’t stand his dad’s pitiful look. He promised that Zhao Lange would stay with him for the night, so he had to ask him to pick up his adoptive parents every day.

Mingyuan took Tang Guoer back home, but saw a mess in the house. Mingxin was nowhere to be seen. The two learned from the recording equipment that Mingxin was kidnapped again. Mingyuan suspected that Tang Guoer had set up the situation. Tang Guoer immediately The explanation is not her. Tang Guoer followed Mingyuan to the cement factory. The kidnappers told Mingyuan that someone was paying a high price to buy the scorching gold formula. Mingyuan subdued the kidnappers and rescued Mingxin. Tang Guoer came to Tiantian’s house and stole her mobile phone.

Mingyuan rushed to Tiantian’s house and told Sang Rong that Tiantian might be kidnapped, and Tiantian’s cell phone couldn’t get through at this time, Mingyuan rushed to the dressing room to find Tiantian. Li Manli was shocked when he saw Ming Yuan appear in the dressing room. Ming Yuan exposed Tang Guoer as a shadow designer every day, and Li Manli slapped Tang Guoer with anger. Mingyuan just asked the mother and daughter every day, Tang Guoer told Mingyuan every day to pick up Wang Ye’s parents, Mingyuan hurried to the station.

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