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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 17 Recap

When Fang Ning returned to the dining table, the topic suddenly turned back to Ling Rui’s scandal object: “The Goddess of White Moonlight”-Yu Shiyi. There was a smile on his mouth, but Fang Ning’s heart was already close to an explosion. When Ling Rui returned to the dinner table, Fang Ning asked about the subject of the scandal with a “smile”. Ling Rui, who was confused, just answered blankly. , Did not notice anything wrong in Fang Ning’s tone.

Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao came to the art exhibition for a date. The organizer of the exhibition mistakenly believed Cai Siyu as Lu Yiyao’s secretary. Lu Yiyao did not take this to heart, but Cai Siyu, who was his girlfriend, had a crack in his heart. After Lu Yiyao turned around to accept an interview, Cai Siyu used Lu Yiyao’s name to buy the most expensive painting in the exhibition.

At this time, Tang Ping, who is a small internet celebrity, also appeared in the exhibition, and happened to accidentally bump into Cai Siyu. The last time they met at Lu Fangning’s wedding, it was Yuanjia Luzhai at the moment. The narrow-minded Tang Ping used sharp language to ridicule Cai Siyu’s taste, character, and length. Even if Cai Siyu moved out of the name of Lu Yiyao’s girlfriend, he was only ridiculed by the other party.

There was a little inferiority complex in her heart, and she didn’t usually show it on her face. At this moment, Cai Siyu lowered her head under Tang Ping’s verbal attack. When Tang Ping was immersed in her short verbal victory, Lu Yiyao appeared in firm steps. In front of Tang Ping’s face, he hugged Cai Siyu and announced the feelings between the two righteously. At this moment, Cai Siyu’s expression regained his former look. It turned out that this love is not a humble one-sided sacrifice, relying on On Lu Yiyao’s chest, Cai Siyu felt full of security.

Ling Rui’s dinner came to the second round of KTV. Under the booing of the classmates, Ling Rui and Fang Ning picked up the microphones, but when they heard the poetry of the old lover who sang with Ling Rui last time, Fang Ning was out of mood. . When Curly saw that the situation was not right, he immediately pushed Ling Rui away and explained to them. In the rhetoric of Curly’s three-inch tongue, they all “insulted” Ling Rui, which made Fang Ning feel relieved. But Curly talked more and more vigorously, Fang Ning turned on the “husband guard” mode instead. Ben looked at the two people complainingly. He heard Fang Ning speak for himself, Ling Rui seemed to have won the gold medal for avoiding death, and quickly squeezed. Back to Fang Ning’s side, the young couple’s first breathlessness ended.

Lu Fangyu was about to go out, but was stopped by his mother Yang Yi. Looking at Lu Fangyu’s anxious expression, Yang Yi doubted Lu Fangyu’s true purpose, so he began to follow his son and watched his son walk into the dance academy. Yang Yi was angry. Rushing in, intending to find Lu Fangyu, but Gao Erfan, who happened to pass by, deceived Yang Yi under the pretext of privately teaching Lu Fangyu the way of business. Lu Fangyu was relieved when he saw his mother leave. Facing Gao Erfan, Lu Fangning put down his guard, and told Gao Erfan his love for ballet. Lu Fangyu intends to participate in the male version of the Swan Lake dance performance, by the way, fulfilling his older sister’s dream…

The rehearsal of Lu Fangyu’s Swan Lake performance went very smoothly. The reporter who came to the scene recognized Lu Fangyu’s figure and name, and quickly smelled the business opportunity.

Lu Wenbin received the photo of Lu Fangyu’s makeup set from the reporter, and his anger surged to his heart. Faced with his son’s hobby of “invisible people”, Lu Wenbin not only did not understand, he even ordered to prevent Lu Fangyu from running away. Lu Fangyu caught it back. In front of Lu Fangyu, he picked up the scissors and cut Lu Fangyu’s practice clothes one at a time. Lu Fangning appeared at this moment and stopped Lu Wenbin from further oppressing Lu Fangyu with tough methods. In the face of his broken efforts, Lu Fangning gritted his teeth and would rather die. Hearing his son’s resistance, Lu Wenbin is preparing to use excessive language to oppress, but all of this is too similar.

In the past, Lu Wenbin was right. Lu Wenbin remembered the hideous look on the phone, and Lu Fangning couldn’t forget it. Seeing the unchanging appearance of his tough father in front of him, Lu Fangning stared angrily and questioned Lu Wenbin. Before the atmosphere fell into a worse situation, Ling Rui stopped speaking, Fang Ning had to regain the fragments of reason, leave this breathless room, and take Lu Fangyu away.

As a middleman, Lu Yiyao had to chase after Fang Ning, but Fang Ning countered with the example of her sister. Lu Yiyao was speechless and had to silently watch Fang Ning leave. Fang Ning sent Fang Yu to the hotel. Seeing Fang Ning’s lost but pretendingly strong expression and defending his posture, Lu Fangyu felt a warmth in his heart, so he hugged Fang Ning tightly. Thin body…

Sending away Lu Fangyu, Ling Rui looked at Fang Ning’s confused face with heartache. But Fang Ning asked Ling Rui to bring herself to the store. Looking at the furniture placed everywhere, Fang Ning slowly told Ling Rui’s story about his sister Lu Yue.

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