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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 8 Recap

Shi Jingyao was deeply saddened by the death of his sister and father. Long Yao went to Chaoge who was imprisoned by Li Huangwu and asked him the location of the head of the Wanhu camp. Li Huangwu directly inserted the knife into Chaoge’s body and asked, Chaoge endured the pain. Speak westward. Shi Jingyao and Long Yao said they would leave here and return to the capital, but a group of villagers suddenly came to express their gratitude. Long Yao took this opportunity to keep Shi Jingyao, and Shi Jingyao agreed to stay. Zhao Shanhe came to the prison where Feng Bao’s younger brother Yecheng was imprisoned. Zhao Shanhe got the answer he wanted and knew the secret twenty years ago, so he cut off the chains that covered Yecheng, and Yecheng was finally free.

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