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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 25 Recap

Every day, Wang Ye asked Wang Ye to help as a model to try on new clothes. Wang Ye was reluctant but he couldn’t resist every day’s request, and he couldn’t help but twisted. Every day, Wang Ye asked for comments. Wang Ye thought that the embroidery he had seen before was appropriate, but he couldn’t remember where it came from. At this time, it was almost dawn, and Tiantian urged Wang Ye and himself to leave the company quickly in order not to reveal his shadow identity.

Wang Ye brought breakfast to Tang Guoer on the way home. Tang Guoer saw Wang Ye being so affectionate to herself, and slowly showed love to Wang Wild. She decided that she must cherish Wang Ye in this life. Here, Mingyuan sat downstairs at Tiantian’s house and waited for the night. Tian Tian was very surprised when he just returned home. Mingyuan reminded Tian Tian to be careful when Wang Ye knew her identity as a shadow designer, but Tian Tian wanted to Mingyuan in an angry manner. Nosy.

Mingyuan realized that no matter how he explained, Tian Tian would never trust him anymore, so he took Tian Tian to his and Ming Xin’s new home in order to keep Tian Tian away from Wang Ye, and asked Tian Tian to design peace of mind at his home and not to go out. Tian Tian didn’t want Ming Yuan to force her to walk in. It turned out that Ming Yuan arranged this as a design room and bought a lot of design materials, but Tian Tian had to obediently design at Ming Yuan’s house when Ming Yuan took away the phone. .

In the evening, Wang Ye, who woke up, was curious about why Tian Tian hadn’t come to meet him, so he sent WeChat to ask Tian Tian. This made Tang Guoer on the side puzzled. Wang Ye had to lie that he had acted as a driver. Tang Guoer went to sleep in peace. Wang Ye called Tian Tian again, but he didn’t expect Ming Yuan to pick him up. Ming Yuan told Wang Ye not to harass Tian Tian again.

Seeing that Mingxin Embroidery is very special every day, I wanted to borrow it. Unexpectedly, Mingxin angered Tiantian as a vixen that destroys other people’s feelings. He didn’t want to take care of Tiantian. Mingyuan took Mingxin away in time and didn’t care. Every day, he carefully observed the embroidery.

Wang Ye found out from the courier company’s former colleague that Tiantian had recently bought some materials for designing clothes. He found Mingyuan’s new home according to the address. Mingyuan asked the uninvited guest to go, but Wang Ye didn’t want to leave, so he still got along Mingxin started playing, sarcastically running away after using every day, ungrateful.

Every day when Wang Ye saw that Wang Ye was here to help, he begged Wang Ye to ask about Mingxin embroidery. Mingxin misunderstood Mingyuan’s derailment, so he divorced Tang Guoer, so Mingxin didn’t want to take Li Mingyuan and Tiantian. . Wang Ye lied that Tian Tian was his girlfriend, and instantly resolved Mingxin’s misunderstanding of them. Mingxin confessed that she learned this with a minority ethnic group in a village and was willing to teach embroidery every day.

Tang Guoer helped Wang Ye clean up his clothes, and a small fur ball fell out. Tang Guoer was very puzzled as to why Wang Ye, who was driving on his behalf, could have this. He thought that Tian Tian changed to hook up with Wang Ye now, and was shocked that she did not hold the small fur ball. . Tang Guoer followed Wang Ye to the secret base of Tiantian and Mingyuan.

When Wang Ye arrived, Ming Yuan satirized Wang Ye for not being punctual, while Wang Ye explained that he was delayed in order to sell fruit to Tian Tian and Ming Xin. He complained that they did not work well and made trouble, and the two men stopped quarreling. There was something on Tian Tian’s head, Wang Ye personally helped Tian Tian take it away, and the jealous Mingyuan prevented Wang Ye from doing anything to Tian Tian. Mingxin couldn’t see it, so she complained that Mingyuan disturbed the “little couple”. Mingyuan refused to let Wang Ye do it, which made her very impatient every day, and made Tang Guoer who was peeping jealous. She misunderstood. Every day, she took away her lover again.

Guo’er regained her strength and returned to Li’s family. She decided to put the company’s future as the most important thing and stop being awkward with every day. Li Manli was very pleased. Tang Guoer accidentally saw Li Manli’s memory of her father’s photo, and took a peek at the group photo of her parents while she was away, and finally knew that his biological father was Shen Mingyang, and tears filled her eyes with excitement.

Tian Tian wanted to go to the village to see embroidery, so scared Mingxin panicked, and quickly overthrew Tiantian. Obviously that village was the place where Mingxin was abused, and she didn’t want to go back to death. Mingyuan thinks Zhao Lange must know, but Tiantian does not allow Mingyuan to take risks for himself.

Sang Rong asked to go home every day because Tang Guoer wanted to see her. Tang Guoer hugged Tian Tian, ​​and quickly apologized in a low voice, begging Tian Tian’s forgiveness. The simple and kind-hearted Tian Tian not only forgave Tang Guoer but also wiped her tears. Sang Rong took the opportunity to ask Tang Guoer to help them terminate the shadow contract, but Tang Guoer evaded that only Li Manli could call the shots, and now she has nothing and can do nothing, and Chu Chu pitifully asked to help them tide over the difficulties every day.

Tang Guoer asked Tian Tian to take her to see samples and lied that he was about to start learning design. Although Tian Tian was very happy about it, she was worried that Tang Guoer knew that Mingyuan and Wang Ye helped her design together and would collapse and make a fuss. He lied that he soiled the sample clothes and sent it to the dry cleaner, asking Tang Guoer to wait for her at the company.

Every day, she took back the sample clothes from Mingyuan, and confessed that Tang Guoer came to her to return to good things, and she was worried about Tang Guoer’s emotions and wanted to stop contacting Mingyuan, but Mingyuan felt that Tang Guoer was not good. , To be more prepared every day. Tiantian thinks Mingyuan thinks Tang Guoer too badly.

For Tang Guoer’s birthday, she asked Wang Ye to help her every day because she wanted to confess to Wang Ye. She was very happy to see Tang Guoer’s resurrection with blood, and she readily agreed. Tang Guoer carefully arranged Wang Ye’s house, but Wang Ye, who had just woke up, forgot that it was Tang Guoer’s birthday and did not prepare a birthday present. Tang Guoer didn’t care, she only hoped that Wang Ye could accompany her on her birthday, but Wang Ye refused to accompany Tang Guoer on the grounds of work. This made Tang Guoer very angry, and Wang Ye quickly blessed Tang Guoer, and then lied that he had committed gastritis and escaped.

It turned out that Wang Ye was here to go to Tiantian’s appointment. Wang Ye was also very surprised when he saw Guo’er. Tang Guoer asked why Wang Ye didn’t see a doctor in the hospital. Wang Ye found out that Tang Guoer had done some tricks. Tang Guoer bluntly said that what Wang Ye likes is Tian Tian, ​​and took out the little clothes Tian Tian made for Wang Ye, and told the truth, hoping that Wang Ye and Tian Tian could finally get married, and Tian Tian found out that he had been tricked and left first. Tang Guoer hurriedly chased after him.

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