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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 11 Recap

When the four met, Xie Fei satirically realized that the two of them also had a leisure time to come to the amusement park. Xie Fei suggested that they want to go together. Yanran also persuaded Gu Chenyu to play together, and asked Xia Xiaoning if she minded. Xiaoning said she would mind and just sit down. The sightseeing car is gone. Xie Fei asked Xiao Ning why he cared so much. Yan Ran and Gu Chenyu were also sitting in the sightseeing car. Yan Ran said that Xiao Ning had taken a fancy to her the first time she came to the company. Seeing that Xiao Ning and Xie Fei were making rapid progress, they kept fanning the flames. Gu Chenyu looked absent-minded when he was eating, and then Yan Ran talked about things from the past.

Xia Xiaoning and Xie Fei walked out of the restaurant, Xie Fei winked at the people on the side, then the person offered a bunch of flowers, they heard Yanran’s confession to Gu Chenyu when they entered the restaurant, and then Xia Xiaoning turned around and walked out to say no After eating, I said I was going to drink. Gu Chenyu said that he was just taking Yanran as a relative, but Yanran said that Xia Xiaoning had just come to the company and had played Gu Chenyu and Xie Fei in a short time. She also said that Xia Xiaoning should already be Xie Fei’s official girlfriend, because today Xie Fei carefully prepared Gu Chenyu’s confession, finished speaking, and walked out.

Xie Fei and Xia Xiaoning were drinking at the bar. Xie Fei was nervous and just about to confess, but Xia Xiaoning suddenly stood up and cursed Gu Chenyu. Xia Xiaoning dizzyly heard Xie Fei’s confession, but all she thought was Gu Chenyu in her head and mistaken Xie Fei for it Gu Chenyu, Xie Fei didn’t know that Xiaoning was talking about Gu Chenyu until Xiaoning called out Gu Chenyu’s name. Yanran shed sad tears at the dinner table, and Xie Fei looked at the ring in his hand with mixed feelings. Gu Chenyu rushed to take Xiao Ning out to take her home, and then Jin Yao went to the bar to find Xie Fei.

Gu Chenyu sent Xiaoning home to look through Xia Xiaoning’s diary, which contained many diaries related to Mobuyu. Xia Xiaoning slept for a while and woke up, but before the wine woke up, she squeezed Gu Chenyu’s face and cried. Gu Chenyu kept her comforted, but Xiao Ning fell asleep again. Jin Yao saw that Xie Fei hadn’t been awake, so he went to drink and dance by herself. After Xie Fei woke up, the bar owner asked Xie Fei to send Jin Yao back.

As a result, Xie Fei picked up Jin Yao and went to the hotel. The hotel’s cleaning lady called Jin Yao to let me go and called the police. Jin Yao jumped around in the room and jumped on Xie Fei to sing to him. . Jin Yao pulled Xie Fei by his tie and was about to kiss him. At this time, the police came in. Xie Fei said she drank too much and only sent her back to the room. The police also asked if they were a couple. Jin Yao said she had someone she liked, and then They were taken to the police station.

Xie Fei said that the two of them were neighbors and he sent her back to rest, but Jin Yao told the police that they didn’t know each other and dragged her in, trying to insult her. The police told Xie Fei that the client didn’t say that, and Xie Fei couldn’t argue. Xia Xiaoning and Gu Chenyu were resting while Xie Fei called. Xiaoning was also sober, and Xiaoning had been cautious on the way to the Public Security Bureau. Gu Chenyu asked Xiao Ning to give him a chance to explain and stopped the car on the side of the road.

Xiao Ning reached out for a tissue, Gu Chenyu took her hand, Xiao Ning turned his face out of the car window in anger, but Gu Chenyu turned around. She kissed her on the head, Xiao Ning pushed him away, and also pushed away his hand. Gu Chenyu told Xia Xiaoning what had happened before, but Xiao Ning was very angry and said that Gu Chenyu is her boyfriend. Things should be borne together. Gu Chenyu was very happy to hear her boyfriend, and asked Xiaoning to forgive him. Xia Xiaoning reluctantly said forgive him, but turned his head and smiled into a flower.

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