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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 6 Recap

Li Huangwu and Shi Jingyao and Longyao talked about their life experience and what Gan Jingyi did back then, and their hearts became more volatile. Li Huangwu imprisoned Shi Jingyao and Long Yao and hoped that they would investigate the cause of death of the second boss. Shi Jingyao found out that the second boss was killed because he had robbed the government’s banknotes. After that, Fang could not bring Shi Jingyao back to his home to find his father’s documentary. Shi Jingyao accidentally discovered that Fang Yuan looked exactly like his father Shi Zhan. Chen Xingyi took the head of the horse bandit and came to the horse bandit’s lair to provoke Li Huangwu. Li Huangwu watched so many dead men want to kill Chen Xingyi, but Chen Xingyi sent herself into Li Huangwu’s knife stabbing Into the heart.

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