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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 24 Recap

Mingyuan handed over the divorce agreement to Tang Guoer, but Tang Guoer refused to divorce and refused to sign it. Li Manli rushed into the office and forced Tang Guoer to sign, and drove away Mingyuan, which attracted the attention of colleagues. The heartbroken Tang Guoer had no choice but to spread his anger on Tiantian, and was so angry that he would go to Mingyuan to settle accounts.

Every day he held the far away Mingyuan and asked why Mingyuan wanted to push Tang Guoer, who loved him so much, to a desperate way. It was a horror, and he felt guilty for hurting Tang Guoer’s Mingyuan, and he was almost mad with hatred. , But there was no alternative, after all, Zhao and his sons had been threatening him with a clear heart, so he had to follow suit.

The indignant Li Manli wants the heartbroken Tang Guoer to regain his strength, win the championship, and live her life well to make Mingyuan suffer for a lifetime. Tang Guoer also wants to thank Mingyuan for not killing them all, but Tang Guoer She didn’t want to cheer up as Li Manli wanted. She only hoped that she was not Li Manli’s daughter, so that she would not be Mingyuan’s enemy and could live happily with Mingyuan for a lifetime.

Mingyuan packed up his things and resigned from the Zhao clan. He told Zhao Lange that he had divorced Tang Guoer. Li would definitely fight back. He warned Zhao Lange not to run out of agencies and ruin the Li clan with conscience. Be careful After experiencing the pain of losing a son again, Zhao Lange’s face changed drastically. He did fall out with Wang Ye.

Tang Guoer ran to tell Wang Ye that Mingyuan had divorced her. Mingyuan hoped that Wang Ye could dissuade Zhao Lange from counting on Li, so that Tang Guoer could win the competition and resume Li’s normal operation, while he would be in the game. Later, he took his sister away and flew high, Wang Ye promised Mingyuan, but he asked Mingyuan not to harass Tiantian, Mingyuan did.

Tian Tian was very worried about Tang Guoer’s safety and asked Li Manli to retrieve Tang Guoer, but Li Manli had to concentrate on designing every day, and she would take care of Tang Guoer’s affairs. Because Li Manli thought Tang Guoer would go to Wang Ye to heal his injuries, and Tang Guoer’s so much trouble could make Zhao Lange misunderstand that Tang Guoer was trapped by love, and couldn’t come up with the first-class design and couldn’t win the competition, so she let Tang Guoer go. Healed his wounds at Wang Ye.

It was very painful that Tang Guoer didn’t say a word, only knowing that she was sitting and eating wildly. Wang Ye persuaded her to let go of not loving her, and only loves Mingyuan every day, but it caused her to roar and scream. Only then did she understand that Tang Guoer was still obsessed , Can’t put Mingyuan at all. In order not to arouse Tang Guoer’s emotions, Wang Ye went downstairs and threw the garbage away. And these became the intelligence reported by Uncle Sun to Zhao Lange. When Zhao Lange saw that Tang Guoer was crazy about love and gloated after leaving the company indifferent, he was certain that Li could not stand up again through the competition.

Wang Ye thought that he had harmed Tang Guoer, so he was not happy about Tang Guoer’s divorce, but felt guilty, so he brought Tang Guoer delicious food every day, and his sweet words made Tang Guoer happy. Tang Guoer realized that Wang Ye was the one who was really good to him. Wang Ye wanted to help Tang Guoer untie the knot, but Tang Guoer didn’t want to reveal it, but quietly leaned on Wang Ye’s shoulder.

Every day, Jessica is asked to revise the design draft, but Jessica refuses to revise Tang Guoer’s absence. Li Manli thinks that Jessica did the right thing, because this would expose the secret that Tang Guoer could not design. Afterwards, Li Manli came to Wang Ye’s house to look for Tang Guoer, and Tang Guoer hid him. Li Manli could see that Wang Ye took care of Tang Guoer very well and left without worry.

Tian Tian was not satisfied with her design, so she asked Wang Ye to meet with him, hoping to inspire her. Unfortunately, Mingyuan, who also came to Tiantian’s house, saw this scene. Mingyuan mistakenly thought that Wang Ye was sent by Zhaolange to prevent Li from winning the design competition. Can helplessly leave.

With Wang Ye’s help, Tian Tian happily added up the class, started the design, and successfully designed satisfactory works. Wang Ye’s praises were repeated. He was worried about exposing the identity of the shadow designer and lied that these were Tang Guoer’s design, Wang Ye, who has never seen Tang Guoer’s design, will be suspicious.

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