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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 23 Recap

Mingyuan angrily declared that he only loves Tiantian and not Tang Guoer, so angry that he rushed in from outside the ward and slapped him, accusing him of being cold-blooded and ruthless. Tang Guoer, who had lost his career and love, was completely irritated by the scene in front of him, and scratched Tiantian’s face. Fortunately, Mingyuan pulled Tang Guoer away in time, and Tang Guoer fainted due to exhaustion.

Tiantian persuaded Mingyuan not to divorce Tang Guoer. Mingyuan told Tiantian that he could not fall in love with the daughter of his enemy, and that he secretly kept the Guoer brand, which made Tiantian feel a little relieved for Tang Guoer. Therefore, Tiantian immediately went back to the Li family to help Li Manli clean up the mess. Li Manli told Tiantian that she had married her daughter to an enemy, which broke Li’s stupidity and embarrassment, and Tiantian confessed that she already knew the truth about the downfall of Yunqing’s clothing, but she didn’t care. He was determined to revive Li, because Mingyuan kept the Guoer brand.

As soon as Li Manli heard that Li was still saved, she immediately discussed countermeasures with Tiantian. Tian Tian said that she would win the London Design Competition and let Li make a comeback. Li Manli thanked God for not even caring about Tang Guoer’s safety, and ordered Tian Tian to prepare for the design competition immediately.

Tian Tian told Wang Ye that Mingyuan had not sold the Guoer brand. She asked Wang Ye to comfort Tang Guoer, who was emotionally unstable, so that Tang Guoer could regain his strength and restore the endgame. Wang Ye agreed with the old feelings. And all this was overheard by Uncle Sun who followed Wang Ye and told Zhao Lange.

Wang Ye brought Tang Guoer a bunch of her favorite foods, and persuaded Tang Guoer to return to the Li family. However, Tang Guoer resented Tiantian deeply and was unwilling to listen to it. Wang Ye had no choice but to ask Tang Guoer to be hardworking. Li Manli, who raised her, and Li, who is about to go bankrupt, consider it carefully.

Mingyuan came to ask Zhao Lange for his sister’s personal freedom. An angry Zhao Lange rebuked Mingyuan for betraying him and secretly helping Li, which shocked Mingyuan. He thought it was Wang Ye’s secret. Afterwards, Zhao Lange met with Wang Ye, and Wang Ye advised Zhao Lange to let Li’s life go, because Zhao Lange involved too many innocent people for revenge.

It is a pity that Zhao Lange has gone into a devil and cannot turn his head. He also accused Wang Ye of helping Tiantian revive the Li family. Only then did Wang Ye realize that he was under surveillance and angrily criticized Zhao Lange for acting. He threatened Zhao Lange by severing the relationship between father and son, and then informed Mingyuan. Take away Mingxin.

Tang Guoer was discharged smoothly. Mingyuan confessed that she kept the Guoer brand for her, hoping that she could continue to live a happy life and carry forward the Chinese design. Tang Guoer knew that Mingyuan did not love her. Although she lost her temper, she Still want to start again with Mingyuan, but Mingyuan did not answer.

Tian Tian was immersed in designing for the London Design Competition, but Tang Guoer came to swear sovereignty and mocked. She warned Tian Tian to take care of herself and not to covet her husband. Regardless of Tian Tian, ​​she had no obligation to help Li’s comeback. She could just let go. of.

Zhao Lange wanted to fix Mingyuan, so he sent Boss Chen to pretend to be an investor to meet every day, and Mingyuan would definitely go with every day so that he could catch a turtle in the urn. At the wine table, Boss Chen didn’t want to discuss business. He kept persuading Tian Tian to drink with Ming Yuan. Ming Yuan saw Boss Chen’s nasty intentions, so he refused to talk about the business, and took Tian Tian to leave.

The arrogant boss Chen said that no one except him would be willing to help Li Manli. If they did not follow his rules, he would refuse to help Li Manli. In order to make a business every day, he took the initiative to accompany Boss Chen to drink, and Ming Yuan blocked the wine for the non-drinking. Both of them were drunk in the end, and Boss Chen was locked in a hotel warehouse.

Zhao Lange sent Tang Guoer the photos of discussing business with Mingyuan every day. Tang Guoer immediately ran to the hotel to make a fuss, and he saw the two in the hotel warehouse. Mingyuan explained to Tang Guoer that they were framed by design. However, Tang Guoer didn’t believe it. In a rage, he told her the secret of being a shadow designer every day. This surprised Mingyuan. He didn’t want to Seeing this insidious woman in front of her again, she took Tian Tian and left quickly.

Mingyuan promised to help keep secrets about the shadow designer every day, and he found out that Zhao Lange’s design framed him, and Zhao Lange hadn’t found that Tang Guoer didn’t understand design, so he came to Li to discuss countermeasures.

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