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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Chenyu leaned against the car and waited for Xia Xiaoning. When Xia Xiaoning got in the car, he opened the door intimately. Xia Xiaoning said that Gu Chenyu was a little different today. Gu Chenyu then turned sideways and told her to see enough. The two talked and laughed on the road. Ning said to get out of the car first. She said that because today is the female No. 2 audition, letting others know that they have this relationship will inevitably be a bit bad. Gu Chenyu also obeyed what Xia Xiaoning said, and she also encouraged her today’s audition. .

In the afternoon, the audition started, but Gu Chenyu had not yet come. Gu Chenyu answered the phone, and the person seemed to know that Mr. Gu was not talking. They sat face to face to eat. Gu Chenyu said that he despised what he did, but the person said that there was no distinction between high and low occupations. Gu Chenyu randomly asked him how much money he wanted, and the man was five, and Gu Chenyu went on to say that there was no problem. The man also said that he wanted to send him a very important message. The two satirized each other. The man said strangely to let Gu Chenyu watch the woman take a snack, and while talking, he took out his mobile phone and showed Gu Chenyu that the IP address of the mailbox was sent from their company. Yes, it was said that the heroine in the photo was the director behind the scene, and Gu Chenyu left in a huff.

Xia Xiaoning didn’t see Mr. Gu after the sound test. They all praised Xiao Ning for a great sound test, but Xiao Ning was depressed because he couldn’t see Mr. Gu. Xiao Ning called Mr. Gu, who was not in the office, but no one answered him. Gu Chenyu’s cell phone kept showing that Xia Xiaoning was calling, but he did not answer. He sat on the bar seat and asked the bar owner to check the paparazzi’s things he bought today. The bar owner said that this matter is very familiar with the matter of Ren Xi at the time. It’s very similar, both of them are newcomers in the ascending stage, and they are also related to Xie Fei and Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu said that he believes this was not done by Xiao Ning, so let him find out that he does not want Xiao Ning to be harmed. During this period of time, I can only wrong Xiaoning first.

Xiao Ning looked around at the door of her house to see Mr. Gu before returning. Seeing Gu Chenyu came back and pretended to take out the trash, Gu Chenyu left after speaking to her coldly. Yaoyao told Xiao Ning that Xie Fei did not reply to her. Gu Chenyu asked him to send Xiao Ning’s audition this afternoon to him at home.

Xiao Ning was muttering to herself in the room why Gu Chenyu was suddenly so indifferent, so she started to record her confession to Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu got the tape bear from the door and began to listen to the confession Xia Xiaoning gave him. Gu Chenyu heard the confession and was about to reply, but remembered something and deleted the message. Yanran waited at the door of Gu Chenyu’s house early the next morning. As soon as Gu Chenyu came out, she leaned in, and said she wanted to put the things she brought into the refrigerator and entered Gu Chenyu’s house. At this time, Xia Xiaoning came out of home and saw Yanran coming out of Gu Chenyu’s house. His face was instantly at a loss, and Gu Chenyu did not explain.

During the meeting, Yanran had to directly order someone else to be the second female number. Gu Chenyu left without a clear reply, which made Yanran very happy. Xiaoning ate with Yaoyao. Xiaoning told Yaoyao that Gu Chenyu was a matter of nonsense. Yaoyao was shocked and said that she was going to find Gu Chenyu to settle accounts. Finally, Yaoyao helped Xiaoning send Gu Chenyu to the amusement park. , But Gu Chenyu had an excuse to see the client shirk off, Yaoyao said she wanted to accompany Xiao Ning.

Yanran said that he wanted to meet with customers at the amusement park, and the person next to him said that you can have a date with Mr. Gu at the amusement park. At the gate of the amusement park the next day, Jin Yao couldn’t go there temporarily. At this time, Xie Fei came over with a drink. It turned out that Xie Fei had discussed with Jin Yao. Gu Chenyu and Yanran also finished talking with Yanran in the playground. The customers were walking outside. The four of them met together. Two of them were happy and two were worried.

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