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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 5 Recap

Long Yao and Shi Jingyao learned that Li Huangwu had a contradiction with the government, and they were members of the government. Li Huangwu found a little girl named Fang Unachievable to stare at them, unable to take them to the wild in Fengbo Town. The grave of cast. Long Yao returned to Fengbo Town and saw the horse bandits fighting with the officers and soldiers. Chen Xingyi, Gan Jingyi’s subordinate, saw Long Yao rushing up to kill Long Yao. After a fight, Gan Jingyi appeared and brought Long Yao back. In his house, Long Yao was blinded by Gan Jingyi’s speech and behavior during the conversation with Gan Jingyi and didn’t know who to believe.

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